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His Alpha Baby 🍼 by Aesthetictk28
His Alpha Baby 🍼by felix cool
when a broken omega give a shelter to a 2 year old old trueblood alpha baby . what will happen when the baby gets obsessed with his own mommy and don't want any daddy/ m...
I hate u😠 But i love u 😘 by Bangtan_underworld
I hate u😠 But i love u 😘by Bangtan🔥 underworld
Welcome back Mr perera.... thanggalku vendiyann njn kathirunne.... oru variety nokkiyalo..angane anne.... ellarum vayo...
undercover Agent Deadly 💣💥 by serenity_luvzz
undercover Agent Deadly 💣💥by ❤vandita❤
so this story based on our favourite show zdmn. peep into story to know more
My 7th Moon 🌙 by Bangtan_underworld
My 7th Moon 🌙by Bangtan🔥 underworld
It's a fantasy magical love story........ A complete namjin story...... Do you believe in magic........ if yes..... then get ready for a ride to the fan...
BANISHED ANGEL ( Book 1) ( WON lovelyloveth
Raguel a warrior angel was banished to earth for a crime he was accused of. He thought heaven's punishment for him was not having a soulmate until Elena crossed his path...
The whispering wood  by jis5164
The whispering wood by jis5164
"she is a curious and adventurous soul.she longed to undercover the whispering wood "
Born to a Cult by ClaireBearUndertale
Born to a Cultby Claire Bradbury
Eva was a normal little girl till she turned four when she saw her parents and 20 other people sacrifice a homeless man. After that her whole life changed and she became...
Dark Link X MCD reader by BronzeRomeave
Dark Link X MCD readerby BronzeRomeave
Will you fall in love with the Prince of Darkness or will you turn to the Prince of light?
Getting through it by lizzie_Horan29
Getting through itby Elizabeth✌️
It all started with the look alike, Casper Woodall. Gisselle Smith already has a hard life, but throw a hot guy into the picture and it just gets worse. Her past was a s...
Felt tip markers  by ellaqboo
Felt tip markers by ellaqboo
Find out your self Very sad Trigger warning Please read
Broken hearted by turtleanne99
Broken heartedby Casey Anne
This story is about a girl who has depression and she couldn't take it but she found this guy who made her feel better about herself
You Can't Hide by Outlitingwriter22
You Can't Hideby Outlitingwriter22
Meet the quiet town of Cullfield in Mine, located in the middle of woods. People think this a heat place to raise the kids so they move in. Everything is great until str...
that's not me  by Theverse777
that's not me by
Belle Is a normal girl, Always sweet,kind and generous,Always trust worthy and with that wonderful White smile. But one day everything change, that sweet girl become arr...
My Secret by shdtrjnjgythatperson
My Secretby shdtrjnjgythatperson
Kate a 18 year old school girl meets Andre a rich white boy that just transfers to her quiet little high school in a small town that probably nobody knows about. One day...
Normal For A Day (folie fan fic kinda) by ARandomFemail
Normal For A Day (folie fan fic Chandler Colgan
I girl in Aaa gets swept off her feet by Fiona and Marshal Lee's son Fang. Does she get the guy or get killed trying? Fanfic of a girl named Jessie and Fi and Marshall's...
Unnatural Desires  by KeileyCropps
Unnatural Desires by Keiley Cropps
Eighteen year old Owen falls for fifteen year old Aurora after bumping into each other at a party the beginning of his senior year thinking Aurora is the perfect girl fo...
The Undead by Remixkelli
The Undeadby Remixkelli
18 years of being dead Sam Johnson has been wondering around her old school. she isn't alive but she has been messing with the students to there own suicide. why is that?
Dragon Wars: A New Dawn by Tomato_Lover26
Dragon Wars: A New Dawnby ooferdoof
This story is one I've been working on for a bit, so the next part might take a bit... hope you enjoy
It Started With A Kiss by TheMarinesGirl630
It Started With A Kissby Miss Sinful
Expert: "Every girl wants a prince charming. Or a knight in shinning armor." I sent him a shy smile as I gazed into his eyes. "All I want is a marine in...