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Althea The Suffer Wife by jamXiuLyn
Althea The Suffer Wifeby jamXiuLyn
Althea Salazar and Sean Manzano Cover Credits: glowiya Rank achieved #1- suffer
  • mistress
  • generalfiction
  • suffer
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Manan- Waada by lost_girl_world
Manan- Waadaby mananika
just read the will got everything.
  • happiness
  • mukti
  • marriage
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Rise of a Queen by The_Queen_97
Rise of a Queenby Carebear!
Sadie Caster has spent three weeks in despair but she keeps it hidden. As an unofficial member of the Tribe, her gang is her family and they look to her for guidance in...
  • thriller
  • teenfiction
  • love
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Mafias Angel [finished] by punk_rock4life
Mafias Angel [finished]by punk_rock4life
Nikolai volkov. The most feared man in Russian. He's known greatly for the deals he's done and the fear he causes. He's a ruthless man who doesn't give a fuck. If he wan...
  • love
  • ganglife
  • mafia
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this is going to my first ff on Swaragini. It starts from the beginning where we will have same characters. but story line will be different but some scenes will be from...
  • sisters
  • parents
  • swasan
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Ashes, Ashes by OfficialUSMWriter
Ashes, Ashesby Mystery_Name
Peter did a 180, feeling a desperate need to find a safe spot, but a punch of nausea hit his gut and halted his searching. Every alarm in his body, ones he knew and ones...
  • stark
  • iron-man
  • tony
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SwaSan- Phir Se Pyaar ✓ by Love_Angel08897
SwaSan- Phir Se Pyaar ✓by Lakshmi Prasanna
guys this serial starts after 6months track on our favourite and lovely couple Swara and Sanskar. I'm trying to show how would Swara suffered in those six months and aft...
  • marriage
  • wattys2017
  • betrayal
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Glimmering of Sword and Shield (Rising of the shield hero X Sword art online) by Theonost
Glimmering of Sword and Shield ( Theonost
A fateful confrontation between the saint hero Iwatani Naofumi and Kirito the black swordsman who survives a death game called Sword Art Online. As they journey througho...
  • raphtalia
  • filo
  • crossover
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monster's angel by pranathi_lp
monster's angelby honey
Hi guys this is another story hope you guys will support same as the other story. This is the story of MaNan but I even want to show the bondage between the siblings. ...
  • fanfiction
  • innocence
  • evil
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Rouge's Trail by Wolfbane
Rouge's Trailby Aconite
"If you follow me you will only find yourself pain." "If that's what it takes then I'll suffer," he took another step to me, his hands finding my sho...
  • destiny
  • leave
  • path
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Love not Blood(Editing) by BlueMoonLight-
Love not Blood(Editing)by Moonlight
Ariela is a Latina that has been in many foster home but none of them were safe. Each one had its own horrors, ones that she can't forget. She has skills yet somehow she...
  • gangs
  • romantic
  • adoption
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Manan SS An affair with my wife [completed] by Andal100
Manan SS An affair with my wife [ Andal100
Check this short story on Manan who will be having an affair inspite of getting married! This book will be private after chapter 2, so make sure you follow me. Highest r...
  • love
  • manik
  • nandini
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It Hurts √ by virgo_rules
It Hurts √by Jūgį
i̸s̸ i̸t̸ o̸k̸a̸y̸ f̸o̸r̸ a̸ b̸r̸o̸k̸e̸n̸h̸e̸a̸r̸t̸ t̸o̸ f̸a̸l̸l̸ i̸n̸ l̸o̸v̸e̸ a̸g̸a̸i̸n̸? STARTED: MAY,2018 ENDED: I FORGOT HEHE
  • ff
  • wattys2018
  • death
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"Mine"  (On Hold) by 7890re
"Mine" (On Hold)by Rehana Nupur
PROLOGUE "If what she doesn't show up?" my inner asked me. Then I started walking around my car .After sometimes I leaned aganist my car door and took out my p...
  • passion
  • cry
  • arriagemarriage
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Layers Of Suffering (Tokoyami Bnha )  by LeoMarBel
Layers Of Suffering (Tokoyami Leo Marbel
(ALL THE CHAPTERS ARE LINKED) Dead eyes. Lifeless dead eyes stared back at him. Tokoyami Fumikage was looking through a portal. Like a one sided mirror, everything he s...
  • lost
  • majordeath
  • suffering
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The Cassanova's Unwanted Wife by demonicprincess15
The Cassanova's Unwanted Wifeby Demonic princess
You thought that I'm a weak person but the truth is I'm more stronger than you. Try to mess with me and you will see hell.
  • unwanted
  • mafia
  • love
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Sad Quotes Or Poetry by Shelbypatton807
Sad Quotes Or Poetryby ヾ(=`ω´=)ノ”
Idrk what this is. Don't judge. i'm usally up at like 3am crying at stuff so it gives me time to write. this kinda helps so ehhh. So HeRe YoU gO!!!
  • painfulquotes
  • lonely
  • depression
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Love At First Sight by D_Bluntx
Love At First Sightby D_Bluntx
  • suffer
  • lies
  • love
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💙💛 Sticks and Stones 💛💙 by KyoQutie
💙💛 Sticks and Stones 💛💙by ~𝓫𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 𝓶𝓸𝓬𝓱𝓲~
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ People are going to think it's my fault that she has amnesia but it's not. She didnt even know me. How could I have done anything to her? I...
  • jimin
  • pov
  • bts
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Michael Jackson's Daughter  by Briana_loves1998
Michael Jackson's Daughter by Briana Shanelle White
Michael Jackson didn't know he was a father until he got a very important call from the hospital when his daughter got sick and they told him he needed to come ASAP When...
  • family
  • neverland
  • brianalovestory
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