monster's angel

monster's angel

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Hi guys this is another story hope you guys will support same as the other story. 

This is the story of MaNan but I even want to show the bondage between the siblings. 

Manik Malhotra and Cabir Malhotra are twin brothers. They own the Malhotra enterprises. They share an awesome bond between them selves. They share their emotions with each other. There are no secrets between them they have a sister Mukthi Malhotra they both love her more than their life they lost their parents in an accident manik and cabir always pamper mukthi very much they can't even see the singel drop of tears in her eyes. Even mukthi loves her brothers more than anyone in the world. She is studying in space. 

Nandini murthy and Abhimanyu murthy are siblibgs Abhimanyu is 2 years elder than nandini. They are middle class people with lots of love. Their mother kusum murthy is working as a teacher in school she is a single mother her husband left her when she was pregnant with 2nd child. Abhimanyu works in the cafe for part time he know that his mother's income is not enough for the family. He loves his mother and sister very much. Nandini is first year student also loves her mother and brother very much she is naive and innocent soul.

How these people cross their path and how the relationship changes between them will Nandini and Manik become MaNan inspite of their class. To know abour them read the further story.

NOTE: English is not my native language so there may be grammatical mistakes I will do editing once the story is completed.

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