Rain- Legends of Tomorrow by super_100
Rain- Legends of Tomorrowby Multifandom Stories
Rip Hunter has recruted 9 heros and villains to help aid in his mission to stop Vandal Savage; A thief with a coldgun and his partner with a heatgun. An ex-leauge of ass...
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the first time _ legends of tomorrow (S.L) by joycevds1
the first time _ legends of Joyce Van der Schoot
"Everyone has a monster within them. Some are just afraid to show it." Kayline Stipe never had an easy life. When she discovers her powers she goes looking for...
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Legends Of Tomorrow~ saras daughter by ALM5516
Legends Of Tomorrow~ saras daughterby ALM5516
( BASED FROM SEASON 3 ish) a young girl was alone as her 'father' was out on bussiness so she explores her house to find alot about her mum and decided to press a butto...
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The Chance of Lifetimes| Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl by Argent_Watcher
The Chance of Lifetimes| Legends Argent_Watcher
"This might be a terrible idea, but lets throw caution to the wind and assume that this is alright and we're okay" "And prey tell what would lead us to be...
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I'm Not Normal (avalance) (Discontinued) by Astrokeh
I'm Not Normal (avalance) ( Astro keh 💤
After the episode 3x12 Ava gets captured by Damian Darhk and Sara is going crazy trying to fine her. Warning ⚠️ *explicit content*
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Sara Lance X Reader  by Gumballino
Sara Lance X Reader by Gumballino
A/N:This is my first fan fiction that I publish on wattpad so I don't know what to expect.Leave any tips or critics in the comments and I hope you enjoy.But here's the d...
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Monstrous ▸ LEGENDS OF TOMORROW [2] ✓ by dubrevh
Monstrous ▸ LEGENDS OF TOMORROW [ 𝐠𝐢𝐠𝐢
MONSTROUS | ❝Dying is easy, it just stops. The people around you dying, that's the hard part.❞ dctv / legends of tomorrow ...
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Canaries by CanariesKaramel
Canariesby CanariesKaramel
Laurel and Sara never knew about her, their little sister. Hailey Cleo Lance changed their lives forever. I do not own anything except the character Hailey and the plot.
  • saralance
  • laurellance
  • felicitysmoak
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White Wolf (Laurel Lance) by MattisHaile
White Wolf (Laurel Lance)by Mattis Haile
A former assassin turned vigilante is approached by Rip Hunter to be a part of a team called Legends to stop an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage from taking over the...
  • leonardsnart
  • firestorm
  • captaincold
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Sucker For Pain (Arrow Fanfic) by WinterRain01
Sucker For Pain (Arrow Fanfic)by WinterRain
Ezra Queen is the youngest of the Queen children. She was the apple of her brother's eye, best friend to her older sister, her mother's little helper, and her father's l...
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Avalance, an avalanche of love 😍 by Chikabexy
Avalance, an avalanche of love 😍by ChiAvalance
Domestic avalance, slight smut, fluff, slight angst at times but nothing too heavy. It takes place whenever you want it to. It could be between season 3 and 4 or during...
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  • legendsoftomorrow
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Fighting Back by fandomwritergirl
Fighting Backby fandomwritergirl
Anyone who was to walk into that hallway with no knowledge that there was anything out of the ordinary happening would have been very confused at the scene they had sudd...
  • alternateending
  • oliverqueen
  • avasharpe
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In Two Minds by Reign1990
In Two Mindsby ReignOfLight
Quinn Wilson is scarred and damaged, heartbroken and plagued with guilt because of the lose of the woman she loved, but long before that being the daughter of Slade Wils...
  • lgbt
  • timetravel
  • adventure
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DC Legends of Tomorrow: The Glitch by sparkle123tt
DC Legends of Tomorrow: The Glitchby Sparkle123tt
Clarity spring was your average nerdy 24 year old girl. Well at least she was before a crazy scientist named Doctor Wells decided to turn on a particle accelerator that...
  • leonardsnart
  • riphunter
  • flash
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Incorrect TV Show Quotes by Carrot03_
Incorrect TV Show Quotesby Just a random Carrot
This book is filled with quotes that were definitely said in the following shows: Supergirl-Legends of Tomorrow-Wynonna Earp
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  • karadanvers
  • wynonnaearp
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Huntress ▸ L. SNART [1] ✓ by dubrevh
Huntress ▸ L. SNART [1] ✓by 𝐠𝐢𝐠𝐢
HUNTRESS | ❝There is no such thing as fate❞ dctv / leonard snart [ cover made by zellasdays ] ...
  • legendsoftomorrow
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Grey Arsenal ~ Sara Lance ~ by soniccami173
Grey Arsenal ~ Sara Lance ~by Ryan
In the Arrowverse fandom, Avery Wilson is the Daughter of the infamous Slade Wilson. Being the Daughter of Deathstroke was only caused by Barry Allen's cause of flashpoi...
  • sladewilson
  • blackcanary
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To Life Being Full (Book Three of The Unmatched Records) by WritersBlock039
To Life Being Full (Book Three Miss Moffat
"To life being happy." "To life being full." ~ Kara Danvers and Oliver Queen, "Won't Let You Down" The alliance between Supergirl and the...
  • krypton
  • superarrow
  • kariver
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Prehistoric Woman (Ray Palmer/ATOM x OC) by Picklesperry
Prehistoric Woman (Ray Palmer/ Jessica
It all starts when Rip scatters the legends throughout time. As we all know, Ray Palmer (also known as the ATOM) is thrown back to the dinosaur age. What if he wasn't al...
  • legendsoftomorrow
  • raypalmer
  • nathanheywood
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Devil in Disguise (The Originals) by human33
Devil in Disguise (The Originals)by Your Long Lost Author
Castor or Cas are Freya's twin. A hybrid, Lucifer's descendant/doppelgängger, a brother. He's a powerful witch like Freya and the only one of his kind, vampire and witch...
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  • vampirediaries
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