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Promise I can change your mind GxG by Lesbilove143
Promise I can change your mind GxGby Lesbilove143
Kya has always been the classic 'good girl' but when her best friend Bri encourages her to step out of her shell things get kinda wild.
xReal Hard Liesx (Lesbian Short Story) by LookImaFruitFly
xReal Hard Liesx (Lesbian Short LookImaFruitFly
PSA : Read xWrongBitchx first. Ever since Bri was 13 she's been in love with Rowe. How was she supposed to know Rowe would grow up to be the ripped, sexy ass stud every...
Can't Take What's Mine (GxG) by Lesbilove143
Can't Take What's Mine (GxG)by Lesbilove143
Z(Zion) is 18. She's a stud who likes to fuck bitches and get money... which leads her life into crazy drama. Especially considering she messes around with woman who hav...
lesbian sex one shots by GamerBryce
lesbian sex one shotsby Gamer Bryce
This book contains all types of lesbian sex stories for your liking. 18+ only
Lesbian Love Triangle (Based on Real EVENTS )[Series 1] #wattys2015 by CeeAh_doll
Lesbian Love Triangle (Based on Cece' Brenea
Saoria , Yerri , And Michelle has alot of explaining to Do ! Saoria and Michelle have been bestfriends since 5th grade! When Michelle becomes homeless Saoria and Yerri s...
In Love With My Bestfriend (Lesbian Story) (editing) by unknoway
In Love With My Bestfriend ( slugaaz 💔
Jazmine and maya have been the best of friends .. there like sisters but what happens when they actually "fall in love" i haven't edited this book in like 4 ye...
Loving Ms. C by mangofreaks
Loving Ms. Cby IG: mangougl.y
20 year old stud , Ace , back home from college & getting everything together. She dumps into her old teacher Ms. C from high school. After exchanging numbers , one thin...
Shameless by yungceok3
Shamelessby yungceok3
Zion is a 15 year old stud with a 5 year old sister. Her father ran out on her and her sister leaving her with her crackhead ass mother and her mother's new abusive boyf...
•°°L£SB¡AN $H¡¡ °°• by Papii_liahh
•°°L£SB¡AN $H¡¡ °°•by Papii_liahh
The Dumbass (studxfem)(slow updates) by charmcityprincess
The Dumbass (studxfem)(slow Princess Tay ✨
After the deaths of her father and older brother, Brooklyn moves to Georgia to live with her grandmother. She struggles academically at her school as well as at home whe...
Love Arrangement [BxB] by Max_24
Love Arrangement [BxB]by Maximus Maximilian
Dominic is the alpha and omega of his university. All the girls drool over him and the guys just admire him too much to hate him. Problem is, due to his suffocating fami...
Her D.I.M.E. (Lesbian) by famous_quese
Her D.I.M.E. (Lesbian)by Rebellious
Jessica 'Dime' Chatman being a multi-million dollar beauty polar owner, she struggles to be the number one girl in Jamiee's life. Dime being her eye candy, her lucky cha...
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A young girl, Amber, wants to open up to her parents about her sexuality after meeting this sexy stud, AJ, but her parents have never supported anything she's done. Her...
Straight Lesbians 🌈🏳️‍🌈🥵🥵🥵 by Heavennnxx
Straight Lesbians 🌈🏳️‍🌈🥵🥵🥵by Heavennnxx
3 Straight Girls Trying To Find There Sexuality Through Partying, Sexual Experiments, Lesbian Friendships!!!!!!!
She Different🥺😍💕 by yungboss85
She Different🥺😍💕by Yungboss35
You the one I want in my life 🤞🏾❤️😩 Javon is protecting his family mainly his sister even if that means put his life on the line
Either Or by sunkissedsyd
Either Orby Luh Syd💞🐍
Sup y'all. My name Syd, I'm a bi college kid at Clark Atlanta. Follow me through my adventures and stuff.
We Are Diffrent(Stud On Stud) (On Hold) by AaliyahLGBT
We Are Diffrent(Stud On Stud) ( LiLi
I'm tired of seeing Stud on Femme like what about Stud on Stud well this is us we going to be ourselves this is our relationship
BlackTattoos &Lies P1(Lesbian Story) by LookImaFruitFly
BlackTattoos &Lies P1(Lesbian LookImaFruitFly
This is the story of Arianna. A senior at her highschool, she's a girl who grew up in the nice part of town. Never out of her comfort zone, never had real life issues. U...