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My Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriend by deadlydawnn
My Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriendby Dawn
Rachel Cruz never thought she could hate a person so much. She despised the living hell out of her boyfriends ex girlfriend, spending her day hating this girl for bad me...
Geography with Miss. Mills (txs)(gxg) by FruitInkWords
Geography with Miss. Mills (txs)( FruitInkWords
Ms. Mills... In the realm of frost and desire, Lea and her best friend Alexis dubbed her "Ice Queen." As Lea's heart quickens, an intoxicating question linger...
"Untitled" by lil_puddy
"Untitled"by puddy woody
Two friends cross that line that's not meant to be crossed...
I need you... (CaKe) (kendall and cara) by TheFantasyFactory
I need you... (CaKe) (kendall TFF
Cara is depressed and she has all the reasons to be after that night. Kendall is in love with her and she will do anything to make Cara happy again. Follow their story o...
Bloomington 2 (teacherxstudent) (wlw) (gxg) by nattlie01
Bloomington 2 (teacherxstudent) ( Rubynattlie
Jackie pushed open the door and pulled Catherine into her arms. When they slowly broke their embrace, Catherine cupped Jackie's neck with her hands and then kissed her d...
Why so Sexy, Miss Evans? (GirlxGirl) (TeacherxStudent) by ShayZayit
Why so Sexy, Miss Evans? ( Shay H-K Zayit
Anna Krause is in her senior year and more than ready to leave high school behind and start a new fresh life without homework, what she didn't expect however is that, sh...
Academic Seduction (profxgirl)(wlw)(simplified version) by FruitInkWords
Academic Seduction (profxgirl)( FruitInkWords
**THIS IS THE SIMPLIFIED VERSION** Ivy Williams wanted to finish university smoothly, but just two months into her studies, she unexpectedly developed feelings for her...
Fantasies Come True (18+) by JRoticaRomances
Fantasies Come True (18+)by JRoticaRomances
A twenty-three year old woman lives in a 2 bedroom apartment alone for 4 months after her college graduation. But a 2 bedroom Apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhat...
Vinyls And Bloodlust  (A Lesbian Vampire Story) by deepest-depths
Vinyls And Bloodlust (A Lesbian Ash Picard
girl/girl vampire love story Vampire Andrea forms a Blood Bond with indie darling Paisley and finds herself addicted to the ginger's ways. But at the cost of herself. U...
blame it on me by darktwistedwitty
blame it on meby rose 🌹
Kim Jisoo tells you the story of why she can't stand Roseanne Park. When rebellious lesbian with an anger problem meets shy and clumsy church nerd, what could possibly g...
~DBZ Girls x Fem!Reader~ by PlantsWithEmotion
~DBZ Girls x Fem!Reader~by RetroPlant
I will take requests once people ask! It can be a male or female reader depending on the chapter!
Desolation. [studxstud]  by foekam
Desolation. [studxstud] by C.
Book 2 of Melancholy. If your against stud for stud or anything of that sort please don't read. Thank you. Desolation: synonym for sadness. I want revenge.. and...
Princess perks by poipop
Princess perksby poipop
At Elsa's coronation Anna has to greet royalty from other parts of the world when she finds out there could be an other advantage to her job.
Dantana Oneshots by wordsofdemetria
Dantana Oneshotsby wordsofdemetria
Collection of Dantana Oneshots
Habmisa's Long Lost Lust (g×g) by cuntslovetongues
Habmisa's Long Lost Lust (g×g)by cuntslovetongues
Habmisa is the wife of Nasil or she is meant to be if she is not consumed with thoughts of her former lover and how bad she needs to reveal her sexuality as a lesbian. S...
Thasmin One Shots by thasminstan
Thasmin One Shotsby thasminstan
A series of Thasmin one shots. Leave comments of things you'd like to see next :)
in love with my best friend (COMPLETED) by AngelRouge8
in love with my best friend ( Angel Rouge
Regina and Emma were best friend since birth. their parents were very fond of each other , so when emma's parents passed ;she was taken by regina's . as they grew older...
My Professor  by prettynovellover
My Professor by Ashia Monique 🌹
Have you ever wanted your professor in the worst way? This was Zoey's current situation. Here's how she was seduced and put under her professor's spell.. ****Curre...