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Not So Easy by s3lenophile_1
Not So Easyby 𝔭𝔯𝔬𝔭𝔢𝔯𝔱𝔶
I looked up into her grey orbs and smirked. "Duck." When she didn't obey I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down. I aimed in front of me and pulled...
Yandere Luz: The Owl House AU - Riebot84 by Riebot84
Yandere Luz: The Owl House AU - Riebot84
Luz was just an misunderstood girl. She enjoyed music, Fanfiction, and stores about Fantasy! However, when she discovers her power, she's in for the fight of her life!
cassie by bootyinmycheese
cassieby Gngo07
basically me fucking my crush. really quick read for people who have a short attention span. hot bitches 🥖😀👍 based on a dream that i had about my crush
Across the Hall (G.N.D. Sequel) by GrayWrites11
Across the Hall (G.N.D. Sequel)by GrayWrites
GxG One Shots by wow_its_lizzy
GxG One Shotsby Liz
This book is just a series of girl on girl one shots. I hope you enjoy.
My Dirty Lesbian Thoughts  by KindaKindaHey
My Dirty Lesbian Thoughts by KindaKindaHey
Just a compilation of my dirty lesbian thoughts I get throughout the day Feel free to pm me for rp ;)
Male Fantasy  by billslvt
Male Fantasy by B•
Inspired by one of billies songs on her new album Male Fantasy.
Unrequited love〰️Zendaya✔️ by billslvt
Unrequited love〰️Zendaya✔️by B•
Unrequited Love-unrequited love or one-sided love is love that's not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved. The beloved may not be aware of the amir's...
The Lies Between Us (GxG) by shirgorginski
The Lies Between Us (GxG)by Shir Gorginski
I thought I was the only Moon that you have, But I realized that you are Saturn.
Sapphic Scenarios (NSFW/SFW)  by wamen_n_ramen
Sapphic Scenarios (NSFW/SFW) by jasmine
so this book is extremely sapphic, because I am lonely and gay. <3 |✨🦋✨ |🍋👌 |💔💢 ;/ Y/N = your name C/N = your crush's name F/N = your bestfriend's/friend's name
Forbidden Affair (Machi x Reader) by xanimethighsx
Forbidden Affair (Machi x Reader)by thighsupremacy
Your friends are counting on you to take down your assigned member of the troupe. You cherish your friends and would do anything for them but the plan doesn't go quite a...
The Kryptonian Way ||  Supercorp love story by IsabelleMage7000
The Kryptonian Way || Supercorp geyyyyy
Kara is exposed to a purple kryptonite substance from her home planet, turning her into a Male. She goes to Lena for help. Lena doesnt know Supergirl is Kara Danvers in...
Kehlani imagines  by billslvt
Kehlani imagines by B•
Imagines about kehlani Request are always open
Diary of a Nymphomaniac by ChrissieTyler
Diary of a Nymphomaniacby C.J Tyler
Dear Diary, In every moment my body is caressed against the skin of another human being, that same moment I'll feel the reason of them wanting me and me needing them. A...
Extraordinary Her by CrippledOne06
Extraordinary Herby LittleDreams
Addison Fleur Hayes is one of the most well-known businesswomen in the world. At a young age, she was already trained to be the heir to their multi-billion business. Now...
One by LionaAlde
Oneby Liona
When letting you go is the only way. But having you back is the answer.
xHigher Ceilingsx (Lesbian Story) by LookImaFruitFly
xHigher Ceilingsx (Lesbian Story)by LookImaFruitFly
Per Request: Different Ceilings p.2 The last time you heard about Jordan she was 19 and heartbroken. She's grown now, no longer a teenager. At 24 years old it's time to...
Storyshift (Charisk) by Wasted_Arsonist
Storyshift (Charisk)by Gunnar Årud
Just what you'd expect. Pardon my lack of knowledge about this AU. I just like the concept. Both Frisk and Chara are girls. Characters may use absolutely differen...
girlxgirl oneshots by -jamlessjungkook
girlxgirl oneshotsby .。*゚doubt +.*.。
So, here's a book full of random ships, I do absolutely anybody, even you and someone else :) sooo just message me whatcha want and I'll get on it WARNINGS: -smut -tim b...