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Love Arrangement [BxB] by Max_24
Love Arrangement [BxB]by Maximus Maximilian
Dominic is the alpha and omega of his university. All the girls drool over him and the guys just admire him too much to hate him. Problem is, due to his suffocating fami...
  • hot
  • sweet
  • gay
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A young girl, Amber, wants to open up to her parents about her sexuality after meeting this sexy stud, AJ, but her parents have never supported anything she's done. Her...
  • studs
  • murder
  • lesbiandrama
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That Love Thing (StudxStud) by LickMyStrap
That Love Thing (StudxStud)by [ 💦 Ice 💦 ]
Just read it not good at description
  • bullying
  • vote
  • action
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Daddy's Little Girl by qveen_nal
Daddy's Little Girlby Thatindiangirl🖤
After 11 years of not seeing one another. One recognizes one but, one seems to not recognize the other. They were Bestfriends , they were separated, and now 11 years lat...
  • firstlove
  • bestfreind
  • firstkiss
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The Dumbass (studxfem) by pretty_lil_lesbian
The Dumbass (studxfem)by Princess Tay ✨
After the deaths of her father and older brother, Brooklyn moves to Georgia to live with her grandmother. She struggles academically at her school as well as at home whe...
  • stud
  • gxg
  • lgb
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Like Mothers, Like Daughter. by ArielBatez
Like Mothers, Like Emperical
Years have gone by since the abduction and return home of Isis Cortez-Gonzalez. 12 to be exact. She's now 17 with adult decisions to make. Will she become Shot Caller of...
  • stud
  • lgbt
  • studs
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Close Friends {Stud4Stud} by DemoniicDessii
Close Friends {Stud4Stud}by dessii 💕💕💕
They Both had girlfriends but the feelings weren't toward their girlfriends it was towards each other. One was a cheating player who didn't know how to keep her tongue...
  • abusiverelationship
  • femxfem
  • lgbt
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Lesbian Love Triangle (Based on Real EVENTS )[Series 1] #wattys2015 by CeeAh_doll
Lesbian Love Triangle (Based on Cece' Brenea
Saoria , Yerri , And Michelle has alot of explaining to Do ! Saoria and Michelle have been bestfriends since 5th grade! When Michelle becomes homeless Saoria and Yerri s...
  • females
  • girlxgirl
  • gay
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The House Wife by mangofreaks
The House Wifeby IG: mangougl.y
it's about a straight woman named Ashley who has been married since she was 23. She has started having fantasies about a young stud named Dee who she meets while having...
  • drama
  • fem×stud
  • couples
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Shameless by SlimeBossKai
Shamelessby SlimeBossKai
Zion is a 15 year old stud with a 5 year old sister. Her father ran out on her and her sister leaving her with her crackhead ass mother and her mother's new abusive boyf...
  • hood
  • fathers
  • thuglife
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poly by SWilson0322
polyby sydneyyy
just read please... fyi: this story is based around mostly gay characters, polygamous relationships, and will probably have other shit too so if you don't like that. don...
  • studonstud
  • relationship
  • studs
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Attached . (A Lesbian Story) (Being Edited)  by LocalPimpGod
Attached . (A Lesbian Story) ( LocalPimpGod
This story is about a girl named Shaila , she's new . But she's also a lesbian . She tries hard to fit in but she has a girlfriend who name is Joel but people call her...
  • love
  • thrilling
  • gay
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Cold-Hearted (studxstud) by anaiya2003ajones
Cold-Hearted (studxstud)by Senpai Pink 💞💗
Story about a stud duh. Her name is Jupiter, like the planet. Jupiter is a senior in highschool;high grades,perfect attendance. But one thing about her is that shes a st...
  • studonstud
  • studxstud
  • gaypride
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UnStable by liatheloserr
UnStableby 🚀
"You understand nothing I been through" she spat at me. "Oh yeah like you can compare to my life I do the things I do for a reason" I yelled back &qu...
  • hurt
  • sxs
  • s4s
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Another Bronx Tale by ArielBatez
Another Bronx Taleby Emperical
Bronx, New York. The center of an age old battle between two of The East Coast's most powerful mobster families; The Giovanni and The Romano. What happens when Ricardo G...
  • mobsters
  • gay
  • stud4stud
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•°°L£SB¡AN $H¡¡ °°• by Papii_liahh
•°°L£SB¡AN $H¡¡ °°•by Papii_liahh
  • details
  • femms
  • freaky
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Falling For A Stud by iamKarma_
Falling For A Studby Karma ™️
I fell in love with a stud. Just one look. I became addicted and attached. The touch of her fingers,her lips on my skin. Everything seemed so perfect.... Until the past...
  • love
  • studs
  • fantasy
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Anons  by QueenWriterQueen
Anons by Lë Crëmë
Need to help some of y'all out
  • kids
  • lesbiancouples
  • babies
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Love And Basketball by crelend
Love And Basketballby crelend
  • studs
  • studxstud
  • teen
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Love Hurts by __lovehurts13__
Love Hurtsby __lovehurts13__
this book is about a 14 year old girl name Lola. She is a fem yeah ik what you are thinking she is young but that's what everyone thinks. She moves to LA with her dad an...
  • studs
  • love
  • lesbian
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