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Old Friends by -Qveen-T
Old Friendsby Trin🥀
Kayden and Rakell have been bestfriends since preschool. It was hell on earth when Rakell's father got a new job out of state and she was forced to move without even get...
Homebody (studxstud) by omoovoxo
Homebody (studxstud)by v(c) the enby - ૐ
(stud4stud) 🖤 - It's just clothes! No H8 tolerated, whatsoever! Don't bother reading this if you don't support it! Published - July 11th, 2023 Nivea is well-known for...
The Teacher's Pet by TheColdestWriter
The Teacher's Petby Coldesstt
"We can't tell nobody about this" Blair said as she fastened her belt. "But I love you . I can't be your secret!" I yelled as I jumped up from the be...
Sexual Desires  by koldheart3d
Sexual Desires by 🤘🏽
Anaika AKA Nik/niko is a well known stud in her section. She's what you would call a "super stud" and has only dated fems. She belongs to neighborhood on 30th...
Dial Tone... by Trappstarrr133
Dial Trapstar12
This is my first book yall soo be mindful But just read
Im Home by unkn0wnnn
Im Homeby K.Writes ☺️
New book Read it and enjoy! My FIRST StudxStud book so BARE WITH ME PEOPLE
that's gay (stud x stud) by lesbianaaaa
that's gay (stud x stud)by ✂️
"don't smack my ass that's gay" "ain't we gay?" "i don't like studs like that" "not yet baby"
The Dating Game. by strapslinger
The Dating moni. 🏋🏾‍♀️🌿
Six teens, One game, whoever falls in love first lose. (S4S)
Friends With Benefits (sfs) by kvngmaya
Friends With Benefits (sfs)by Samurai
This book is StudxStud if you don't fw it don't read it. I don't tolerate hate. If you do hate I won't mind dragging you. Friends With Benefits: Typically two good frien...
College Life by icyypear
College Lifeby ❄️
hi this a s4s book, THERE IS NO BOYS. please vote:) this the first book i wrote, it's kinda cringey so 🐻 wimme
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Candy Girl (studxstud) by YunqCraze
Candy Girl (studxstud)by B 🖍
(studxstud) It's not easy being beautiful. The envy, the jealousy, the vicious rumors spread by your close friend. That's life for young Simonéa. While everyone thinks t...
Daddy's A Queen Pin (studxstud) by maykaytolive
Daddy's A Queen Pin (studxstud)by Dg.Kae🥀
17 year old Raeial James goes an interesting life change once she finds out about her dad owning the biggest drug ring known to America, to make it worse, her dad leaves...
One more thing (Finished) by _iamkarmaleigh_
One more thing (Finished)by ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ ᴋʟᴇɪɢʜ
A household full of studs. Ain't that amazing.
YOU MINE BITCH .👩🏽‍❤️‍👩🏿 by Sharkxoo
YOU MINE BITCH .👩🏽‍❤️‍👩🏿by Sharkxo_
"fuck yo girlfriend you mine bitch "
Hush Mode (studxstud) by coconutcutie32
Hush Mode (studxstud)by coconutcutie🥥💜
Ajah had never ever really been a fan of talking to people. she believes once u start a conversation it never ends. she anti social and just doesn't fuck with people in...
I fell for my bully(studxstud) by dynastytoofine
I fell for my bully(studxstud)by dynastytoofine
if you ain't into freaky stuff don't read this.... simple
Rules & Domination (StudxStud) by writtenbynae
Rules & Domination (StudxStud)by ©️RightsReserved
Bre has always been attracted to studs , she may fuck with a few fems here and there , but never got into a relationship or deep connection with them , only studs. But s...
The stud. by Amiyah093
The Amiyah093
There are more chapters after characters
in the studio by ___the_anonymous
in the studioby ___the_anonymous
"where are you?" " I'm at the studio I gotta go I'm busy" " okay I love you" " yeah bye" is she really at the studio? does she lo...