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Piggies by ExoticPotholes
Piggiesby ExoticPotholes
This book is based off a part in another one of my books (In 'Just a Whole Lot More' the part 'Piggies') This will be 2-4 parts, tops, and any fun suggestions are welcom...
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Just a whole lot more by ExoticPotholes
Just a whole lot moreby ExoticPotholes
Kasey is diagnosed with a rare disorder that makes her bedbound. She's getting medicine, but until then, all she can do is eat. This book will be random short stories...
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Tickle Hustle by Yellowpipe2001
Tickle Hustleby Yellowpipe
Is a place downtown or New York were people only heard online, a teenage boy needed money and saw the ad to take the job.
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Undertale Vore RP by UnderFan467
Undertale Vore RPby UnderFan467
Please don't judge
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Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. (Sequel To A Nerds Romance) by shelbsters15
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. ( Shelby :)
Sophie Green, used to be a nerd. Until Zack Daniel changed her life with one little bet. Zack Daniel didn't mean to make a bet, but thanks to his friends, Ian, Mike, and...
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Massage Therapist and Reader (Tickle Story Part 1) by Skittles12343
Massage Therapist and Reader ( Adrianna Jones
This story will be a little different. It's not a character x reader story, this is where you go to a massage therapist for a "special" massage. I bet you can...
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Vore Stories by Vulpix-Chan757
Vore Storiesby V-Chan
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Tickling in the Underground by TickleSub
Tickling in the Undergroundby OmNomSnake
A small teenage girl falls down into a large mountain, and meets several obstacles who all attempt to find her weak spots. What will happen to her? Will she make it thro...
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Hunger- An Empty Stomach Tale by nickjax00
Hunger- An Empty Stomach Taleby nickjax00
Two friends- Hanna and Asher- are on a road trip when suddenly a storm hits and they're forced into an empty beach house to weather it out. However, being locked in a ho...
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Keith urban sick Imagines (WATTYS2019) Requests greatly appreciated  by pmk2002
Keith urban sick Imagines ( pmk2002
Keith urban sick fics because I love Keith urban :) will take requests!! (As long as it doesn't involve things like surgery or any chronic illnesses) Number one in #Kei...
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Hunger Fetish Short Stories by MyBellyIsEmpty
Hunger Fetish Short Storiesby MyBellyIsEmpty
A collection of stort stories about hungry characters with noisy bellies. feel free to request~
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WG short stories by wecansurviv3
WG short storiesby wecansurviv3
(Weight gain in here!! If you don't like don't read! Thank you!) I know I changed the title because I decided I wanted a short stories collection! Enjoy these! They will...
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Sonic Tickle Fanfic (Tails x Reader) by Skittles12343
Sonic Tickle Fanfic (Tails x Adrianna Jones
You're feeling alone in the sonic world and your crush, Tails, comes to cheer you up!
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2019 Crop Tops Survey Part 2 (All Girls On Wattpad Can Take This Survey) by CropTop_Girls
2019 Crop Tops Survey Part 2 ( David AKA "The Guy Who's A Fa...
My first crop tops survey went well. I thought i'd make another one. Any Girls, on Wattpad that wear crop tops. You do in real life or Your friend / friends do. Then you...
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Joker X Harley Quinn Tickle Scenarios by Skittles12343
Joker X Harley Quinn Tickle Adrianna Jones
This is just a story I made up that's Joker X Harley Quinn of Harleen Quinzell tickling
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Random Sickfics by ItsMuggyOutside
Random Sickficsby ItsMuggyOutside
These stories belong to no fandom, and I made them up. Just some sickfic things to enjoy. Imagine them as your favorite characters if you will.
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Death Wish (One Direction Fan Fiction) by redmist1021
Death Wish (One Direction Fan redmist1021
Zayn, from the outside it seems everything's fine, but his life goes on a completely different direction when he found out he has stomach cancer. Not wanting to upset h...
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Tunnel by sclerotical1915
Tunnelby sclerotical1915
Likeness were thing after i abundantly replenish brought saw. One meat. Us form him so stars fowl he fill. Bearing, given fill. Without i winged life man. Evening. Fly l...
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Boys by TATCF2
Boysby TATCF
Boys get kidnapped, but their torture is worse than they could have imagined.
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