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In Love With a Killer™️ | J.JK by httyd12345
In Love With a Killer™️ | J.JKby httyd12345
"I love you" A rational person would've said I was crazy, I would've disagreed until the next 4 words slipped off my tongue. "I love you too..." - I...
XL | J.JK by golden_usagi17
XL | J.JKby usagi-chan!
Wherein she loves him for all that he is, but he hurts her by pointing at her biggest insecurity.
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Head Chef | Jungkook x Reader  by jjoonsdimpless
Head Chef | Jungkook x Reader by ♡stay gold!♡
Rule #1: Employees can't date head chefs. This was never an issue for you since you saw Mr.Kim, the head chef like an older brother. That was until Mr.Kim decided to ste...
The PE Teacher I Fell For ((Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction)) by Purplemesshere by purplemesshere
The PE Teacher I Fell For ((Jeon J...by jungkooksFILA2755
'I'm ready, Jungkook.' I said as I looked into his eyes. 'Are you sure?' He asked. 'Yes.' I said confidently. 'Because once I start, I'm not st-' I cut him off by kissi...
BTS Jungkookie ONESHOTS ♡ by mochi_sooeun
BTS Jungkookie ONESHOTS ♡by Mochi_Sooeun
A bunch of long BTS' Jungkook oneshots. Some may contain smut. Enjoy! (🍪<--this means that the chapter is edited.)
My Roommate | BTS Jeon Jungkook by TeodoraStanescu5
My Roommate | BTS Jeon Jungkookby BTS_Teo123
You go to College when you find out your roommate is a boy... "Hi you must be my new roommate, i'm Jungkook," he greeted himself. I was shocked, I didn't think...
I do love you // Jungkook x depressed! reader by babygirl6498
I do love you // Jungkook x depres...by I’m low key a simp
You're fucking stupid. You deserve to die. Kill yourself. "Don't tell yourself that, (y/n)" ⚠️ THIS BOOK CONTAINS THEMES OF DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, AND SELF HARM...
Possessive Type ||Jeon Jungkook|| (Complete✔) by VenusNova
Possessive Type ||Jeon Jungkook||...by illya ☆
people are all about types; sporty type, outgoing type, awkward type, shy type, etc.. but what will happen when the sassy type and possessive type collab? answer is; D...
Jungkook FF My Dad's Enemy  by jeonjunkooooook
Jungkook FF My Dad's Enemy by JEON JUNGKOOK
Jungkook member of most dangerous mafia gang.. Y/n daughter of most dangerous mafia Jungkook lost his mother coz of Y/n's dad . Y/n who has been craving for real love...
Take my hand... by jungk00kie_jeon
Take my hand...by kezzy
Jungkook is a little, he's lonely and self conscious. All he wants is a life he can enjoy, instead of being scared of what's to come. All he wants is a caregiver which w...
OMEGA under the MASK (Vkook/Taekook) ✅ by sugawolfie
OMEGA under the MASK (Vkook/Taekoo...by L.
Taehyung is human in the place full of werewolves. Jungkook is strong and possessive alpha. What will happen when the sleeping wolf awakes with the arrival of the new a...
Delivered || VKOOK || by jeonjiminiekook
Delivered || VKOOK ||by Jeonfyd
BlankTae?: hiiiiii who is thiiiissssss BlankTae?: i wanna be ya frando BlankTae?: can't believe you're ignoring me.. Delivered ---- ✨This story contains: ✔️VKOOK ✔️EX...
Who Are You?   by astrostar99
Who Are You? by Kimtaetae
"W-who are you?" He smirked. "Have you forgotten about me, baby girl?"
Damn Bunny • JJK  by lovelyandbubbly
Damn Bunny • JJK by Bubbly 🌸
When a noona isn't safe from the constant advances and cheesy lines of a horny bunny! "(...) "You're perfect for me noona." He mumbles to my skin. His...
Jikook Oneshots by Mikchimin
Jikook Oneshotsby Queen Of Controversial Opinio...
A compilation of stories where Jungkook loves Jimin and Jimin loves Jungkook just as much. A wide variety of Jikook oneshots all of which are my own ideas and creations...
Mute || Taekook ✔️ (COMPLETED) by staekok
Mute || Taekook ✔️ (COMPLETED)by staekok
When a mute boy sent letters to his crush everyday.
Yes,Mr.Jeon? || Jeon Jungkook|| by joonspuff
Yes,Mr.Jeon? || Jeon Jungkook||by joonspuff
20 year old y/n the silent student falls for her maths teacher Mr.Jeon. Mr. jeon is a young teacher with almost every girl drooling over him but y/n catches his attenti...
Mafia 1 | BTS JUNGKOOK✔ by felicia9641
Mafia 1 | BTS JUNGKOOK✔by Felicia Tay
Park Jungmi has always dreamed about being a mafia but sadly her father wouldn't allow her to join their team. Jeon Jungkook was well known in their school, everyone lov...
exceptions | j.jk 18+ by mokgukk
exceptions | j.jk 18+by 𝖌𝖚𝖐𝖐𝖎𝖊
"choices and exceptions to be made" - jjk. ff - fluff & smut - start: 18.03.14 - end: to be announced
Taekook oneshots with different ideas. One might be fluff, seggs, angst, it can be anything. But the thing is, Jungkook is top. Get ready to say wtf?? aww •́ ‿ ,•̀ and...