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She's Married by Toivo_V
She's Marriedby Toivo_Vertigo
Remi walked deeper into the room but didn't make it any further before hearing "Get on your knees" She simply complied, reaching down to slip off her...
  • remington
  • interracial
  • matureaudience
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Dancing With the Devil by TaraLynn217
Dancing With the Devilby Tara Holz
All Ivy wanted was love. Her boyfriend of one year, Jake, seemed to be a good option, but he was far too professional for Ivy's liking, and her best friend, Violet, didn...
  • witches
  • demon
  • felicia
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Something I wished for || Wattys 2019 by AnkSun344
Something I wished for || Wattys Ankita
I wish it would've happened like this like we were always meant to be together, nothing was there between us to pull us apart-but you had different plans, I was there lo...
  • trek
  • trip
  • feelings
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The Eagle's Arrow by Xenoclea
The Eagle's Arrowby Xenoclea
Adalé Whitmore never expected to become involved with an international conspiracy her first day of work. After traveling across the continent to seek her fortune, a job...
  • multicultural
  • friends
  • mystery
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(Bnha oneshots) by Jinxed4_Life
(Bnha oneshots)by I’m bad luck
Have you ever had an Idea and been like HMmMmM I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!Awwwww but I wish it could be written,WELL BE SAD NO MORE!!I Jinx,will be writing them! Along with som...
  • angst
  • lesbianships
  • class1-b
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The Bad Boy's Chain by letmelivetonight
The Bad Boy's Chainby Jada🌻
❝I could throw as much water as I needed. I could hold my breath and dive in. Jesse would burn me every time.❞ When Jess lands himself in hot water, Shar has no choice...
  • interracial
  • secrets
  • steam
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He Brought Love ✔️ (Completed) by MERAKIWORDS
He Brought Love ✔️ (Completed)by Sharayu Pawar
Freya Turner is a woman whom men admire only from afar. She might seem beautiful to them but a successful woman is sometimes difficult to handle. Romeo Bennett, rugge...
  • freya
  • different
  • biker
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Impressed - Brian Harding x Reader // Dream Daddy by BrianHardings
Impressed - Brian Harding x Brian Harding
Alternative Universe . After moving into Maple Bay, the people you meet only make you more at home. A particular muscular neighbor is a totally exception to that, Brian...
  • steam
  • maplebay
  • hugovega
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The ClockMaker's SteamPunk Elves - 2013 SciFi SmackDown by HardeeBurger
The ClockMaker's SteamPunk HardeeBurger
FANTASY - This is my entry in the 2013 Science Fiction Smack Down - Round 1 Steampunk Fairy Tales - Based on 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' from The Brother's Grimm. See...
  • clockwork
  • work
  • steampunk
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Revealing Shilo |✔ by Paigebrownie
Revealing Shilo |✔by ●Paige Brown●
** Short and sweet Romance Shilo Robinson was just starting to get her life together. Studying at Brown University can be slightly overwhelming but she was making it th...
  • love
  • singing
  • dialogue
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Permafusion  by Dulsrasheed
Permafusion by Abdullah
It's the 27th century, cities have taken to the sky in attempt to let the earth heal as it once was. Energy is no longer fueled by coal, oil and electricity, but rather...
  • perma
  • romance
  • scifi-fantasy
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Ninjago Ask Glacier And Steam Shipping by 0ArisenRose0
Ninjago Ask Glacier And Steam вєℓℓ
Warning contains kawaii Zane
  • zane
  • cole
  • evilninja
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If I Tell You a Secret, Will You Promise to Keep It? (Completed and Re-editing) by Larry_Babiesss
If I Tell You a Secret, Will You A s h l e y
[Completed] (WARNING. THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN I WAS TWELVE, SO THERE IS CARROTY STUFF AND IMPOSSIBLE THINGS. Also, the sequel to this was discontinued, so you won't get a...
  • steam
  • carrot
  • malik
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Steam : An Old Friend [NOW ON KINDLE] by AlexBPorter
Steam : An Old Friend [NOW ON Alex B Porter
FULL BOOK NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON Erotic lesbian romance written by women, for women. One of the stories now available on Amazon. Enjoy! ★★★★★ "Steam : Lesbian Erot...
  • adult
  • steam
  • gay
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my rant book (:( by kkoxz_
my rant book (:(by Cassie
  • rant
  • off
  • book
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Dunwall's Shadow ( A dishonored inspired Novel) by Joshadam24
Dunwall's Shadow ( A dishonored Joshadam24
With Corvo stalking the streets in a mask, enacting his revenge and Daud fighting his way to Delilah, the city watch are occupied hunting them down. There are many treas...
  • adventure
  • assassin
  • action
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Thomas And Friends Roleplay by ___1dk___
Thomas And Friends Roleplayby yee haw
If you're my friend you might be judging me... if you're my BEST friend you probably wouldn't be surprised! I'm going to regret publishing this. But idfc cause I like to...
  • legitamate
  • play
  • locomotive
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Ink Phobia (Sample Of Published Version) by MERAKIWORDS
Ink Phobia (Sample Of Published Sharayu Pawar
Tattoos have various reasons behind them. And they have a certain ability to attract everyone. But that's not the case with Cadence Williams. To her, tattoos bring back...
  • steam
  • intense
  • passion
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Smokey Eye 【My Hero Academia】 by hope_forever_18
Smokey Eye 【My Hero Academia】by I'm Hope, I'm 20, and adultho...
"Stop being a fucking weakling, Shimakage. How do you expect people to respect you when you can't even respect your own damn self?" It's strange, she thinks, t...
  • fanfiction
  • academia
  • growingup
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