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United States Marines X Valkyria Chronicles 4 by Travzac619
United States Marines X Valkyria TravZac619
In Afghanistan one military Humvee carrying Marines were out on patrol until a light absorbed them out of nowhere and disappeared as officials declared them MIA... but w...
(Male Clone Reader X Valkyria Chronicles X Star Wars ) by 187thlegion
(Male Clone Reader X Valkyria Third Systems Army
Y/N L/N Alpha-37 is the only sole survivor of the latest failed batch of Clone soldiers, hurriedly created to provide enough troops so the Galactic Republic can win the...
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The Galactic Empire in Europa(Star Wars X Valkyria Chronicles crossover) by TK-800
The Galactic Empire in Europa( Roger
Somewhere in the stars of the galaxy the Super Star Destroyer crash in a unknown planet with Darth Vader, Tarkin, General Veers, and Admiral Piett. It was then they made...
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Air Force x valkyria chronicles  by Travzac619
Air Force x valkyria chronicles by TravZac619
(y/n) (l/n) and his friends were patrolling the skies over the Pacific Ocean until a bright light teleported them into a war between Gallia and the imperials as Gallia f...
Valkyria chronicles the terminator from the future. by TK-800
Valkyria chronicles the Roger
It has been years in the europa was in war between the federation and the imperial alliance. As the imperial alliance took gallia it made it harder for the federation un...
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Valkyria chronicles guns, gore and cannoli by TK-800
Valkyria chronicles guns, gore Roger
A gangster name Vinnie cannoli was the survivor of the zombie outbreak of thug town in the 1928z now In 1935 the war of Europa began and gangsters who's leader's name th...
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Half life a rebels adventure oc reader fantasy/crossover by TK-800
Half life a rebels adventure oc Roger
Kyle the Asian rebel and his vortigaunt friend Uriah were in the Cargo of the train until Kyle found a device that sucks the cargo to other worlds and back to their worl...
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Highschool DxD: Versus XV  by Yuto_Fuyuki
Highschool DxD: Versus XV by Just call me Yu
From within the Supernatural World many consider humans to be weak creatures and without the blessings given to them by the God of the Bible they wouldn't be able to fac...
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The Aeldari Chronicles  by AngelicDevil4
The Aeldari Chronicles by Angelic Devil
Oreleth, an Eldar Farseer, gets warped to a previously lost Webway Gate on a backwater continental world. With no way to repair the ancient Gate, she's stranded. Follow...
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Valkyria Chronicles the tiger by TK-800
Valkyria Chronicles the tigerby Roger
Kyle Rommel the son of general Erwin was in the first war. He became the commander of the imperial alliance. Join kyle to experience the war and find love.
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Warhammer 40k The waaagghh March of Orks conquest  by TK-800
Warhammer 40k The waaagghh March Roger
The orks lead by Gorgutz was the meanest and the smartest ork of his army. He was about to make a teleportor to teleport to another location. Gorgutz now had a plan to...
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Valkyria Chronicles Godzilla King of the Monsters by TK-800
Valkyria Chronicles Godzilla Roger
With the new Godzilla movie coming out this week I want to make a 1954 godzilla with a crossover. You might like it or not but I tried my best to make it good. In 1935...
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