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Fatass Boyfriend | Eric Cartman x Reader by Dan-San1
Fatass Boyfriend | Eric Cartman •Dan-San•
This is an Eric Cartman x reader, aka something just for me to write while I was bored. this was inspired by two really good ones I've read!
  • southpark
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  • cartmanxreader
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Fragile (Eric Cartman X Reader) by TheNobody2
Fragile (Eric Cartman X Reader)by The Author
HELP I'VE MCFALLEN INTO THE FANDOM HOLE AND CAN'T GET UP! OK actual description "Do you ever stop talking?" "You do know who you're talking to right?&quo...
  • ericcartman
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
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South Park X Reader one-shots, two-shots, lemons, short fics... by ForeverADragon101
South Park X Reader one-shots, #ForeverTrainingDragons
Multiple characters X Reader one-shots two-shots short fanfics lemons Requests are open....
  • southparkxreader
  • xreader
  • kylexreader
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South Park ⚠Smut⚠ by CraigTheHomo
South Park ⚠Smut⚠by Hey, I'm Gay
WARNING! INCLUDES SEXUAL CONTENT This includes Smut and I will add in a plot for each ship. The ship will have multiple parts in this so don't worry if there's no more...
  • wendyxbebe
  • creek
  • cartters
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South Park Oneshots ~Requests Closed~ by CraigTuckerIsADork
South Park Oneshots ~Requests Deactivated
Some silly South Park One-shots, I do take requests so all you have to do is ask. Requests currently closed, no exceptions.
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South Park Reader Inserts 2 by nishiminyan
South Park Reader Inserts 2by 𝐉𝐎𝐒𝐇
‶another compilation of south park reader inserts.″ ♡ requests are open.
  • southpark
  • inserts
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South Park Boys x Male! Reader [One-Shots] by x-DevinW-x
South Park Boys x Male! Reader [ 🌹❄Devin❄🌹
There aren't many South Park x Male! Reader books out, so I made this. Also, it's fun to put yourself in the show and games like this. Enjoy! ~
  • butterscotch
  • yaoi
  • ships
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!✴South Park Preferences✴! by Searcher_The_Saltine
!✴South Park Preferences✴!by ♦1-800-SEARCHER♦
This is a female insert! Welcome to my "South Park Preferences" book! This is a book of dating scenarios for the South Park characters! I'm going to include...
  • stanmarsh
  • tweektweak
  • southpark
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Creek One-shots (18+) by oruriro
Creek One-shots (18+)by Ru
this book has a LOT OF SMUT!!! beware!!
  • creeksmut
  • southpark
  • tweekxcraig
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Play date (Stan x Kyle )  by septic_bri_iplier
Play date (Stan x Kyle ) by Connor_is_here_
"crap.....I'm in love.."
  • gay
  • stan
  • boyxboy
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🌟☄South park x reader one-shots!! {REQUESTS OPEN} SLOW OR QUICK UPDATES☄🌟 by Nightmare1009
🌟☄South park x reader Nightmare1009
HI GUYS!! I decide to do south park as my first story on wattpad!! because who doesn't love a paranormal town full of strange things! Most likely to have spelling mistak...
  • xreaderoneshot
  • tweek
  • ericcartman
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|PIKE| "I Can't Be That Bad" by OrlandoKate
|PIKE| "I Can't Be That Bad"by orlando no
[There is nowhere nEar enough Pike fanfics and it's time for that to change] Mike, vamp. Pete, goth. Two highschool cliches, sworn enemies. They're supposed to hate each...
  • southpark
  • petexmike
  • gothkids
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Sleep Deprived (Stan X Kyle) by hey_its_laylayyy
Sleep Deprived (Stan X Kyle)by Lay <333
Kyle is stressed and sleep deprived. It's really taking a toll on his mood and his happiness, but why is it affecting Stan so much? (The fan art isn't mine)
  • kylexstan
  • nosmut
  • slash
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✔I D̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ Like You [Tweek X Craig] [South Park] by mxddyrxs
✔I D̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ Like You [Tweek X oh fuck
"Tweek just moved here. How the hell did I fall for him already. I mean...he's adorable. Really adorable. When ever he spazzes out, I kind of die inside from all th...
  • gay
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  • tweektweak
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South Park ➭ Oneshots by keira-bear
South Park ➭ Oneshotsby keira ☁️
→ south park oneshots → x reader → character x character → there will be warnings if a chapter includes triggering subjects requests are open! (art in cover is by pkbody...
  • lgbtq
  • kylebroflovski
  • jimmyvalmer
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A Fixer Upper [Kenny x Reader] by E_Gamer_In_Space
A Fixer Upper [Kenny x Reader]by E
You return to South Park after leaving for 5 years for reasons you rather not talk about. Your closest friends were Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman (you think)...
  • readerxcharacter
  • ericcartman
  • stanmarsh
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Triangles by slightly_awkward_
Trianglesby slightly_awkward_
Kyle has had a crush on Stan for the longest, but Stan loves Wendy. Kenny never spoke a word of how he feels toward Kyle. He never meant to make the existing triangle mo...
  • k2
  • ksquared
  • southparkfanfiction
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Caged - Tweek x Craig (South Park FanFiction) [COMPLETED] by girlwhoknowsstuff
Caged - Tweek x Craig (South Andreea C-137
"I've never had much use for the concept of hell but hell is real. And I'm in it." WARNING: Sexual content, violence and probably some weird fetishes thrown he...
  • kidnapping
  • southparkyaoi
  • creek
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Action at every Turn (Kenny x Reader) by _69_Princess_69_
Action at every Turn (Kenny x Princess_69
Sorry if this fic sucks Cartmans balls I'm not that good at writing XD try to enjoy anyways~~
  • lemon
  • southparkfanfiction
  • butterscotch
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Kyman~The Crimson Denial by a_horrible_person
Kyman~The Crimson Denialby A Person
Heidi and Cartman are finally over so things turn back to what it always was with Kyle and Cartman.Kyle starts to develop a crush on his rival as he did a long time ago...
  • kymanfanfics
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  • kylexcartman
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