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Fatass Lover | Cartman x Reader by olivekenny
Fatass Lover | Cartman x Readerby Olivekenny
As Butter's sister, it's surprising that you've never been introduced to anyone within the town of South Park. Of course, you've been home-schooled all of your life and...
~Kenny X Reader~ by Teriakyah
~Kenny X Reader~by Shai
You move into the small town of South Park when your dad gets a job there. You meet 4 boys and you befriend them quickly. One of them, however, caught your eye, a certai...
To Breathe Again by lightsabersRcool
To Breathe Againby #Idk
"Why didn't you tell anyone?" "I knew they wouldn't believe me." ⚠️Suicidal intentions/self harm Mature language Crenny... The art in the pictures i...
(South Park Kenny x Reader) by pparkjmq
(South Park Kenny x Reader)by CJ
Hello yes I made a South Park book ? Anyways: Living in South Park, nothing was very surprising to anyone anymore. Seeing everything go down when you were ten or so, not...
South Park Reader Inserts 2 by nishiminyan
South Park Reader Inserts 2by 𝐉𝐎𝐒𝐇
‶another compilation of south park reader inserts.″ ♡ requests are open.
South Park x Reader (lemon🍋) (request open) by BananaMilkShake05
South Park x Reader (lemon🍋) ( 𝑭𝒂𝒕 𝑾𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒆♡︎
South Park 1. KylexReader (lemon) 2. ButtersxReader (lemon) 3. CartmanxReader (lemon) 4. StanxReader (Lemon) 5. KennyxReader (Lemon) 6: Human Kite x Reader (Lemon) 7. P...
Body Swap (COMPLETED)(South park) {StanxKyle/KennyxKyle} by Blazedarkness
Body Swap (COMPLETED)(South park) Blaze
It's been three months since Kenny and Kyle became official. It's been three years since Stan started having romantic feelings for Kyle. Stan always wanted to confess, b...
South Park x Reader One Shots  by psychosis_writings
South Park x Reader One Shots by Layna
My writing has improved a lot!! So please give it a chance! X reader One shots of your favorite adorable South Park characters I have a thing for sad one shots I know...
Crenny- It's All Worth It In The End by TrueNovakk
Crenny- It's All Worth It In The Vic Novakk
Kenny has problems. Like, a lot. When he has a certain run in with Craig Tucker in the school bathroom, his life takes a turn for the better. COVER BY: Aishishi on Devia...
Mute - Kenny McCormick x Reader by Yuki_Williams
Mute - Kenny McCormick x Readerby 🍌Yukari🍌
lived there for 2 years being homeschooled. Now mom sends you to middle school, meeting people was easy but talking not so much until you meet a pervy blonde, But to add...
South park oneshots by SpacemanParker
South park oneshotsby Jack Broflovski
A bunch of gay ass oneshots basically. So far it contains: Bunny, Creek, Kyman, Style, Stylenny, Stutters, Jyle, Tyde, Cryle, Kyutters, Jimtim, Twenny, Steek...
The Bet by sideney
The Betby Distinguishedrunawaymiracle
So maybe Craig wasn't thinking when he said he could get anyone he wanted. That doesn't mean he's not going to follow through though. His mission is simple, get Tweek Tw...
"Boyfrenemies" by teambroflovski
"Boyfrenemies"by Brooke(:
You've heard of frenemies...but boyfrenemies? Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker aren't the best of friends. But suddenly their rage and anger towards each other turns to comp...
§°Sweet Tears°§ by craigvega13
§°Sweet Tears°§by craigvega13
Kenny McCormick a player and asshole but sometimes his pretty chill. and sadly a bully. butters stotch a nice and cheerful boy but in times his depress or stress out. fo...
My New Best Friends: A South Park X Reader by fluttershipsromeave
My New Best Friends: A South Trying Her Best
A young girl named (Y/n) (L/n) moves to a new town and enrolls in the middle school there. She meets many friends, enemies, and lovers, but must make a choice on her nea...
Best Friends?  by LivixieMar
Best Friends? by LivixieMar
Kyle's tired. Very tired. He hates how Stan clings to him while he was drunk and cries all night about why Wendy keeps on breaking up with him and why it feels like some...
South Park X Reader Insert  by AlthyAltherix
South Park X Reader Insert by Althy
•Mature Content• Kind of an au modern fic of where the South Park characters are in High school. Eli (You)somehow got transported into SouthPark where the cast is older...
Soulmate Tattoos by Power_Courage_Wisdom
Soulmate Tattoosby (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
Everyone is obsessed with one thing in this world and that's finding their soulmate. I don't care, as a matter of fact, I don't believe in these tattoos. You love someon...
Between Kenny x Craig - A threeway (South Park FanFiction) by girlwhoknowsstuff
Between Kenny x Craig - A Andreea C-137
WARNING: Sexual content. She moves in with two hot, gay guys. Is it going to be awkward or sexy? Both. Yes, it's going to have Kenny x Craig yaoi. Don't be a homophobe.