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87 Facts of Star Trek by Helaman512
87 Facts of Star Trekby S'chn T'gai Spock
Facts you might not have known of the Star Trek series. This is a book compiled on a bunch of facts that can be found floating around. Thank you for Reading!!! Comment i...
  • facts
  • trek
  • captain
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Finding Mary by Clieo_Whiteshadow
Finding Maryby Clieo
It's been four years since Mary left the crew of the Enterprise. Now the ruler of her people, she has made great progress in her people joining the Federation. There's o...
  • star
  • bones
  • sulu
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Star trek Voyager combadge chat by ChatroomFilters
Star trek Voyager combadge chatby Bini Filters
Pretty sure that the title explains it.
  • janeway
  • commbadge
  • doctor
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Losing Mary by Clieo_Whiteshadow
Losing Maryby Clieo
Do you believe in love at first sight? Pavel Chekov didn't, that was, until he met Mary Stern. A sixteen year old genius who beat his age record at the academy. Together...
  • bones
  • klingons
  • spock
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Imzadi by NandyButterfly
Imzadiby LonelyLooney
An unbalaced Betazoid. A Vedek and the Pah-wraith trying to kill him. Walk with the Prophets, children, there are many mysteries... Maybe her sanity can be saved by the...
  • klingon
  • bajor
  • startrekds9
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Freak School by jespah
Freak Schoolby jespah
This is, like, my diary. So don't hold it against a half-Klingon girl, okay? Star Trek fanfiction, starring a half-human teenaged girl named Rayna Montgomery.
  • star-trek
  • diaries
  • half-human
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Q's gift by TFALokiwriter
Q's giftby Ivy
A story of a Trekkie going aboard the Enterprise thanks to Q. Started: 8.13.2015. Completed: 8.13.2015 at 8:09 PM. Fandom- Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1 of 2.
  • picard
  • crusher
  • humor
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The Dreadnought by Helaman512
The Dreadnoughtby S'chn T'gai Spock
In a galaxy far away, an invasive species is seeking revenge on a Captain who no longer exists.
  • command
  • spock
  • starfleet
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A Family Defined in History by SherlockGurrrl999
A Family Defined in Historyby Aylis Oomen
The family history of adventure begun with James T. Kirk, and it was all passed on to his son and his children. These are their adventures through the Star Trek timeline...
  • fanfic
  • romulans
  • ds9
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Beyond Redemption by adesqueen21
Beyond Redemptionby crown
'' she is the other woman and she was fine with it until she fell in love with him and desires to be the only woman but as fate would have it, all he wants her to be is...
  • sweetdreamer33
  • lilycollins
  • calvinharris
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Q's mistake by TFALokiwriter
Q's mistakeby Ivy
A story in which Q brings back I-B to the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Started: 8.15.2015 Completed: 8.16.2015 at 3:57 PM. Book 2 of 2. Extra chapter ad...
  • adventure
  • klingon
  • alexander
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Loving Mary by Clieo_Whiteshadow
Loving Maryby Clieo
Seven months after Pavel rescued Asonia from the Klingons and won her hand, Zindaki has finally joined the Federation. Now expecting their first child, things couldn't b...
  • kirk
  • mccoy
  • spock
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This Broken Reflection by kitchenandketchup
This Broken Reflectionby kitchenandketchup
Back onboard the Discovery, Ash/Voq tries to make sense of what's happened to him in a discussion with L'rell. I don't own Star Trek: Discovery or these characters. I'm...
  • fan
  • fiction
  • klingons
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Star Trek: The Selous Scouts by mousedroid98
Star Trek: The Selous Scoutsby mousedroid98
Follow the adventures of the exploration team Unity as they travel the galaxy under the banner of Starfleet and the Selous Scouts.
  • starship
  • romulan
  • star-trek
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A day with the Klingons by phantomh1ve
A day with the Klingonsby phantomh1ve
Have you ever wondered what happens on the Klingon ship.This book shows it all.From answering klingon rumors to destroying civilizations.
  • klingon
  • scincefiction
  • startrek
Star Trek: A Touch of Greatness by JohnEge
Star Trek: A Touch of Greatnessby John Ege
Nearly a hundred years after Kirk prevented the Kelvan from stealing the Enterprise, they've returned to their original mission of conquering the Milky Way Galaxy. Orig...
  • kirk
  • spock
  • startrek
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Between a Rock and a Klingon by LanceSchonberg
Between a Rock and a Klingonby Lance Schonberg
Stuck on a primitive planet with a troop of Klingons between him and the Federation enclave, Chekov has to enlist the help of the native sentient species to stay in one...
  • startrek
  • chekov
  • klingons
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Paul Stamets x trans male reader by ElevenLightsInTheSky
Paul Stamets x trans male readerby Renner Trash
You and Paul have known each other since the academy years and you began to care for him a little too much but you drifted apart when assigned to two different ships, on...
  • transgender
  • startrek
  • reader
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Emotional,physical, and mental by TFALokiwriter
Emotional,physical, and mentalby Ivy
There are three things that can hurt some-one when pushing them to their limits or making them feel pain: emotional, physical, and mental. Sometimes the last part can hu...
  • trust
  • vulcan
  • hurt
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STAR TREK: ADVENTURES OF U.S.S. DI...by GregsterGinger
A Star Trek fan story series that takes place after the Dominion war. On board the new Uther class ship U.S.S. Dinghy we get to meet a cast of interesting characters wit...
  • space
  • fiction
  • klingons
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