The Gangster King And Queen by Leenntina
The Gangster King And Queenby Cath Leen
She's childish... He's cold... She's immortal... He's immortal... She's rule breaker... He's goodboy... She's Beautiful... He's Nerd... She's Queen... He's King... The...
  • assasins
  • gangsters
  • princesses
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She's Back  by wahag5
She's Back by #GIRLPOWER
After you get kidnapped and tortured Your dad, the leader of the must ruthless mafia in the world couldn't trust you walking around New York street by your self, so he s...
  • badboy
  • mafias
  • love
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Forced by the mafia (Jungkook ff) by Baby_Nochu
Forced by the mafia (Jungkook ff)by Baby_Nochu
Ryu Y/n is an orphan. She is an independent girl and works in Song Enterprise. Jeon Jungkook is in a group of mafias named BTS. They are known as the most dangerous grou...
  • bts
  • jeonjungkook
  • fanfiction
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Vkook mafias secret  by Wickykirry
Vkook mafias secret by Melody
Who knew the most crulest and popular was a big ............... softie But only it to his one and only ....Kim taehyung Ahhhh jeon jungkook the most famous mafia in the...
  • secret
  • jungkook
  • taehyung
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One Lover? Two Mafia's? (MxMxM) by xXx_loveliness_xXx
One Lover? Two Mafia's? (MxMxM)by xXx_loveliness_xXx
Adrian Daniels, A 22 year old, and a gorgeous blue eyed blonde gym owner. And a "Sex God", That has every girl and boy lusting over him by his looks and body...
  • loveaffair
  • shortchapters
  • lovestory
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The shy girl by Weirdo_Land
The shy girlby Aarzoo Jobanputra
Emily Brown Like it's said that every shy girl has a wild side, Emily Brown discovers her wild side too. In her life goal in discovering freedom and living her life to t...
  • wattys2018
  • love
  • revenge
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8 Gangster Bad Girls VS 8 Gangster Badboys = Hate Or Love? by user60513577
8 Gangster Bad Girls VS 8 @Avriel Rose Caacbay
What If Two Gangs Meet and Marrying?Eachother Or Always Fight For there Rank.What If the Badgirl and Playboys Meet What Will Happend? . Authors note So guys thanks po sa...
  • poisonflowers
  • jin
  • othersubjects
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His Secret Agent Wife by clazore_love
His Secret Agent Wifeby CL (love)
She is Alyanna Eunice Kim, a secret agent, a good daughter and a very beautiful lady She's a bratinella and she do whatever she wanted. She's a fighter and she can kill...
  • mafiaboss
  • skyhermesclarkson
  • secretagent
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Of Origins and Obscurities by Qiuten
Of Origins and Obscuritiesby Qiuten
A lost memory. A strange tattoo. A mysterious connection to the underworld of Orlin City What more could you ask for? ------------ Nari Song lost her memory and she does...
  • dreams
  • oforiginsandobscurities
  • selfdiscovery
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Secrets by isolated-babe
Secretsby little-brown-girl
Five best friends that are daughters of big New York businessmen's let curiosity get the best of them. What they didn't know when they opened that study room door they o...
  • bestfriends
  • kidnapping
  • mafias
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Mafia  ~ ChanBaek by Fanfics_Indeed
Mafia ~ ChanBaekby Depressing
A story where 20 Year Old Byun Baehyun is a ruthless, mafia leader. Rich on money from illegal deeds, and not to mention; feared by all in the "underground" co...
  • chanyeol
  • kpop
  • mafias
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Rosa  llena de espinas by shiemi02
Rosa llena de espinasby haru no bara
Su belleza no era opacada ni aunque pusieran a su lado a la mujer más hermosa del mundo, no había hombre que no intentara conquistarlo pero al igual que una rosa...
  • yurionice
  • yoi
  • mafias
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My Psycho (namjin ff) by Author-nim_mkstr
My Psycho (namjin ff)by Author-nim_mkstr
Kim Seokjin aka Jin: a very dangerous psychopath, inside an asylum and under supervision for at least six years now. Kim Namjoon: an innocent man who is a psychiatrist a...
  • fanfiction
  • namjin
  • psycho
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My Mafia Family: It Begins | #1 Book by Anikawrote
My Mafia Family: It Begins | #1 Anika
Book 1 (completed) Dahlia Diaz is daughter of one of the biggest and most feared mafia. Dahlia's parents comes home from a long business trip. A huge party is being held...
  • guns
  • mobs
  • mafiaprincess
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The Immortal Mobster  by cmr1200
The Immortal Mobster by CMR1200
Highest Rank: #49 in Vampire One of the scariest mafia leaders has a secret that few know and many tell rumors about. No one can remember when he wasn't around. He con...
  • immortals
  • men
  • mobster
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Queens by JamFan97
Queensby JamFan97
Kinakatakutan Nakakakilabot na mga aura sa paligid Colds Wilds Dangerous Ruthless Merciless Brutals Gorgeuoses Talented They Are The DEVIL GANGSTER QUEENS also known as...
  • badgirls
  • childhoodbestfriends
  • queens
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Gang Leaders Girl by sierrabrooke1618
Gang Leaders Girlby Sierra
Emma Petrova/Rosiara: Leader of the mafia known as the White Wolves, loves to street race and street fight. Known allies of the gang are The Red Wolves (leaders are Cole...
  • love
  • mafias
  • badgirls
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Mafias Rules by bluechildstruggles
Mafias Rulesby bluechildstruggles
A young girl named Cassia is the daughter of the second biggest mafias boss. Though after her father gets into a terrible gamble with the most wanted man alive, and the...
  • gambling
  • loans
  • mafias
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You Can Not Break Me by DoubleGrim
You Can Not Break Meby
After finally taking over Vongola, our little Tsuna decides to take an 'unexpected' trip to a different world, with the help of a certain marshmallow-lover. Main couple...
  • sadistic
  • boyxboy
  • khr
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This story is about a gay mafia married with a nobody and they got married because of an agreement I wrote this story inspired by ate yana of MHIAMB hope you won't bash...
  • lovestory
  • nonfiction
  • mafias
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