The Fluctuating King: Highschool DxD x Male Reader

The Fluctuating King: Highschool DxD x Male Reader

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In the underworld the remaining thirty-three pillars of hell hold the power though that doesn't mean there are demons outside of the families vying for power. One of these devils is Atheon Vox, a soldier of the great war and one of many devil that had no house to belong to and hoped that their deeds would be rewarded with increased influence in the underworld. Renown for his mastery over time and his tactical brilliance, Atheon killed God and saved many lives but was outraged to see his general take the credit and finds himself in the same position he left to war in. Rallying the devils like him Atheon created a new faction, "The Orphans," and led a bloody revolt against the remaining pillars leading to the deaths of many prominent devils. Finally given the power he desired, Atheon became a tyrant and had many heirs till he had his youngest son y/n.  Y/n was born seemingly without magic yet Atheon knew better, that his sons magic was the ability to absorb others. Y/n became a pawn to his father and grew to resent him, only finding escape in the friends he made and eventually recruits them into his peerage. Soon he is exiled and his father executed due to Atheon crossing a line. Y/n leaves with a few words, "I will see you again." Years later Issei is reincarnated into a devil. At the meeting with Rias' peerage he notices a picture of her, the student council president, and a boy he says he recognizes as a new transfer from class. Things are about to get very interesting.

Just remember, we tend to become what we fear most.

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Story is intended for mature audiences and those who can handle violence, nudity, and swearing.

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