Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1}

Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1}

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"You can't seriously expect us to go to a school for magic!"

"You want us to what?"


Dumbledore sends out a distress call to the demigods. Voldemort is back and the gods made the mistake last time to refuse the wizard's call. Chiron sends Nico, Will, Thalia and Percy to go protect Harry Potter, the targeted wizard who Voldemort wants dead. The demigods must protect and defend Hogwarts from the dark wizard, but keep their identities as demigods secret at all costs. No one must know because it could put them in danger. But the golden trio keep persisting that the new students are up to no good. 

They make the secret terribly hard to keep. 

Contains Percabeth, Solangelo, and others


I don't own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, credit goes to Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling, they are amazing. 

Also, the first few chapters are bad. Keep reading, it gets a lot better.

Highest Rankings: #1 in Solangelo, #1 in Nico, #1 Annabeth, #1 in Percabeth, #1 in Crossover (Out of 10.9K)

{Book 2: Half-Blood Princes}

Credit to @-Is-A-Belle- for making the amazing cover.

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