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《 SHOTS SERIES 》Ft. TEJRAN  by Chub_blee
You'll find one shots, two shots ,or three shots !
Tejran Shots- by chuck_lies
Tejran Shots-by °°
just another shot- and my imagination of what happened on the night of their friend's Vanessa's birthday 🎂 🥳. Can't help it.... i am obsessed with the shots.
Ideas and Rejects by Fire-Redhead
Ideas and Rejectsby Fire-Redhead
This is pretty much what it sounds like. Sometimes I have small snippets of stories that never become full blown but are still pretty fun to write (and read). I also hav...
Snippets of Us (Itaewon Class) by itslumile
Snippets of Us (Itaewon Class)by itslumile
Short stories about Park Saeroyi and Jo Yi Seo living, loving and embracing life together. [Oneshot collection. From longing and denying to established relationship. No...
Sasusaku Month 2021 Entries | Shachiyie by shachiyie
Sasusaku Month 2021 Entries | shachi
Thought I'd compile it all in one story for you guys to easily find it, that is- if you feel like reading them again!
Maemi's Trunk: K-Pop Girl Group Oneshots by maemisnippets
Maemi's Trunk: K-Pop Girl Group maemisnippets
K-Pop fanfic book. Mostly fluffs and angsts. Sporadic updates Chapters are snippets with no more than 500 words each. NO REQUESTS unless indicated Start: 08/11/22 Best r...
Choosing The Villian by uneey2008
Choosing The Villianby uneey2008
Have you ever had to make a choice? One that you knew would hurt not only you but so many others you loved, that it would never be forgiven? Not so long ago I did just t...
That's All I Have to Say for Now: A Book of Snippets [Random Updates] by ClaraYami
That's All I Have to Say for Clara Yami
Random snippets of fiction, my own real-life experiences, and writings somewhere in between the real and the imagined. [Average chapter word count: 110] Copyright © 202...
Eróticas ✔✔(Shorts) by srishcore
Eróticas ✔✔(Shorts)by Srishti Neogi
Short, steamy scenes. Random updates Enjoyyyyy
Top Wing Snippets by trunotwen
Top Wing Snippetsby trutru
Basically some short straight to the point "stories". I get a lot of ideas, but not all are long story material. So I thought I'd do a little snippet book.
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Quill and Inks by _schervei
Quill and Inksby Elle
A compilation of written poems. /unedited/
Sasusaku Snippets by shachiyie
Sasusaku Snippetsby shachi
Made by yours truly ✨ SS snippets that can range from Genin to Boruto era 🌸🍅 Most would be canon-compliant! Because I like those- Enjoy~
TejRan - Love Finds It's way by TheMysticalBooklets_
TejRan - Love Finds It's wayby Desires
Has this happened to you? You meet someone unexpectedly, and having no clue how much they'd mean to you in the future. How the path of two strangers crossed, and how it...
Death is a Troll Snippet Dump by Mother0fMischief
Death is a Troll Snippet Dumpby Mother0fMischief
as the Tin says, I am having trouble picking a story to write next and need some help. Pairings will vary and Death will sometimes be his charming self or some other gen...
MY CRUSH ON YOU!! by chuck_lies
No industry... Not actors...... No rumours.... just normal people with absolute attractive / good-looking faces.... & personalities..... Let's see how they met and fall...
Another Shelby by KieTPerry
Another Shelbyby K.T. Perry
Lilah Morgan had not wanted to go home after her time as a field nurse in The Great War. Not to Canada and all her old memories. And definitely not back to the nunnery t...
Snippets by SammyDAdams
Snippetsby ~D~
Short bits that don't fit anywhere else. New characters and side characters in quick, delicious bite-sized pieces.
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RanTaku One-Shots by MoonSugars
RanTaku One-Shotsby Rhondolia
Rantaku AU fiction. Characters are owned by LEVEL-5.
Live A Little by theindigojackalope
Live A Littleby min
Beckett is alone on Valentine's Day, having been stood up by his date. He sulks over his beer, thoroughly scorned, until Oren appears. A romance is born. ⚠️Content warni...
Mao Mao Tales by AverageCrackWriter
Mao Mao Talesby Cat, Badger, Bat
This is a collection of short stories that feature Mao Mao and his friends in Pure Heart Valley. There isn't really any flow or overarching plot, it's just a bunch of na...