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Matthew Gray Gubler One Shots by luvvreid
Matthew Gray Gubler One Shotsby luvvreid
Just some little imagines about Matthew Gray Gubler, smut may happen (not sure yet).
Spencer Reid x Reader- Apricot Sunsets by KarinaDeSousa65
Spencer Reid x Reader- Apricot Cinderellie Cinderellie
"Her body is completely covered in any article of clothing meaning that she is uncomfortable or embarrassed with her body around certain people and or places-"...
The Stripclub by gublersangels
The Stripclubby gublersangels
❝When Supervisory Speciαl Agent Dr. Reid wαs sent to α Strip Club to gαther informαtion αbout α cαse, he comes αcross α Stripper he involves interest in.❞ - ➳ tw: 1st c...
The Price of Happiness  || Spencer Reid by glassesreid
The Price of Happiness || priyal
Money can't buy happiness. As a man of logic and science, Spencer Reid knows that. But when he strikes a deal with Y/N Y/L/N, one of his students, he starts to question...