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UA's Immortal Teacher by MoonMonarchy
UA's Immortal Teacherby MoonMonarchy
Meet Izuku Midoriya, UA's resident immortal. After an extended holiday traveling the world, Izuku-sensei decides to come back to UA and teach the next generation of hero...
Izuku Midoriya - The Timeless Hero by HeWhoSawTheFall
Izuku Midoriya - The Timeless Heroby Lucias 'Samael' Archon
In a world where 70 percent of the population are born with superpowers called quirks, there are two professions. These are heroes and villains. Granted villain isn't ex...
Set In Stone by NightmareWasTaken7
Set In Stoneby
The God of Geo was one of the most powerful beings in Tevyat. He hurled giant stone spears at his enemies, he had slain contless gods, and lost close allies and friends...
U.A.'s New Civil War (U.A's Naisen)   by insomnias_bixch
U.A.'s New Civil War (U.A's Amar/Ray
Nezu is bored. Nothing has happened for far too long for the chimeras' liking. So after trying time and time again to get some drama from the students they realize that...
smart izuku midoriya 💚 by Nevadasnowy
smart izuku midoriya 💚by Nevadasnowy
shouta thought that he knew his students but when it came to izuku he didn't seem to know a thing. what happens when his stuttering nervous guirkless student is more the...
Unknown Number by chemicalsinner
Unknown Numberby Jamaica Sinclaire
Nedzu accidentally add someone in UA Group Chat and that someone is Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless kid. Let's see how things will turn when one time Nedzu send a location i...
Lavender by chemicalsinner
Lavenderby Jamaica Sinclaire
Lavender is an online blogger who was known to share their opinion and perspectives in life. Everyone wants to know who is the owner of the blog but no one succeeded to...
Deku: Hero of Yardrat (Dragon Ball Z X My Hero Acadamia) by BannTheMann
Deku: Hero of Yardrat (Dragon BannTheMann
Izuku Midoriya is a young quirkless boy with desires to become a hero even though everyone treats him less then dirt. This changes when Izuku saves a small blue man in a...
Everyone has a Breaking Point by NightmareWasTaken7
Everyone has a Breaking Pointby
Izuku Midoriya used to be a friendly, nice, shy and smart. When he was a child, he was very carefree and was loved by his mother and had a best friend.... Then his fourt...
A Life Long Power Battle by MyMindsRealm
A Life Long Power Battleby MyMindsRealm
Izuku's quirk was average and his mother was proud, it was a mix of the ash his father left after using his fire breath and his mother's levitation quirk, he could contr...
Puzzle  by chemicalsinner
Puzzle by Jamaica Sinclaire
Puzzle was the legendary informant of the underground. No one knows his appearance, quirk, and identity. He helps villains, heroes, and vigilantes if he deems that his...
Verdant dawn // MHA by bobthepopulator
Verdant dawn // MHAby bobthepolulator
After Izuku was left on roof by All-might he re-thinks the direction of his life. He vows to create a world for peoples like him, the oppressed, hated and unwanted. And...
The Detective's Ace (rewrite) by grumpcat911
The Detective's Ace (rewrite)by grumpcat911
Hindsight is 20/20, but foresight is so much more. When you pair that with a youngster wannabe detective, things are bound to get interesting. Or, Naomasa's intern is gi...
Izuku the 9 tail hero by KyleMurphy29
Izuku the 9 tail heroby Kyle Murphy
Izuku Midoriya Uzumaki Namikaze the son of the 4th Hokage Minato Midoriya Namikaze and the Green Psy Inko Uzumaki, and Izuku is the holder of the most strongest tail bea...
He's Her Hero (Izuku x Fuyumi) by GoodStoryBoy
He's Her Hero (Izuku x Fuyumi)by GoodStoryBoy
Izuku Midoriya, a boy with an extremely powerful quirk called 'Inferno Blizzard' giving him fire stronger and hotter than Endeavor and ice colder than the first Ice Age...
victor von doom was 3 years old when his mother was tooken by satan and his father was holding him as he was running away from a bunch of foriegn invaders who took latve...
I Am Spider-Man by Ragnark517
I Am Spider-Manby V
Izuku Midoriya, son of Inko and Hisashi Midoriya, born quirkless but destined for greatness. What happens when Izuku starts interning at Japan's newest and most prestigi...
Rising to the Top - A My Hero Academia Alternate Universe by Ragnark517
Rising to the Top - A My Hero V
Izuku Midoriya - A quirkless, bullied child that spent his childhood being bullied by his classmates and hid childhood best friend. He wanted to be a hero but everyone t...
My Quirkless Hero (an mha alternate story) by 1Arrgus1
My Quirkless Hero (an mha 1Arrgus1
(New Chapters Fridays and Tuesdays) Izuku has dreamt his entire life on being a superhero, a common goal for many who have superpowers known as quirks but difficult for...
A Heroes Decade (Volume 1) by SamukaiGaming
A Heroes Decade (Volume 1)by Kai Crabtree
As Tsukasa Kadoya faded away, he pressed a hidden button on the Neo-decadriver, sending an activation signal to the Ohma-Decadriver. The driver was designed to replace t...