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Unlike Partners by broodingplatypus
Unlike Partnersby Andrea(Andy)
Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya at age seventeen are two of the most promising prodigies of the graduate class of the hero course in UA. But, it order to be certified...
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Opposites Attract (KacchanxDeku) by MHA4605
Opposites Attract (KacchanxDeku)by KatsuxDeku
Once best friends have fallen off. One looked at as the next best pro, the other a quirkless boy now with powers that rivals All Might's. Which one of these opposite wil...
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Bakudeku One-Shots. by Love_and_sandwiches
Bakudeku Love_and_sandwiches
Random Crap that involves gay guys. Will take suggestions.
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BakuDeku Oneshots (Hiatus) by Psycho_Emz
BakuDeku Oneshots (Hiatus)by Psycho Emmy
The Title says it all. Request are open and I am willing to put more people into the ship, like TodoBakuDeku and stuff like that. Please! Request something!
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Bakudeku | Soulmate! AU | by _XPLOSION_ZERO_
Bakudeku | Soulmate! AU |by ✘_XPLØSION_ZERØ _✘
A Bakudeku soulmate AU ~ Quirks still included, the first chapter will explain everything about how the soulmate system works in my story/alternate universe. Caution...
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❀clingy❀ { katsudeku } by --soup
❀clingy❀ { katsudeku }by [:
❝i love you kacchan... do you... hate me for that... for... loving you?❞ ✿just a small katsuki x izuku oneshot✿ -story complete
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~I'll Be Even Better Than Him~bakudeku~ by MultishipperCrisis_
~I'll Be Even Better Than MultishipperCrisis_
Izuku is in a loving relationship with Todoroki, but Todoroki had a secret and he got caught??? By non other than... BAKUGOU!?? Bakudeku don't like don't read it please ...
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My Hero Academia ship picture book by bipolarbrightside
My Hero Academia ship picture bookby BipolarBrightside
no pictures are mine ;-;
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lies (katsudeku) by bete-noiree
lies (katsudeku)by bete-noiree
"Obaa-chan is coming is coming over this weekend," Mitsuki said quickly. Katsuki could hear a small amount of guilt in her voice, but he decided to ignore it. ...
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deku , kacchan amd kirishima smut book  by Loverofwolb
deku , kacchan amd kirishima Terri Upshaw
my friend got me hooked on this anime so I wanted to make a smut book about these three(aka my top three favorite characters). \(°<°)/
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Spring Fling by dekuthecinnabunny
Spring Flingby Deku
A BakuDeku fan fiction~ It's spring time, a time where flowers blossom and love flourishes! Of course, they flourish anytime, but especially in spring! All the UA high s...
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Within My Mind | !Depressed Izuku |BakuDeku by kiri_uwu
Within My Mind | !Depressed Kiriuwu
Izuku Midoriya finally makes it into UA hero course! Struggling with depression, he realizes that every time he looks at Katsuki Bakugou, he sees something different. Li...
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How to Tame Blond Headed Bad Boy/Play Boy by animelover1st
How to Tame Blond Headed Bad Boy/ Lucy Heart
Deku was invisible until he changes his look for Bakugou. Will Bakugou finally noticed Izuku? Read the story to find out!
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My hero academia oneshots! by PoseyRoseyDude
My hero academia oneshots!by Posey
It's one-shots that mostly be about Deku! I will take requests also! I have a "dirty" mouth So be warned alright?
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Bakudeku // Oneshots by luctss
Bakudeku // Oneshotsby R O S E
;) These chapters are unedited I will edit soon (о'∀'о) Started: September 15th (°▽°)
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Singing Lovers by toxicsight
Singing Loversby Yori
I didn't know there was a description box- oH wELl
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Only you || Bakudeku ||  by lance_411
Only you || Bakudeku || by Lance <3
Basically is a role play I made with a friend , but I want to have this so bad , so I need to do this , it's so good since my friend is a really good fanfiction writer @...
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This song (Bakudeku) by ArelyPina4
This song (Bakudeku)by Thea Hinata
Band au I don't want to give away details yet
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A Hero (KatsuDeku) by purplemerald
A Hero (KatsuDeku)by Lydia
Izuku was screaming Katsuki's name as he was pulled away from him. "Deku, go." "No! No! I won't leave you!" Another KatsuDeku work for you guys! Hop...
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