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UA's Immortal Teacher by MoonMonarchy
UA's Immortal Teacherby MoonMonarchy
Meet Izuku Midoriya, UA's resident immortal. After an extended holiday traveling the world, Izuku-sensei decides to come back to UA and teach the next generation of hero...
Was sanity an OPTION? - crack deku MHA by Forest_Of_Matti
Was sanity an OPTION? - crack Matti
Izuku Midoriya, a depressed, suicidal, smexy delinquent cursed with immortality somehow find himself as a psychopathic crackhead that ... contributes to society? MHA - I...
Happy now Kacchan? (Izuku x Erza) by Cementosss
Happy now Kacchan? (Izuku x Erza)by Ken Ishiyama
Izuku Midoriya, he wants to avoid Bakugo the most as he always bullied him while having a crush on him.... Weird, I know. He regretted everything later and he didn't kno...
The Immortal U.A. Teacher  by Gl0wing_0rchid
The Immortal U.A. Teacher by 70%
THIS STORY IS UNDER EDITING AND ON HIATUS (The chapters that have been edited will have -edited- in the chapter name) Izuku Midoriya, is a teacher at U.A. Of course he i...
Immortal Deku by Dark_Forest321
Immortal Dekuby Jonathan
Disclaimer: I do not in anyway shape or form own the rights to My Hero Academia (obviously) Basically Izuku was one of the first to get a quirk in the twenty-first centu...
Save Me If You Can //Shindeku// |•|Immortal Izuku AU|•| by Bunny_314159
Save Me If You Can //Shindeku// |• Bunny_314159
COVER FOUND ON GOOGLE!!! !!No trigger warnings will be shown during/before chapters. The warnings below will/could be for any chapter. You have been warned!! Trigger/wa...
Not only you has Immortality AFO... (MHA) by myher0accademiafan
Not only you has Immortality 🧡💚Bakudeku fan💚🧡
Yochi Shigiraki never died after all...He was born with 2 quirks but others in the society thought he was quirkless as it was a common thing at the time of quirks evolvi...
broken immortal by Zrei_0
broken immortalby Rei
What happens when a suicidal boy meets a murderous villian who finds a target he cannot kill? What happens when the two become closer due to a mutual hate for life? What...
New Day New Decade by Ambrissa6294
New Day New Decadeby AroAce-MRayber
It's no secret that Izuku has been around for awhile. Well no secret to him anyway. Every Time he finished high school he moved else where as to not be discovered. Of co...
izuku the Immortal Killer //Up For Adoption\\ by dead_man_in_and_out
izuku the Immortal Killer //Up dead_man_in_and_out
this is my first fanfic so whatever so basically Izuku has a immortality quirk and is a hitman he is All for ones father so around 232 years old minus 210 because then y...
Rooftop boy  (DISCONTINUED)  by pinkest-sweets
Rooftop boy (DISCONTINUED) by suki
⚠️UP FOR ADOPTION- JUST CREDIT⚠️ Izuku Midoriya, a 'quirkless' boy has an unhealthy obsession with rooftops. When his childhood friend told him to jump off the school r...
Izuku, The Teacher of death by 42UdoU
Izuku, The Teacher of deathby 42UdoU
Suicide warning izuku was always a happy kid but when he was diagnosed quirkless, it all changed. bullying/beatings from friends, family, and teachers. When he finally j...
He seen it all by WhiteHoodCurse
He seen it allby Calais Jade
Our sweet cinnamon roll is thousands of years old. he went through battles everywhere seen billions of deaths and caused most of them. What will he do when he decides to...
In your dreams  by fuck-this-username
In your dreams by Fuck😩-this-username
Izuku has a really powerful quirk, one that could make you traumatized very easily. He could bring your dreams and nightmares to life.
Immortal really?!?!?!?! by fuck-this-username
Immortal really?!?!?!?!by Fuck😩-this-username
🥳the ship has been decided🥳 Basically he's immortal,he has roamed the earth ever since the start and is very powerful he can create anything he wants and can even brin...
The Next Trial (Aldera #2) by MyMindsRealm
The Next Trial (Aldera #2)by MyMindsRealm
An apology book for not updating. A pair of twins are sent by their family to Aldera. How unlucky their fate has been, chosen to be the sacrifice of their family solely...
Wondering Lost guardian [BNHA] by Flames666
Wondering Lost guardian [BNHA]by Flames666
Izuku Midoriya, someone that has lived forever. Izuku only had one clue to his creation, "protect" a single word someone said to him. Izuku is able to manipula...
Still Falling... [BNHA Fanfic] by Lucipang
Still Falling... [BNHA Fanfic]by Lucipang
Izuku of another world finds himself teleported to an Izukuless canon under unexplainable circumstances. Tired of being sacrificed for the sakes of the "Pantheon&qu...