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Skin Changer : A Hobbit FanFiction (Discontinued) by Jesselaroux
Skin Changer : A Hobbit J. Casteel
What if Beorn wasn't the last of his kind? Radagast's apprentice is sent, quite unwillingly, along on Thorin's quest. What will happen when she proves herself useful in...
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The Skin-Changer's Daughter (Hobbit Fanfic) by MoonsongMarauder
The Skin-Changer's Daughter ( LordOfTheTrekkies
Eleana is a Half-Elf. She's lived in Lothlorien for many years, ever since her village was destroyed by orcs. She is also a Skin-Changer. Her mother was an elf, her fath...
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The Last of Her Kind (hobbit fanfic) by wildwolfmagic
The Last of Her Kind (hobbit wildmagic
"Once there were many... Now, there is only me." Beorn's eyes held a shadow of sorrow and loss beneath them. "I might not be so sure of that." *** Th...
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From The Inside by Inconvenient_Ideal
From The Insideby Charlie
The days spent within the confines of a cage were perhaps some of the worst days that Beorn had ever known. Through a chance encounter of a fellow escaped prisoner, he h...
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I am loyalty (Thorin / OC ) by Anna_Donovan
I am loyalty (Thorin / OC )by Anna_Donovan
I am loyalty. I am fire made flesh. I am yours. Pain.Fear.Sadness.Guilt. This is all she feels. After decades of torment , Adrianna (one of the last shifters in Middle...
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The Secret of the Dragon Fire (COMPLETED) by AmorieQ
The Secret of the Dragon Fire ( AmorieQ
After coming home from school one afternoon, Haylee Oak discovers her dead father in her bloodied mother's arms. Her mother utters one word and with that one word she ru...
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A Thousand Miles[Thorin Oakenshield Love Story] by MiddleEarthGirl92
A Thousand Miles[Thorin Kaylynn Oakenshield
Alyndra is the only daughter of a dying race. Most of her family was whipped out by the vile creature; Azog the Defiler. When she was 5. her father discovered she was gi...
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Ignis Wolf (Game of Thrones) by Alayna1001
Ignis Wolf (Game of Thrones)by Alayna1001
💢COMING SOON💢 "Father?" "Yes Sansa." "Maester Luwin was reteaching me the history of Westeros and wouldn't answer one of my questions." ...
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You Must Have Faith by sapphirerose14
You Must Have Faithby Saphira Bjartskular
Thranduil is often seen as a cold, hard, uncaring elf who is incapable of feeling love. In reality, he is broken inside from the loss of his wife, and never learned to...
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The White Wolf (Legolas love story ) by _Tess_x
The White Wolf (Legolas love Tess
Nija is the white wolf, a famous skin changer throughout Middle Earth. When she meets her brother Aragon in a pub in Bree she is pulled into the quest to destroy the one...
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Wolf of Darkness ||A Lord of the Ring FanFic|| by TwoWritersWriting
Wolf of Darkness ||A Lord of the Lily and Sarah
Aaron, being a Skin-changer, made life hard. Her own parents didn't want her and left her at the Elves' doorstep. Aragorn, son of Arathorn, found her and took her in. ...
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The Golden Hunter (Thorin Oakensheild Story) {UNDER MAJOR EDITING} by mojo_kitty22
The Golden Hunter (Thorin mojokitty
The Golden Hunter. That is what Alix is know as. She is a skin-chager, A white lioness. A hunter with a thirst for orc blood. When a dear friend of hers with a pointed g...
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Illegal love ~ the skinchanger book 1 by LordOfHobbits
Illegal love ~ the skinchanger Happy Hufflepuff
I'm so sorry that my English writing is bad at the start, but when I have time, I'll update it xx (2018) ~~~~~ A wolf is coming behind Thorin's company when they are at...
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Changed By Love (Completed) Book 2 by AmorieQ
Changed By Love (Completed) Book 2by AmorieQ
Book 1 - Born of Roses Book 2 - Changed by Love Book 3 - Hidden by Foam *This is the sequel of Born of Roses, it can be read seperately, but I strongly advise that you r...
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The Wolven Warrior (The Hobbit x Oc) by WolvenQueenofFandoms
The Wolven Warrior (The Hobbit x Little Miss Murder
Gandalf knows that he won't always be able to accompany the dwarves and hobbit on their journey. So what dose he expect to happen when he introduces and old friend to th...
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You don't know me  by DaughterOfElrond
You don't know me by Lóménia Peredhil
"You can't leave me in here. You don't understand" "I don't know who you are. I know everyone's faces. You are a threat to Imlardis" "Please don...
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Snow and Fire  by MoonsongMarauder
Snow and Fire by LordOfTheTrekkies
Beorn had never really thought about finding a mate. That's until a she-elf appears in the middle of a snowstorm and turns his quiet life upside down. She is fiery, talk...
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Dark Side ➳ Fili by elysiumfall
Dark Side ➳ Filiby jess
"everybody has a dark side"
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Mirrormere's Stars by Skipology
Mirrormere's Starsby Sofiiel
The world is grey, the mountains old,The forge's fire is ashen-cold; No harp is wrung, no hammer falls: The darkness dwells in Durin's halls; Silki will take up the roll...
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Clash Of Worlds by FionaElisabeth
Clash Of Worldsby FionaElisabeth
"I wish I could go to Middle Earth." --Sibria Keorn "I am in hell. . ." Rowena Moon. She is the sixth wizard. The Madam Red. Trouble for The Sixth Wi...
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