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The Misfit (Hobbit Story) by xXBlackbird
The Misfit (Hobbit Story)by xXBlackbird
After the death of her mother, Peyton becomes a loud, rebellious, angry teenager. With hatred towards her step-mother and her step-mothers child, she leaves the house af...
Under the stars (Dwalin love story) by SMKKnight
Under the stars (Dwalin love story)by SMKKnight
Sonja daughter of Thrain. Sister of Thorin. Affection towards one bald dwarf is easily seen. But will they get each other? And if they do what will Thorin say?
Nimmeth's First Adventure by BiancaEvans2
Nimmeth's First Adventureby LegolasG5*
I am sure you have all read or watch the Hobbit. There are 13 dwarves, 1 hobbit and a wizard on a journey to reclaim a mountain. Which is the dwarves home from a dragon...
The Last Mage (Thorin Oakensheild love story) by peachythrvnduil
The Last Mage (Thorin The Hufflepuff Witch
A half-mage half-dwarf princess is invited to join the company by Gandalf. She will find some old enemies, make new friends, and maybe even find love along the way. I do...
Pure of Heart & Sharp of Tongue by Jessyca1202
Pure of Heart & Sharp of Tongueby Jessyca1202
Adara is in for a surprise when she joins her friend Bilbo on a quest. I mean how hard can it be to take on a dragon? More importantly how hard is it to travel with 13 d...
The Other Baggins by Whovian1320
The Other Bagginsby Queen_Mercury
"Gandalf. I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice. Wouldn't have found it at all had it not been for that mark on the door,"...
Child of Sky (eventual Legolas/OC) by InariKiri
Child of Sky (eventual Legolas/OC)by InariKiri
Therith is asked, alongside a hobbit, to join a company of dwarves on their quest to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim what is theirs, unsure if their prize is still guarde...
Cloaked in Green  by TheBlogofDurin
Cloaked in Green by s h e l b y
Fili Durin x FemOC! (Currently being edited, if it doesn't make sense please wait lol) Rumors spread over the lands of the mysterious and calm warrior with no name . A...
The Last of the Guardians Part 1 - A Hobbit Fan Fiction by Nemaiza
The Last of the Guardians Part Nemaiza
Everyone has heard of Thorin Oakenshield and his merry band of dwarves, including the hobbit, Bilbo, but there are few know the whole story. There are even fewer...who k...
The water healer and the dwarf by chychy1717
The water healer and the dwarfby chychy1717
Angel Baggins lived peacefully with her younger brother Bilbo Baggins. But that all changes when she gets home one night to her home filled with 13 dwarfs. Will she stay...
The Enslaved (A Hobbit Story)(Discontinued) by Gryffinpuff39
The Enslaved (A Hobbit Story)( Gryffinpuff39
A young Elven girl lived a happy life once upon a time. Then, one day, Azog the Defiler came and ruined it all. Her kingdom burned to ashes, her family dead, Tintalle ri...
 -Unexpected Love- by justm4rti
-Unexpected Love-by Marti^^
-REWRITTEN- Bilbo Baggins left his home for an adventure with thirteen dwarfs and a wizard. But he didn't knew he would fall for someone during it.... -i change this for...
Amralime by MsBangtanlee
Amralimeby Annie Lee
Left in front of a hobbit hole as a baby, grown up as a proper maiden, transformed into a warrior _______________ All rights go to J.R.R Tolkien for the story, and chara...
Darkness Rises(Thranduil Love Story) by Lil_Mizaster
Darkness Rises(Thranduil Love A. R. Houston
Dilynrae(Dill-in-ray) is a descendant of Eol and Aredhel sent to our world when she was a mere baby, to protect her from the massacre that was to happen. Once she was he...
Savage // Thorin Oakenshield by __Rima__A
Savage // Thorin Oakenshieldby ✨Rima✨
"She's a savage" -Thorin Oakenshield
Free Fall (Thranduil x Reader)  by MiddleEarthWriter
Free Fall (Thranduil x Reader) by MiddleEarthWriter
You and your faithful friend toothless the dragon had wondered the lands of middle earth and beyond for many years, but when you caught wind of a battle you couldn't jus...
Predator or Prey | The Hobbit by -xxibgdrgn
Predator or Prey | The Hobbitby 🐉
Gandalf calls upon a Skin-changer to join the Quest of Thorin Oakenshield to help reclaim the Kingdom of Erebor. Growing up, she was always the Predator when it came dow...
Alive - Fili Durin by rocketeerin
Alive - Fili Durinby rocketeerin
Leona Baggins lives with her older brother Bilbo in the peaceful rolling hills of the Shire - that peace is short-lived when a wizard and a group of chaotic dwarves seek...
Unexpected friends (Legolas x reader) by ToTiredForShit
Unexpected friends (Legolas x 1-800-I’m-to-tired
When Y/N daughter of Elrond gets a letter from Gandalf, she goes for a quest to the shire. There she meets 13 dwarves and a hobbit. They become unexpectedly great friend...
An Unexpected Love: Book 1  by mysticreader07
An Unexpected Love: Book 1 by mysticreader07
As young hobbits, Y/n and Bilbo Baggins were closer than anyone could imagine. Obsessed with the idea of leaving The Shire, planning adventures, and already getting them...