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Angels of Life by Asyshi
Angels of Lifeby Asyshi
Rd singh shekhawat : An arrogant business man....who never cares for anyone except hs own world aNd never leaves smeone who tries to hurt hs big fat ego.. Sanyukta Agarw...
Our Arranged Story (Sandhir)[√] by A_rebelliousdreamer
Our Arranged Story (Sandhir)[√]by Shrinkhla singh
A short story on Indian arrange marriages. How two strangers are bound in the sacred knot by their families and with the passage of time love finds it's way. No twists a...
Bandhan - A Sandhir Story  by littleheart1509
Bandhan - A Sandhir Story by Aarhu (M.P)
No twist or mystery Full family drama like in Rajshri movie type. Totally opposite of my last works Its a story about how children become strings in their single parents...
You are my destiny by narry_stylikson
You are my destinyby Ayesha Khan
This is the story of sandhir and vidharth's marriage and afterlife U will definitely fall for this crazy couple..... Do give this a read can't help but can mak...
HIDDEN (Completed) And REVEALED (Ongoing) by Angp11
HIDDEN (Completed) And REVEALED (O...by Angel
It was only a one night stand for him But lesser he knew this will turn his life in 360 degree He thought he has taken his revenge but little did he knew he is toy to be...
Mr Arrogant in Love  by RainyNights95
Mr Arrogant in Love by Digisha
Sandhir Two Shot A cute love story Enjoy
Enna Sona (Completed✔) by RainyNights95
Enna Sona (Completed✔)by Digisha
#1 hates - 21 May #6 Moodswings - 14th May #38 in Short Story - 18th March #40 in Short Story - 31st Jan #52 in Short Story - 30th Jan #58 in Short Story - 29th Jan #64...
Destined To Be Together~2  (Completed ✔)                      by aakanksha16
Destined To Be Together~2 (Comple...by Aakanksha
Edited** this is second season of destined to b together..... there is no relation between both d seasons.... Randhir is a mentally retarted guy who gets married wid a n...
CRUEL FATE  #Theliteraryawards2017 															 by 01Aakanksha
CRUEL FATE #Theliteraryawards2017...by Aakanksha
Highest ranking #15 in fan fiction on 26th March 2k17 Its sandhir story in which a royal girl who married with a royal boy who left her without upped her veil at their f...
SADDA HAQ- Season 2 (SLOW UPDATES) by crazywriter1116
SADDA HAQ- Season 2 (SLOW UPDATES)by Sarah
My version of season 2.... Sanyukta Agarwal's life turned upside down after the dream team competition. Her best friend, Parth landed in Coma and her boyfriend turned Hu...
Love with Nerdy ✔ by Knight308
Love with Nerdy ✔by 🐾
A Sandhir one shot ❤
HITLER SASURJI ✔️ (COMPLETED)  by crazywriter1116
After Mars mission is successful, Sanyukta brings Randhir home to introduce him to her father, Kishore Agarwal. How will he react meeting Randhir after two years? Will M...
In Search Of Love [#YourStoryIndia] by The_Cryptic_Writer
In Search Of Love [#YourStoryIndia]by The_Cryptic_Writer
He loathed love, She carved for love. He runs away from love, She was in search of love. He believes love makes us weak. She believes love strengthens us. Join the journ...
Poles Apart But Together (Completed ✔) (Unedited ) by aakanksha16
Poles Apart But Together (Complete...by Aakanksha
Rank #15 on watty in category of fanfiction. Opposite attracts! This is d USP of this ff. Randhir the angry young man gets married to a immature girl unlike him. Will t...
Contractual Responsibility by ShilluParShian
Contractual Responsibilityby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
#12 in FANFICTION(8th july) Its a sandhir FF. It is a story of our sandhir. They got married but never had a proper personal interaction. To know the exact reason do rea...
Roommates Or Soulmates?❤ by Sandhir152
Roommates Or Soulmates?❤by Sandhir152
~~~~ It's him. The same eyes that expressed all the feelings that he had. The same arms that held me in happiness and sorrow. The same lips that made me feel loved, whic...
ETHEREAL by goldndiamonds
ETHEREALby Sonia Yadav
"I didn't hurt your girlfriend if that's why you want to interrogate me?" Sanyukta stated. He didn't say anything just stand there and watch her keenly. Sanyuk...
Sandhir FF- Love Will Find A Way by littleheart1509
Sandhir FF- Love Will Find A Wayby Aarhu (M.P)
When a broken soul decided not to fall in love again. How love make it possible to knock on the heart again and make it endless journey of love.. Rank #50 in fan fiction...
Isn't Exactly A Fairytale by ShilluParShian
Isn't Exactly A Fairytaleby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
Story is on a wife n huband. A sandhir FF read n njoy. Story credits goes to original writer.
My Unsaid Love  by N29D10
My Unsaid Love by Sandhir❤️ParSh
have you ever fallen in love with the most unexpected person of your life like your teacher??? no...ok but here a nerdy fell in love with her teacher....now here comes t...