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A LIE TO LOVE ❤️  by Ferrero_Roccher
A LIE TO LOVE ❤️ by Ferrero
#1 in short stories on 17-6-2017 Few miles away from HER house, a car headed away from Bengaluru. "So how is it going?", his friend asked. "All my acti...
In Search Of Love [#YourStoryIndia] by The_Cryptic_Writer
In Search Of Love [#YourStoryIndia]by The_Cryptic_Writer
He loathed love, She carved for love. He runs away from love, She was in search of love. He believes love makes us weak. She believes love strengthens us. Join the journ...
The Unfortunate Prince #ReadersChallenge ✔ by sandhir_ishika
The Unfortunate Prince #ReadersCha...by Ishika Goel
A story about a prince who is eventually left alone by his loved ones -his friends, his family and his love . Don't worry , it'll be a Happy ending 😊 #6 on 19/05/17 in...
You will always be the one-Sandhir FF by florinedsilva
You will always be the one-Sandhir...by Florine Dsilva
Randhir and Sanyukta met at ISRC after two years of separation. What happened to them in this two years. Was their love so week that it was washed away with the first wa...
Millionaire's Husband (Completed ✔) by aakanksha16
Millionaire's Husband (Completed ✔)by Aakanksha
Editing- ✔ #2 in category of fanfiction on watty from 15/12/16 #4 in category of fanfiction on watty from 11/12/16 - 13/12/16 #5 in category of fanfiction on watty on...
Loosing Her  by MonaMandy
Loosing Her by Monisha Gupta
#4 in short story on 03/01/2017 A Short Story of Randhir and Sanyukta. Cover by @aakanksha16 ♡ ♢♢ " Does my presence doesn't really matter to you!" Came her pa...
Mr Arrogant in Love  by RainyNights95
Mr Arrogant in Love by Digisha
Sandhir Two Shot A cute love story Enjoy
# The wrong Mr Right.  by Ferrero_Roccher
# The wrong Mr Right. by Ferrero
Sanyukta Aggarwal is a single hardworking mother who puts her daughter ,Rimi over her happiness. If only her hot ,glamorous and fun-loving nanny ,Ishika Khanna was bette...
Saas Bina Sasural (#Wattys2017) by paramian_
Saas Bina Sasural (#Wattys2017)by ❤Hajra.Khatoon❤
Highest ranking- 63 in Fan Fiction (On 28 January 2017) It's my second sandhir ff..... it's about how they will get married....and sanyu has no saas in her sasural so h...
Lost trust by goadsgo
Lost trustby goadsgo
Trust delves deep into a relationship. The more you dwell in that relation, the more it builds. But once broken, it shreds your relation.
Two Parallels by HeartfeltFictions
Two Parallelsby Heart Felt Fictions
Randhir and Sanyukta are like two parallel lines, that can never meet at a point. Every time they think they can finally be together the further they are separated. Few...
For You - I Breath ( Season 1 ) by RainyNights95
For You - I Breath ( Season 1 )by Digisha
#25 - Sisters - 2nd September 2018 #113 Rank - Fanfiction - 7th March 2018 Sandhir unconditional love, separation and reunion story. Short info: Randhir Singh Shekhawat...
The Deal by Asyshi
The Dealby Asyshi
Hey guys, this is also another Muskan Agarwal story! Its an entirely different and amazing plot from the regular series.. I hope you enjoy it :) Listed #93 in Best Fanfi...
you are my dream come true(completed)✅️ by bibliophile_wrts
you are my dream come true(complet...by bibliophile_wrts
he was hollow from inside we can say a robot who is breathing there was reason behind this he used to wear a mask of arrogance, rudeness and a jerk to hide his real emo...
Nutella Rolls sandhir ff by ShilluParShian
Nutella Rolls sandhir ffby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
#8 in fanfiction 18th march 2017 The story of our SanDhir Sanyukta: she is a divorcee. But a very hard working women and employee of Shekhawat firm. Randhir singh shekha...
Roommates Or Soulmates?❤ by Sandhir152
Roommates Or Soulmates?❤by Sandhir152
~~~~ It's him. The same eyes that expressed all the feelings that he had. The same arms that held me in happiness and sorrow. The same lips that made me feel loved, whic...
Love Never Dies~2 (Under Major Editing) by aakanksha16
Love Never Dies~2 (Under Major Edi...by Aakanksha
Banner credits : leaving_forever UNDER MAJOR EDITING**** Season 2 of love never dies Both d seasons r entirely different frm each oder... Randhir &sanyukta are totally d...
Aboli by kahiliginger
Aboliby kahiliginger
Randhir was startled by the presence of the teenage Sanyukta desperately hanging off the mango tree just outside his bedroom balcony. "Who is it, son? It must be th...
Price: A Memoir by shreashi96
Price: A Memoirby Shreashi Mitra
In this world nothing comes for free. We have to pay a price for everything. Some say love is unconditional and the only thing that comes without a price tag but what if...
Poles Apart But Together (Completed ✔) (Unedited ) by aakanksha16
Poles Apart But Together (Complete...by Aakanksha
Rank #15 on watty in category of fanfiction. Opposite attracts! This is d USP of this ff. Randhir the angry young man gets married to a immature girl unlike him. Will t...