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The Mute Mistress by MayenWrites
The Mute Mistressby MayenWrites
(fka "The Millionaire's Mistress") Mary Georgia became a spectacle at eight years old. With her notable disability, she never wanted to be in the center of att...
  • mistress
  • signlanguage
  • nathan
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|| One Piece || Together for Always by nachuu558
|| One Piece || Together for Alwaysby A Certain Fujoshi
The ASL trio has been on the run for many years after the World Government learn the truth about their heritage. They resort to any means to keep themselves alive but wh...
  • sabo
  • acesabo
  • onepiecefanfiction
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The Deaf of Me by redtopic127
The Deaf of Meby N. B. Allen
(The original "The Deaf of Me") "Why are you doing this?" Scarlett said. "Because I love you Scarlett," Ryder signed. ***** She'll never fo...
  • featured
  • aslcommunity
  • mute
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Our New Home by generalyumi1021
Our New Homeby generalyumi1021
Ace, Sabo, and Luffy are playing in the woods on Dawn Island when slave traders captured the three. They were soon bought by a noble, and after a year, are losing hope o...
  • anime
  • hurt
  • whitebeard
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The Uncrowned Tactician Ver. 1 by Hot_Chocolxte
The Uncrowned Tactician Ver. 1by 커피
She is Luffy's older sister. She is the so called 'Uncrowned Tactician'. She is a pirate well known across the four seas and the Grandline, with a bounty of 500 million...
  • acexreader
  • air
  • asl
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Adopted By The Sidemen (Sidemen Fanfiction) by kenzieXIX
Adopted By The Sidemen (Sidemen Mackenzie
Mackenzie thought she should never get out of that hellhole. She was in an orphanage where everyone hated her. When she was 13, her parents and her older brother left he...
  • calfreezy
  • asl
  • adopted
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Hear No Evil (Deaf! Loki) by LexyDunbar
Hear No Evil (Deaf! Loki)by Lexy Dunbar
#2 in "Signlanguage #1 in "Hearing" #1 in Frigga "If its all the same to you I'll have that drink now?" His comment fell on deaf ears....HIS OW...
  • sad
  • hearing
  • deaf
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Keeper of the Flame: Jack the Lamplighter by KaylaBignall
Keeper of the Flame: Jack the KindaYeemo
(Y/n) hadn't always been this way. She was born with a voice, until her mother decided to shove a hot coal down her throat to silence her crying at three years old. Than...
  • jackmarypoppins
  • reader
  • imagine
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Hot teacher? (Law x Luffy) by xAniekax
Hot teacher? (Law x Luffy)by xAniekax
Luffy's in his last year of high school. What will happen when he falls in love with his new teacher? (Lawlu~)
  • asl
  • yaoi
  • trafalgarlaw
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Amanda's Protest by ElectiveChoices
Amanda's Protestby Elective Choices
Amanda joins a woman's march and gets arrested. Due to injuries caused by the arresting officer her life changes forever. This story takes us through the first year...
  • asl
  • fetish
  • dhd
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Signing His Life (complete) by Semi_Fatal_Female
Signing His Life (complete)by Semi_Fatal_Female
A girl in foster care, a deaf boy from a broken home. They are bound to have their secrets and trials. Emily has been jumping from home to home for years but when she m...
  • deaf
  • crush
  • completed
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Scarecrow: Defender, Impostor...Littlest Brother by Anonarra_Rorokitake
Scarecrow: Defender, AmandaJean12
Sometimes Kakashi doesn't know where he really is. That's fine. It doesn't stop him from defending his three new precious people in this diverse, chaotic world he finds...
  • reincarnation
  • naruto
  • brothers
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The Deaf And The Loud by SugarPlumFairy45
The Deaf And The Loudby Rena Bear
COMPLETED Raph was always such an obnoxious guy. He would start fights with his brothers, he'd argue and yell. He'd even look for trouble when he was on the surface. He...
  • shredder
  • asl
  • splinter
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My Brother's Keepsake  (Sabo x Reader) by foryoureyesonly1
My Brother's Keepsake (Sabo x foryoureyesonly1
After the death of Portgas D. Ace, the Navy wish to prevent the continuation of the bloodline of the Pirate King. They send soldiers to an island on the Grand Line where...
  • reader
  • sabo
  • xreader
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Secret Weapon (Eustass Kid x Reader : Modern AU) by foryoureyesonly1
Secret Weapon (Eustass Kid x foryoureyesonly1
**AU: Set in 2018, with a little One Piece mythology** Eustass Kid is a notorious weapons dealer but he never leaves behind any evidence tying him to the crimes. You, a...
  • jewelrybonney
  • onepieceau
  • kidxreader
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One Piece [One-Shots] (Reader x Character) by ShadowRacoon
One Piece [One-Shots] (Reader x ShadowRacoon
Some One Piece One-Shots. (Female) Reader insert! Enjoy the stories~ Characters/Anime (c) Eiichiro Oda Gif/Art (c) NOT mine Story (c) TachibanaSan PLEASE DON'T COPY, STE...
  • male
  • asl
  • shanks
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Myths|The Society by LonerWolfLover7980
Myths|The Societyby Kaylee
"We're all Medusa's, Hercules, and Zeus's. We're Fake. We're All Myths." Rain Gauge had always wanted to escape the clutches of her small town, West Ham. When...
  • thesociety
  • mystery
  • asl
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↪ One Woman Army ↩ Zoro by Fenris-Anastasia
↪ One Woman Army ↩ Zoroby Mother of The Wolves
I don't really have a reason why I became a pirate, but I guess it's cause I want to protect my younger brothers. I'll help Luffy become the Pirate King, even if I die a...
  • nami
  • onepiecewa2017
  • acexoc
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To The Moon by YoloItFnaf
To The Moonby Emma Stone
"Who are you?" ASLR. Ace, Sabo, Luffy, and Rue. A fleeting glimpse of memories, locked in a box. A big-top circus. Some mountain bandits. A few idiot boys. A...
  • blackbeard
  • sabo
  • moon
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One Piece x Naruto crossover: Finding my Truth by ALL222
One Piece x Naruto crossover: TheGoingMerry2
Naruto is raised alongside Luffy in Foosha Village after his pirate parents are killed by Garp. Follow Luffy and Naruto through their childhood adventures and watch the...
  • onepiece
  • marines
  • asl
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