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When Darkness Falls by Jpadrosie
When Darkness Fallsby Rosie Gerde
Shelby is not ready for her new role of being Queen Shubble of The Avenue Kingdom. All she wants is to bring her parents justice. At what lengths will she and her friend...
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Zombie Apocalypse 101  by MerryMocha
Zombie Apocalypse 101 by MerryMocha
It's the apocalypse and Shelby is the leader of one of only groups brave enough to go outside, kill a couple zombie that get in their way (or if their unlucky a horde)...
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Magic Users •Evanescence• by Rewrite_My_Stars
Magic Users •Evanescence•by _-•* Y U J I N*•-_
If you're in a cage thriving for air, you would grab anything to help you away. Shelby, Jessica, Adam, Jin, Ross, Cory, and Max's lives are far from perfect. Grieving, s...
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\\ The 6 hybrids of hope // \\ YouTuber Story's // by RandomFandomReads
\\ The 6 hybrids of hope // \\ RandomFandomReads
HI. I completely understand all marriages and dating statuses. This is for satire and comedy, and other things I can't find words for. So if you do not like my story, th...
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The World Of Possibilities by LenasTruestLove
The World Of Possibilitiesby Lenas Truest Love
It was almost a clear night. The slight drizzle of rain as their car traveled up the mountain. No cars were in sight. The only noise was the sound of the engine purring...
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What If I Fall In Love? ~Mithross Love Story~ by _Mithross_Da_Best_
What If I Fall In Love? One_Spirit
Ross and Shelby find out they're hybrids and must hide it from the world. They will use their powers to stop this evil and to save the world and their family bloodline...
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Random one-shots by XxEvan-WolfXx
Random one-shotsby XxEvan-WolfXx
I accept requests from you! It can be practically anything.
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Dangthatsalongname X  (Female)Reader by Renkioi
Dangthatsalongname X (Female) Renkioi
This will include : Danghtatsalongname TheOrionsound Shubble SeaPeeKay You have just moved in with the Orionsound! But you feel weird around a close friend of yours, he...
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NSC + Skymedia One Shots And AUs by Lunalover6469
NSC + Skymedia One Shots And AUsby Luuuuuunaaaaa
These are one shots because I'm a dweb so, I need request from NSC or Sky Media or even Septiplier because I ship it. The Vanoss group will be great for this book.
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What seemed like impossible.. captain sparkles x x33n by LenasTruestLove
What seemed like impossible.. Lenas Truest Love
Jordan and x33n were hanging out at jorsans gym when x33n needed help and Jordans hands found x33ns hips, little did he know that was the start of something that x33n ha...
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Aphmaus Secret... (MyStreet x Sky Media) by IzyBella-Anne
Aphmaus Secret... (MyStreet x Izy ❤
* Discontinued * Jess lived with her best friends (Adam, Ross, Barney, Max, Jin, Red, Alesa and Shelby) and was almost always making YouTube video's or just having fun w...
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The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 1 of the Arcane Powers) by PhoenixWritesFics
The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ ( Phoenix
THE ARCANE POWERS; BOOK 1 -- disclaimer: characters do not belong to me i wrote this as a prepubescent teenager please don't judge me -- The Evil is rising. Every deca...
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HBomb94 x Reader by gamerfictioner
HBomb94 x Readerby gamerfictioner
You are an old viewer of Liam's. But you haven't been able to watch his videos for a while due to your new career as a youtuber. You have barely even heard of Liam's nam...
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Will you ? (Kiingtong x HBomb94) by kicktheconverse
Will you ? (Kiingtong x HBomb94)by Charly
H's POV I take Will's bag and put it Into my trunk. I can feel him looking at me, and I could also feel the blush slowly creeping up on my face. I closed the trunk look...
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The Legends {On Hold} by Gaming_Crystal3099
The Legends {On Hold}by ÇᏒᎽsᏆᎪᏞ ᏒösᎬ
Heros have arose. 9 teenagers have been chosen to be the holders. Shelby the holder of Light, Cory the holder of Shadows, Aphmau the holder of Love, Max the holder of Fi...
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Where Tears Fall Like Snow by ringsx
Where Tears Fall Like Snowby Dragon
In the small town of Spirit Springs, deaths and missing people aren't unusual, they're just another day. Most people are used to it, but there are still a few people who...
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A new job, A new me! (Corby Fanfic) by Virgil_The_Sacred
A new job, A new me! (Corby Fanfic)by Virgil Sanders
I am so happy to be able to write a new book. my style has changed and so has my attitude for Corby!
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The Enchanted Eight (Very slow updates) by Nova926
The Enchanted Eight (Very slow KRY_BBY_KID 926
The time has come for the Broken Eight to find new teens to hold their powers, but there are a few slip ups with powers, also some romance is slipped into the new Eight'...
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the six guardians of light (a YouTubers fanfic) by thebluekittycat
the six guardians of light (a just rose
There is a legend that says earth air fire water darkness and light Have a human form what if this myth is true and they are called the six but what happens if something...
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Magical Blood by Crystalnova_16
Magical Bloodby Crystalnova_16
Everyone thought that high school was easy, true. But have you ever had to conceal and control powers throughout it? Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me, th...
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