Random Thoughts & Moments by wrightstory
Random Thoughts & Momentsby KimberleyS.B.Lieb
I was thinking of all the funny thoughts we have and that it would be fun to jot them down. A little book someone could pick up and put down and dip into. Some...
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Daily Detailed Development Documentation - Continuation by TheoMarzona
Daily Detailed Development Theo Marzona
D4-C Is a continuation of Daily Detailed Development Documentation which has now reached 200 parts. Read it here : "There are 365...
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  • short-story
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Blue by IfWallsCouldTalk02
Blueby IfWallsCouldTalk02
A unique short story following the daily routine of a young man who was made blind from a tragic accident. As his ordinary day goes by he is overcome by the sounds and s...
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  • teen-love
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Messed Up Pieces by Call_Me_Mango
Messed Up Piecesby mayerli
For the #ToAllTheBoysContest
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Carl's survival in Amazon by UbeerSardar
Carl's survival in Amazonby Ubeer Sardar
A story about a teenager boy named Carl who was on the way to Rio De Janeiro to meet his grandparents but was stuck on a desolate road and unfortunately got stuck in the...
  • short-story
  • adventure
  • man-vs-wild
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Percy Jackson Short Stories by lezenroos007
Percy Jackson Short Storiesby lezenroos007
I write Percy Jackson related short stories. It's mostly about the demigods, but sometimes I get an idea for which I write about the gods as well. Some stories tie in to...
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Aku by aayiee_
Akuby _nin__
Sebuah pengakuan. Sebuah penyesalan. Sebuah perubahan. Sebuah luahan. Sebuah cerita. Sebuah kehidupan.
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Magic Weaver by ArmaanAuthor
Magic Weaverby Armaan Saini
A collection of short fictions by Armaan Saini.
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Tim à la plume d'argent by user19243366
Tim à la plume d'argentby Holmes78
Une short-story d'un jeune garçon racontant l'histoire d'amour entre deux hommes.
  • short-story
  • sentiment
  • suspense
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Flames by Maryanisweird
Flamesby Maryanisweird
Heaven, if you sent us down So we can build a playground For the sinners to play as saints You'd be so proud of what we've made - Stephen, Crossfi...
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Dreams of Doemaré - A Short Story Collection #Wattys2018 by minusfractions
Dreams of Doemaré - A Short Mush
[Highest Ranking #615 in short story] A collection of quirky short stories of all genres. Perfect for little escapes here or there when little boosts of humour or fanta...
  • hardship
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Stuck On A Ferris Wheel by IfWallsCouldTalk02
Stuck On A Ferris Wheelby IfWallsCouldTalk02
Based on the movie "Love Simon", when Simon is outed gay as told in Bram's point of view
  • short-story
  • love-simon
  • lgbtq
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The Fight For Love by IfWallsCouldTalk02
The Fight For Loveby IfWallsCouldTalk02
Nazi Germany. World War II. Chaos and destruction lingering around each and every corner. These are dangerous times for a girl on the run... Forced to flee her home, a y...
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  • romance
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My Forbidden Love by 1_in_1000s
My Forbidden Loveby @LF!@ ;)
What happens when Azlan Ahmer is forbidden to love anyone as his marriage is arranged with a girl from his childhood that he doesn't remember about?? And what if he fell...
  • nicknamed
  • highschool
  • forbidden-love
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The Nightmare by Revolutionary_Rebel
The Nightmareby Rebel
Some of my more depressing moments over the years twisted with dark fantasies Short story copyrighted 2016 All rights reversed
  • short
  • five-stages-of-grief
  • dark
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the Running by Allisonw41
the Runningby
a girl wondering around in the darkest part of the woods looking for something to do and then it happen Started on February 14 ,2018. Finished on August 16 ,2018
  • short-story
  • werewolf
The Other Hunters by shruthii
The Other Huntersby Shruthi
You have read about them and you have loved them! However, your curiosity regarding their individual story was not ebbed. Presenting... THE OTHER HUNTERS A collection of...
  • romance
  • werewolf
  • one-shot
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Don't think twice! Join! You are welcome here!
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The Way We Go Down by DalaneyGutierrez
The Way We Go Downby Sweet_Dreams
Amelia Sterling is forced to return home when her Coven is attacked. Among the rising body count, she has to worry about her Covens survival after her father dies, and a...
  • short-story
  • mate
  • love
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B R O K E N by catfathercatdaddy
B R O K E Nby catfather catdaddy
Her wings the one thing about that made her normal, gone.
  • short-story
  • au-oc-universe
  • ocs
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