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Tubbo x Bathtub by spooky_cowboy
Tubbo x Bathtubby tommy🪐✨
A love story between Tubbo and his bathtub. This book is very serious, no laughing allowed.
In the Tub (A Sherlolly Fanfic) by heyitsmehyuppers
In the Tub (A Sherlolly Fanfic)by claire
When Molly's past comes back to haunt her, the only one who can help is the famous Sherlock Holmes. Molly's feelings grow stronger, and with John's help, she starts to...
Bathtub by tsvbellacellatsv
Bathtubby tsvbellacellatsv
I bet this is your face right now when you saw the word "bathtub" as the title for a fanfic. Both intrigued and curious while also thinking: "mmmmmmmmm-t...
Love Hate{COMPLETED} by Kikibtsstan
Love Hate{COMPLETED}by Kikibtsstan
Liu Xian and Ling Shang are engaged, they are far from the best couple, more like enemies. Parents force them to spend their summer vacation together hoping they will ma...
Beast of America by JuneValentine
Beast of Americaby June
Abominations. Atrocities. Disgraces. Werewolves are the monsters that God cursed the world with, according to Hale's Valley and Samantha Bureau. But Sam is a glitch. Hu...
May I Join? [An EreJean Fanfic] by SailorOptimist
May I Join? [An EreJean Fanfic]by Diana Cantin
The water is steaming, the candles are lit, everything is set out absolutely perfectly for a quiet, relaxing evening alone for Jean. Except for when a small visit is pay...
Muke Smut by hardermgc
Muke Smutby hardermgc
Welcome child to my book. Have fun. Get addicted. Like some parts. Come on get wet!
Death in the air  by negan_jn
Death in the air by negan_jn
Spooky season has just begun! Heres a short story with a girl in a bathtub full of blood and another girl thinking she sees ghosts~
tell me all the things you wanna do. by KinkCity
tell me all the things you wanna Dawn Ridges ✔
⚠ THIS IS ONESHOTS SO NO HATE IVE WARNED YOU ⚠ this is a bunch of oneshots, kinks, smut, GxG, daddy, bxg stuff so yeah enjoy if you like this kinda stuff!
Till the Break of Dawn by michaeljackson_love
Till the Break of Dawnby Maria Jackson
Michael Jackson, the handsome, well known King of Pop, is lonely, empty, and curious to find love. In fear of another devastating heartbreak, he is hesistant of opening...
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hearts by taylorinwonderland
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Taylor
A young teenager gets peer-pressured into doing drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties, and sneaking out.
The Bathtub and the Plumber  by TLetsoenyo2002
The Bathtub and the Plumber by TequilAMockingbird
A story of Ciel, Sebastian and a malfunctioning bathtub. - i own none of the photos and all characters belong to Yana Toboso
BROS AND BATHTUBS| TAEKOOKby Namjoon's toe sucker
Just two bros chillin in the bathtub 2 feet apart, cuz they're not gay. (contains slight smut) ranked #5 in bathtubs nsjsj ranked #206 in top tae ranked #147 in bottom k...
They Say Love Hides Behind Every Corner. I Must Be Walking In Circles! by TheFlamingPopsicle
They Say Love Hides Behind Every Alexandria Michelle
Shay Barron is not afraid to be herself, or to be criticized for it. When she meets Forrest Rivers, he realizes that the hard way: She steals his milk. Forrest falls for...
Please Tell Me I Don't Have To Promise by shipperofinsanity
Please Tell Me I Don't Have To Rowan
TW: MISCARRIAGE. A short drabble, 1500 words. Dramione. In the time after the war, long after, Hermione and Draco have found each other, and found something far, far wor...
Jesse Pinkman imagines by delaneyrae123
Jesse Pinkman imaginesby Sweetpea'sjacket
Just some imagines about the one and only Jesse Pinkman❤️ I DO NOT OWN JESSE PINKMAN, THE BREAKING BAD SERIES, OR THE MOVIE "El Camino", though I wish I did lo...
The Cube Smp: Bathtub Smut by ayecubesmp
The Cube Smp: Bathtub Smutby ayecubesmp
Ft. The Cube Smp Members and others
RichLee by Mxleficus
RichLeeby Mxleficus
I just want to say I'm not really a huge fan of this ship*, I just wrote it for a friend. But nevertheless, it's still a cute little thing so I thought why not post it ^...
from friends to lovers || simon d by sekaibesos
from friends to lovers || simon dby sekaibesos
Simon Dominic and Amira are on a show to tell a bit about their love life. - Amira is a made up girl, but I do wish Kiseok and wonderful, happy, and healthy future. - Wi...
Rubber Ducky by kneecapstealer_12
Rubber Duckyby teeth inhaler
bert and ernie discover a shocking romance with each other