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While You Were Busy Being Heterosexual, We Studied The Blade. (BNHA Chatfic) by Octocrow
While You Were Busy Being Octocrow
Iida starts a group chat for Class 1-A to socialize, keep in touch, and to go over schoolwork! He honestly should have expected it to go south as soon as it started. (wa...
*Insert Title Here :)* (MomoJirou) by WasserMeloon
*Insert Title Here :)* (MomoJirou)by WasserMeloon
Tis a MomoJirou fanfic - (quite fluffy) Kyoka has a crush on Momo, but she's scared to say anything due to a previous school incident. Evidently... Momo also has a crus...
The Misfits by CrazyDemon192
The Misfitsby CrazyDemon192
They were a group of four. Each one has their own story. Two, are brother and sister, having been abandoned by their parents because of their quirks. One, has lost his...
The Musician and The Business Woman  {MomoJirou AU} by WwolfJ_TheG4y1
The Musician and The Business WwolfJ_TheG4y1
Kyoka Jirou had just started her freshmen Year in UA University, Music Course and things had almost gotten out of hand. She is an aspiring Musician and a loving Big sist...
MomoJirou Stories by Hamsterlovermaddie
MomoJirou Storiesby DoubtDoubts
Little stories about my favorite girls from My Hero Academia and their relationship. I do not own any of the characters.
Remember When // momojirou by skellitios
Remember When // momojirouby wren🌿
Momo and Jirou have always been together. Jirou was always there for Momo, especially during her rough times. Completed! #5 in momojirou
BNHA Group Chats by dolphinplays11
BNHA Group Chatsby Amber...?
Group chats between the members of class 1-A... and more...? -Ships- Kiribaku Tododeku Kamishin Momojirou Erasermic Minakure Tsuchako Tokoshoji Miritama Shigadabi
MomoJirou Oneshots  [Fluff, Angst and Smut] by WwolfJ_TheG4y1
MomoJirou Oneshots [Fluff, WwolfJ_TheG4y1
a random book of oneshots... whenever im suffering writters block and just for practice... yeah thats all inside this oneshot book.
Class 1-Gay Chatfic by RusherTheFox
Class 1-Gay Chatficby Lucy Heller
After reading multiple Mha chat fics, I thought I should make one Myself
A Camp For Misfits ||A MomoJirou fanfic|| by Aiowrites
A Camp For Misfits ||A MomoJirou Aiowrites
She couldn't let them know. If they knew they'd hate her. It was not normal. She shouldn't feel the way she did. She just had to fake it. She could do it. She had to. Bu...
Band AU- Momojirou "those Idiots...."  by jirou_da_hero
Band AU- Momojirou "those Jacks
Basically, this is AU where Jirou is bullied by her classmates. Her only friend is Denki ( they are friends from childhood) some classmates like Uraraka, Tsuyu, Deku...
Kyoka Jirou🎸|| bnha by t0zierh0e
Kyoka Jirou🎸|| bnhaby lEoriOo
Just like read the first chapter it explains everything
MomoJirou Stories (Not Oneshots) by CannedCoochie69
MomoJirou Stories (Not Oneshots)by Canned Lesbian
Former Story Name: MomoJirou - Music and Makeup . Hello and welcome to my MomoJirou book! This book is full of stories that are chapter by chapter. If you don't want to...
sunshine on a rainy day- momojirou by MomoJirouah
sunshine on a rainy day- momojirouby MomoJirouah
Just another fan fiction of my favourite bnha couple, Yaoyorozu and Jiro(u)! I love this ship so much- it's not sexualised so much as others are. Just a heads up, smut i...
His Hero | Tododeku by Kittythefluff884
His Hero | Tododekuby Kittythefluff884
*Bad Description Below!* (Sorry) Shoto Todoroki has had a rough upbringing with his father's abuse. His only escape was school until he met him, his hero. Shoto had no w...
Bnha emo squad shenanigans by Sam-winchesters-shoe
Bnha emo squad shenanigansby sam)winchesters(shoe
just the emo squad being who they are as people
Kyoka Rising by NIGHTWOLFofTheWOLVES
Kyoka Risingby Orion
She was just a lowly orphan on the streets while She was a UA student and part of the richest family in the city. My Hero Academia AU. Kyoka Jirou x Momo Yaoyorozu.
The older I get | Depressed Jirou Fanfic | Momo x Jirou | by turtle015
The older I get | Depressed ShadyDuck
{Depressed Jirou AU} Kyouka's parents have been on what you call the abusive side. She was struck constantly, and shamed by her parents. Her parents had always threatene...