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A slave to women by Rissrob
A slave to womenby Rissrob
David a plumber go to a house to repair a leak. Only to be kidnapped and used by Jenny and her friends
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My slut  by unique_and_curious33
My slut by Unique_and_curious33
⚠️MATURE CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ⚠️ This is an adventure of how the life of Aurora. She started of as a normal girl who started talking to a guy who turned her wo...
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Underground Wedgie club? by QueenOfCakes00
Underground Wedgie club?by QueenOfCakes00
Alex, Rica and Kaite are back. And they have discovered an underground wedgie club? (if your not into wedgies then don't read this)
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For the Love of Tickle Torture by WellUhYeahHaHa
For the Love of Tickle Tortureby Summer’s Tickle Acc.
A not-so-fluffy story about a girl named April who kidnaps a boy named Jake for her tickle amusement.
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Pretty Boy by feel-allen
Pretty Boyby feel-allen
The blood dripped from my face in an agonizingly slow pace. He looked at me with eyes of surprise and disbelief. I laugh. "How could you do this to yourself...what...
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Uzui X Reader Lemon by Weetrash
Uzui X Reader Lemonby Weebtrashcan
Okay yall, this one is little bit more intense than the others. Im probably going to be making more parts to it soon though so stay tuned. I had a fun time making this o...
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Bondage punishment by mimi-bondage
Bondage punishmentby mimi-bondage
In the harsh world that Faith lives in, not obeying the rules gets the 17 year old in a heap of trouble. Locked up safe, tied and gagged.
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Who was it? by Maisietied
Who was it?by SWA bound
18+ On a usual Friday evening Sarah would normally be chilling out at home with a glass or two of wine whilst her fiancé enjoyed a few drinks in the local pub with his m...
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I Am Not the Last Airbender {ON HOLD} by meeko228
I Am Not the Last Airbender {ON Suzanne
Strong-spirited wild child Jalia, who loves nothing better than to tease her best friend, Macco, is the daughter of Katara, a waterbending legend, and Aang, the current...
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ecstacy of lovers by sisko2
ecstacy of loversby sisko2
erotic stories of a pair of lovers who can't stop fucking there brains out.
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Lyrics To My Favourite Songs :D by chicken_beast
Lyrics To My Favourite Songs :Dby chicken_beast
This is not a story, the title pretty much says it all however all these songs are so awesome and deserves to be heard on wattpad!! And I highly recommend you to listen...
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DDLC Memes by ooYukkioo
DDLC Memesby sleepy boi
Random funny things about DDLC
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Smutty Fanfiction by blitezflare
Smutty Fanfictionby blitezflare
Fanfiction mixed with smut if you are uncomfortable with sex scenes turn back
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Tying the Knots: Anything I Can by oof_18
Tying the Knots: Anything I Canby oof
Annie Cresta was devastated when her best - and only - friend Finnick Odair was thrown into the Hunger Games. Nothing's been the same since he won - he was always away m...
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Tickling my feet: ideas for roleplays by malefeetticklee
Tickling my feet: ideas for malefeetticklee
Some ideas I have involving my feet getting tickled. My feet can be tickled, worshipped, rubbed, massaged, licked, smelled, sniffed, my toes can be sucked, all tools are...
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This Is Love (ALL DOKIS SHIPPING) by PunnyBallOfEdgyness
This Is Love (ALL DOKIS SHIPPING)by :)
Monika and Yuri have been dating for a week but when they start to develop feelings for the rest of the club members..Things seem to turn..
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One Direction Tickle Fanfic by JadaMatlock
One Direction Tickle Fanficby 💙🖤💙🖤💙
Hi, this is another request. If you're new, I love to write about tickling. Any requests, as always, just comment. Hope you enjoy 😇😇
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The Prank Book! by Fernandarevelo_
The Prank Book!by Fernanda Revelo
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Soup by TaureanDelight
Soupby TaureanDelight
Simon Broadnax is a simple man. Simon Broadnax has a complex problem. So imagine his joy at finding a solution- his wife Augusta. To show his appreciation, he cooks and...
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Finnick and Katniss - Burning Fire by THG_11_lxllie
Finnick and Katniss - Burning Fireby Lillie Davis
What happens when two people are brought together out of sorrow - will they find happiness again? Also need someone to create a new cover for me x *All characters belon...
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