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Dream to Reality by BluEydBrat
Dream to Realityby Trina
Sweet Sexual Dreams lead to Sweeter Sexual Fulfillment.
Gen-Z being kidnapped  by Visforvector
Gen-Z being kidnapped by V.
The kidnapper probably thinks they're kidnapping a normal person but no they kidnapped Gen-Z and they're kinky as always😏.
GX Series Wire Rope Vibration Dampers by Hoanisolator
GX Series Wire Rope Vibration Hoanisolator
A Brief Introduction to Wire Rope Isolators Damping by Hoanisolator
A Brief Introduction to Wire Hoanisolator Wire rope isolators damping (damping) refers to the characteristic t...
Vibration Absorber and Vibration Isolator by Hoanisolator
Vibration Absorber and Vibration Hoanisolator
Brief Introduction of Research on Nonlinear Performance of Wire Rope by Hoanisolator
Brief Introduction of Research Hoanisolator Wire rope vibration damper has been widely used because of its simple structure, ea...
Brief Analysis of Mechanical Impedance of Wire Rope Vibration Dampers by Hoanisolator
Brief Analysis of Mechanical Hoanisolator As a new type of non-linear vibration isolator, wire rope vibration damper has a wi...
Dây Dầu Gai [The Hemp Rope] by hanthanhha
Dây Dầu Gai [The Hemp Rope]by hanthanhha
Câu truyện tình yêu gà bay chó sủa của cặp oan gia Win-Team dưới ngòi bút của tác giả người Thái P'Sheep, còn gọi với tên Má Cừu. Phawin-Sinh viên năm tư, phó chủ tịch C...
Gullible and Innocent. by lolliopo564
Gullible and Alex ❤️
Alex is a mix. He is both a vamp and a wolf. His mother past away when he was 10 and his father is a drunk. Alex takes care of his father, but the father decides to sell...
DDLC Memes by ooYukkioo
DDLC Memesby sleepy boi
Random funny things about DDLC
Tickling my feet: more ideas for roleplays by malefeetticklee
Tickling my feet: more ideas for malefeetticklee
More ideas I have involving my feet getting tickled. My feet can be tickled, worshipped, rubbed, massaged, licked, smelled, sniffed, my toes can be sucked, all tools are...
The Kinky Sub by IzabelsSnazy
The Kinky Subby Izabel306
this is just a little story about a little kinky sub with their dom. PLEASE NOTE : this is the first story i have written. this might be cringy but i like it but i dont...
The Secret Princess (One Direction Fanfic) by xNiallHoran
The Secret Princess (One Jess yo
Sophie is a normal seventeen year old. She has average grades, a bestfriend and lives in a normal house. Her secret? She's the princess of the United Kingdom, except for...
Yes Sir, No Sir by the_girl_almighty123
Yes Sir, No Sirby The_girl_almighty❤️
"It's simple. I tell you what to do and you do as you're told. When I ask you a question it's yes sir and no sir. Do you understand?"
The Roper and the Racer **Finished** by CowboyTakeMeAway721
The Roper and the Racer ** NeverGiveUp
Cassidy is a junior and at sixteen she's a top notch barrel racer. She thinks horses, friends, and school is all she needs, and with a horse like Remi why wouldn't she t...
Hey Baby by giveme1hug
Hey Babyby Yourlocalidiot
"I'm not psycho, you're just sane" *HIGHEST RANKINGS* #1 in benkrotv #1 in damiar #1 in benkro #1 in psycho #1 in insane #1 in calebfinn • • • • • • Damiar swe...
Captive In The Dark by ItSmYwAyToDoThInGs
Captive In The Darkby ❝♕ηαʍɡί♕❞
Life was starting to get boring for the three best friends, Sebastian, the famous detective; Alexander, the well-known police officer and Andrew, the doctor, when it too...
Resurrection of life by khammark
Resurrection of lifeby Seung Hom 🌺
ရက်စက်ခြင်းခံရသော နှလုံးသားနှစ်စုံ🐥🐰 ရက်စက်ခြင်းခံရသော နှလုံးသားနှစ်စုံ🐥🐰
One Direction Tickle Fanfic by JadaMatlock
One Direction Tickle Fanficby 🖤💙
Hi, this is another request. If you're new, I love to write about tickling. Any requests, as always, just comment. Hope you enjoy 😇😇