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You and me make WE (A ShivIka FF) ||✔️|| by LunchbirdS
You and me make WE (A ShivIka FF)...by LunchbirdS
Shivaay and Anika's relationship goes through a rough patch forcing them to part their ways. But this not the end of their story as their paths cross again after 6 years...
Manan ff :- Forgive Me.. by bhummmii122
Manan ff :- Forgive Me..by bhumi
Hey guys this is my new story on Manan hope you guys like it. Life is Always Unpredictable we don't know what happens when........ same case with a girl who has everythi...
We meet again: Fate's Reunion  by _KAHANI_BY_K
We meet again: Fate's Reunion by K
It's a shivika story Hope you like it??? Peep in to know more Best Ranking #1ansh. #1sso #1 shivaaysinghoberoi #1 asso #2 leap #3 anika
Kaira - One Sorry Can't Change Everything     by kaira_goenka2
Kaira - One Sorry Can't Change Eve...by Ananya_cutiepie
Remember gayu and naira 's fight over the kairav and vansh and kartik again blamed naira and choose his family over naira ? Why only naira blamed ?? Well what happened i...
Avneil SS by frostrime
Avneil SSby frostrime
Just some of my imaginations on AvNeil reunion, please do read and give your opinion. The story starts after 6 months from the fire incident at Vidyut's house. Here Vidy...
Situations(MaNan FF) by MysTeRhea_fanfics
Situations(MaNan FF)by MysTeRhea
"This was all just a game; a game for revenge". He never meant these words but he said them, and in front of her, ignoring the sound of his breaking heart and...
The unexpected turn [COMPLETED] by craziest_arshian
The unexpected turn [COMPLETED]by Sarun lover
#1 in Support out of 20K stories - 20 June , 2021 My take on Arshi's remarriage track . Arnav does not come to the alter . Peep in to know more . 44 chapters excluding...
"Whispers of the Forgotten Past" by anonymonus-bookworm
"Whispers of the Forgotten Past"by anonymonus-bookworm
MAANVENDRA SINGH KHURANA - 28 "She was his everything .Without her , he was a living corpse". CEO of KHURANA INDUSTRIES . Used to be a sunshine ,sweet ,gentle...
Ishq Kinara[Love Ashore] Complete by AimmyB
Ishq Kinara[Love Ashore] Completeby a.
Five people. Five lives. Five tales. Each of them is struggling through life and these struggles aren't something extraordinary. The journey is of friendship, questionin...
His Punishment (Completed) by AnonymousMe91
His Punishment (Completed)by AnonymousMe91
*Ranked #8 in recommended(11-5-18)* *Ranked #15 in arshi(17-5-18)* "Khushi, arre O titaliya.Tanik dekho to sahi darwaje pe kaun hai?(Hey Khushi, see who is there on...
Her Innocent Beast✓ by AkankshaKalia
Her Innocent Beast✓by 💫
Published on : 11 April 2020 Completed on : Shivaay Singh Oberoi : A well known Buisnessman , whose name is enough make everyone shiver is in love with a girl named Ani...
𝕍𝕚𝕣𝕒𝕙 by wordsandfancies
𝕍𝕚𝕣𝕒𝕙by Katha
Do jism, ek jaan par dono ke ab alag hai jahaan! Destiny played cruel games with Abhimanyu and Akshara-two passionate lovers excited to enter a new phase in their marrie...
Mending The Strings ✔️ by _AestheticWriter22_
Mending The Strings ✔️by A Dreamer🌸
Sequel of MUSE TO MY MUSIC! Journey of manik and nandini fighting against all the odds to come back together as one with more intensity and love Read the story to joi...
Teri Meri Love Stories..... by zaimalk
Teri Meri Love Stories.....by zaimalk
Love journey of four couples.each couple have their own problems and love is only solution
My Life  by RameshParab
My Life by Ramesh Parab
It's about Akshara. Peep into know more about the story.
💙 An FF on Swasan after 6 months leap. It's based on Swasan where Sanskaar will not forgive Swara easily. All this story original updates are on Wattpad so I would req...
Dancing On Mid Air  - Ballerina / Leap! Fanfiction  by oldlittleme
Dancing On Mid Air - Ballerina...by oldlittleme
Fèlicie, finally founded her happily ending in some people she fought would never be hers. She earns that even when you fail, you have to keep swinging. ..... With - Fèl...
We Don't Talk Anymore by seneca29
We Don't Talk Anymoreby Hazel
Give it a try! AvNeil
Leap!/Ballerina Oneshots by Seraphina_Romanoff
Leap!/Ballerina Oneshotsby Archenan Hawthorne
Will include all characters listed below, but feel free to PM me if you have any suggestions! - Mérante x Odette - Victor x Félicie - Regine x Rosita (and other rarepair...
THEIR UNTOLD STORY by arhana_love
The writers of KKB don't bother either about Arhana or Dishrab. Though they stood by their best friends always and united them, their story was never given a proper conc...