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Unravelling Murder by runa_blackswan
Unravelling Murderby runaa
"Is anyone ever who they seem?" The death of Professor Elsher has the entire Academy reeling. When her cousin is wrongly accused of murder, Astoria attempts t...
Mod Superhero by RealityLocked
Mod Superheroby Samuel Fleming
For this cyborg, power is just an upgrade away. Emmett was used to being caught between college and his engineering internship, but when he gets caught between a powerf...
Secret Temptation | 18+ by authorsybil
Secret Temptation | 18+by Sybil
Book I in ✧*。THE TEMPTATION SERIES ✧⁠*. Ember Blackwood is a perfectionist. She is the 'PERFECT' girl everyone desires to be. But as we know not everyone is perfect, tha...
The Alpha And His Mate (Silver Hills #1)  by Anne_Writes19
The Alpha And His Mate (Silver Anya 💙
'I always knew my hometown of Silver Hills was weird, but I never imagined it was werewolf weird...' The alpha of the Silver Hills pack has been alone his whole life, ne...
The True One by amberkbryant
The True Oneby Amber K Bryant
Participating story in the 2022 Stormy Nights Reading Challenge! Popstar Insomniac Werewolf? Verity Jayne is harboring a secret buried so deep, even she doesn't know wha...
the stars by Neeleloveships
the starsby Axolotl_thing
" it's all for them not for me to keep them safe cant tell no one here If you love them you're willing to sacrifice for them " or America tries to keep his chi...
D E S E R T ❁ D E S I R ES// A.BAY by MajesticEnigma8
D E S E R T ❁ D E S I R ES// A.BAYby M.E. Hyde
Lidia O'Connell. A fighter, an agent, and most importantly a hundred and ten percent done with her brother's bull$#!t. A girl is busy when there's powerful sacred artifa...
The Vampire And His Lady (Silver Hills #2) by Anne_Writes19
The Vampire And His Lady (Silver Anya 💙
Diana Thorpe doesn't remember anything that happened last summer, even though she can tell it was something bad from the way her cousin is acting. In her sleepy town on...
Lunar Virus ✔️ by its_really_not
Lunar Virus ✔️by Honestly,
Elodie's life changes at the turn of a doorknob when she is forced into joining a secret organization that claims to be protecting the Earth from aliens. But with every...
Cobweb Head by crispyavocado
Cobweb Headby Finn. C
Will hears things -- the fears and phobias of those around him. And when he's sent away to a foreign boarding school after an incident he caused with the new and dangero...
Eclipsed affection  by anonymousshivi
Eclipsed affection by Shivantika
。* ✧ ♡ ✧⁠ *⁠ 。 "Ahhh, leave me...I am sorry...please" A girl was begging and dragged by a very muscular man, was crying but the man was very deaf to hear her...
The Daylighter Chronicles by mirokuspet
The Daylighter Chroniclesby mirokuspet
ranked #49 in hiding I was suddenly just so angry that I was living in fear of this kind of attack. Why? Because we were different. Because we weren't human, and we didn...
Covert Affairs by ellabella201
Covert Affairsby ellabella201
It's Ela's Sophomore year at Gallagher Academy and she's ecstatic about being invited to the sublevels. Everything is finally falling into place as she continues her spy...
Undercover by ellabella201
Undercoverby ellabella201
Ela never imagined that her life would have gone from being the captain of the JV cheerleading team to learning how to hack into the CIA database, but life hits you quic...
SON OF HADES: The Army of Hypnos by UC-creates
SON OF HADES: The Army of Hypnosby UC
There is still a boy named Raziel; Son of Hades, slayer of Death. With two descendants of legends, he faces the great Hypnos' wrath. To journey to the underworld they mu...
Taken by KittyKatty611
Takenby KittyKatty611
After Sara's boyfriend's younger brother gets kidnapped, Sara is pulled into a mysterious system of kidnapping, and there may be no way out. ~~~~~~~~ First book I ever...
Confessions Of Eternity by Authorihca
Confessions Of Eternityby radiantreverie1111
Book #2 of Eternity Trilogy Vedansh Singh Rawat a 30 year old ,with eyes that hold the secrets of the universe and a smile that could light up the darkest night, he's a...
Under the Moonlight (Short story) by RussellLAndersen
Under the Moonlight (Short story)by Russell Lee Andersen
Not all treasures will bring wealth, some are better to stay away from!