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Agent by KurokageJS
Agentby Alex J Wynter
When the Sigari came to Earth seeking refuge, a whole organization was created to make sure relations remained peaceful. As a new Agent of this organization, it's up to...
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The No Dating Rule by MissYanxiet
The No Dating Ruleby Ouanessa Nana
Before I can even comprehend what I'm doing I grab his waist and pull him closer to my body. I look at his eyes then at his lips then at his eyes then at his lips again...
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Q1 - The Emerald Tablet by Ianmpop1981
Q1 - The Emerald Tabletby Ian Popple
A repressive New World Order, the Vanderburgh Group, dominates the planet, underground cities protect the powerful, but one child is about to start a rebellion. If he ca...
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The Shadows That Lie Behind Us by starredfalconer
The Shadows That Lie Behind Usby Félix
Little stands between Ericht and the gallows when he is found guilty of treason while attempting to foil the assassination of the Lord Protector. Fearing for his safety...
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The Last 384 Hours by simnikiwe19
The Last 384 Hoursby 𝕊𝕚𝕞𝕟𝕚🌻🌈シ︎
When lightning meets the flesh, an unexplainable pain courses through your body. You just can't wait to die. But what happens when you go into cardiac arrest and then su...
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Born From Fire And Ash by PrincessPoppyBublgum
Born From Fire And Ashby PrincessPoppyBublgum
No memories, no past, no identity, nothing left but the ashes of a fire long since extinguished. She wakes up to discover that she has no memory left and that she was t...
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Back To Square One  by Divinelyme
Back To Square One by Divinelyme
Elsa was a baby when she was adopted by the White family but she is loved as one of their own children. A kid genius, everyone has high expectations for her. Opportuniti...
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Secret Society by ogmtnmama
Secret Societyby OriginialMtnMama
How did she get herself into this? It all started with an envelope, an adrenaline rush, and some candles. The kn1ghts weren't at all like she expecting. What were the st...
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What's My Name?!! by ceredene
What's My Name?!!by CTT
Airyn Starklin is a very normal Highschooler(or at least, she used to be) who likes, nah, LOVES to dream - her dreams are senseless, endless and (most of the times) leav...
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Scroll of Starlight by twibsies
Scroll of Starlightby Giuliana
In a small town in Martha's Vineyard, three friends lose grasp of everything they know and believe. An accident leads to them time traveling to the 1860's, to combat an...
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Bad-Tempered Heroes by Hunter_Yonk
Bad-Tempered Heroesby Ale
It all starts with a grocery list and ends up with a magic war. A citizen and a criminal will fight for their worlds. *** In a modern world surrounded by illegal magic...
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The Diary of a madames daughter  by DaQueen199
The Diary of a madames daughter by DaQueen199
The daughter of a famous London madam in 1805, Trudy has her family threatened by a hostile lord and his idea of a reformed London, with the help of equally scandalous f...
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Feeding Frenzy (Watty Award Winner) by MaajaWentz
Feeding Frenzy (Watty Award Winner)by Maaja Wentz
*Watty Winner* & *Featured Story* WITCHES - NECROMANCERS - INAPPROPRIATE TABLE MANNERS. The three-hundred-year-old town of Loon Lake looks calm as a pond, but below the...
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The Chicago Murders  by thecharnelraven
The Chicago Murders by m
A mysterious lady offers kids from bad homes new lives filled with whatever they desire . . . If they only commit the murders she plans. What starts as one murder leads...
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dante ━ remus lupin by angelicistic
dante ━ remus lupinby 𝒂𝒊𝒎𝒆𝒆
( not every flower belongs in every garden. ) DANTE. angelicistic, 2020.
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Society N by Raven1082
Society Nby Raven 1082
...A secret society, ransom gone wrong, and one man who's impossible to escape... ×××*_×◇×_*××× Jason's job is simple; kidnap a girl, hold her for ransom, and wait for S...
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Secret Agent Bark by renegade214
Secret Agent Barkby okechukwu lotanna
"The next generation of spies aren't human." Few years after a mad scientist cooks up a walking talking pig in his laboratory, a new organization of spies ri...
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The  Universal Protection Agency by AuthorNancyAnn
The Universal Protection Agencyby Nancy Ann
The Universal Protection Agency is a group of timing traveling aliens whose work created balance to the universe, or so they lead people to believe. Take a voyage with...
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The Serum by Lolpatties
The Serumby Whit
Autumn Halloway has always been fascinated with the supernatural. As a child, she dreamed of having powers that made her unstoppable. Little did she know that her friend...
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Cobweb Head by crispyavocado
Cobweb Headby Finn. C
Will hears things -- the fears and phobias of those around him. And when he's sent away to a foreign boarding school after an incident he caused with the new and dangero...
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