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That Twenty First Century Girl [Sebastian x Reader] by xXxYoursTrulyxX
That Twenty First Century Girl [ Selena
[Modern!Reader x Sebastian] (Y/n) is your typical, 21st century girl that gets stuck inside of the popular animation known as "Black Butler". The problem: the...
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"One hell of a lover" A Sebastian x Neko story. by gb_cosplay
"One hell of a lover" A gb_cosplay
Y/NLangfeild, A neko girl who was kicked out for being different had a tough time before two strange figures approached her, asking if they could help. Who knew that mee...
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His gypsy from lust and lies to love  by animeher
His gypsy from lust and lies to Animeher
My name is Chloe Silverado. I am a gypsy. Yes, that means I can see into the future. I travel the world and tell fortunes for a living. But after meeting a certain demo...
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𝗯𝗿𝗼𝗸𝗲𝗻 » 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻 by revelavi
𝗯𝗿𝗼𝗸𝗲𝗻 » 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻by 𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘀
𝐒𝐄𝐁𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐀𝐍 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐍 | ❝Think I could love you, but I'm not sure.❞
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Ailurophobe ((Black Butler)) by crispyink
Ailurophobe ((Black Butler))by Who? Idk
Black Butler Fanfiction Ciel Phantomhive x Neko! OC
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Midnight heat (Sebaciel) by Solangelo2820
Midnight heat (Sebaciel)by Emo yaoi lover
Ciel realizes his feelings for Sebastian as the horrible truth of being an omega hits him.... This will be an omegaverse ,smutty yaoi (boy x boy) fanfic. This is my fir...
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Crow and Cat (Sebastian x Neko!Reader) by MaxKattKiara
Crow and Cat (Sebastian x Neko! Shinigami_Psycho_Cat
Sebastian was on his way to the undertaker when he spotted a kitten wounded in an ally way. Being the cat lover he is, Sebastian takes the cat back to the mansion and fi...
Subject 17-22 (BLACK BUTLER) by MoonShadowWriting
Subject 17-22 (BLACK BUTLER)by MoonShadowWriting
A girl escapes her nightmare after being tested and used for 8 years. She meets a boy also with a troubled past, and his butler who claimed to be a demon seeking to devo...
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Demonic Love {Sebastian x Reader} by Baotoku
Demonic Love {Sebastian x Reader}by {Ari-Chan}
Hey! Just to let ya know, I do NOT own black butler in anyway, anyways! Please enjoy this, I'm working on it as hard as I can XD
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So The Games Begin  [Ciel x Reader x Sebastian] by x_Maddy_Massacre_x
So The Games Begin [Ciel x x_Maddy_Massacre_x
Ciel x Reader x Sebastian Black Butler --------------------------------- When Elizabeth brings her best friend (You) along to her stay at the Phantomhive Manor you find...
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euphoria, (sebastian stan) by hopewcrld
euphoria, (sebastian stan)by 💫
in which two actors made a mistake, but don't regret it. ( social media x real life ) hopewcrld | 2019
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The Evil Within Boyfriend Scenarios  by zombielover8469
The Evil Within Boyfriend zombielover8469
I love this game. Just, all time favorite. All the characters I adore. Leslie is to die for!!So why not make a scenario book?! It might not get many views but oh well. X...
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Fake boyfriends(Klaine/Glee) by MyLifeLivesHere
Fake boyfriends(Klaine/Glee)by Mercedes Wilson
Who knew accidentally switching phones would lead them into a fake relationship....but could it lead to something more? ••• Hey guys! I hope you like this story I don't...
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Your Heart, Your Soul ~Black Butler x Reader~ by mariahmusic
Your Heart, Your Soul ~Black Mariah
Y/N L/N, the Queens kitten, is asked to work on a case with the guard dog and the spider. What will happen when she meets Ciel, Alois, and their demon butlers? (Black bu...
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Is this love? (Black butler x modern reader) by xLlamaCornPotatox
Is this love? (Black butler x xSoph
(Y/n), A normal, anime obsessed girl. What happens when everyone from black butler comes bursting out of your tv? Will they fall in love with you? The bigger question is...
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Loving the Insane (Moriarty Fanfic) by amuu_chan
Loving the Insane (Moriarty Fanfic)by ^•^ autumn ^•^
"Punishment often increases feelings of estrangement and the power of resistance" When Carter Jones is acquainted with the infamous James Moriarty, she somehow...
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Black Butler X Neko Reader  by mysticwolf77
Black Butler X Neko Reader by mysticwolf77
All in the title
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One More Night (Klaine/Glee) by MyLifeLivesHere
One More Night (Klaine/Glee)by Mercedes Wilson
~COMPLETED~ Blaine Devon Anderson had it all. He was popular and dating the hottest girl in the school. However, not everything was as it seemed. Meanwhile, Kurt Hummel...
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MCU related memes by swiggilyswoothy
MCU related memesby Don’t yeet me
I've spent my whole life on the internet why not spend a little more time here Also if u own any of this feel free to tell me if u want me to take it down, and if u wann...
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ALL I WANT | Sebastian Stan by Kendall_023
ALL I WANT | Sebastian Stanby Kendall_023
"What a cliche to fall in love with your co-star" | dazhiddleston: social media seriously harms your mental health imsebastianstan: She's all I want
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