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Rami Malek/Characters Imagines by rami_malekfanfic
Rami Malek/Characters Imaginesby rykie dippenaar
Rami Imagines:
  • love
  • fiction
  • romance
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Behind Closed Gates | Watty Awards 2014 by LibbyBlake
Behind Closed Gates | Watty Awards...by Elizabeth H. Blake
The edited version of this story is published separately, you can find it in my profile. ~ The Central Park Zoo was a major attraction in America. There were monkey...
  • silver
  • royal
  • bella
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Broken Hope by AndriaGreenfield
Broken Hopeby Danni Greenfield
When 17 year old Willow Tarn is kidnapped, it is a fight for survival. Every night, one teen is killed, until one is left. Can the teens battle it out, or will there be...
  • willow
  • ben
  • elliot
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Blue by -help-needed-
Blueby చెత్త
"Did you know that in Indiana the color blue is thought to bring bad luck?" "No, but I do know that I don't know who you fucking...
  • blue
  • shitmongols
  • elliot
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Bully Turned Lover (BOY+BOY) by StorysLGBT
Bully Turned Lover (BOY+BOY)by StorysLGBT
  • elliot
  • awesome
  • lgbt
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Dalliance | punk lrh {on hiatus} by lukewhispers
Dalliance | punk lrh {on hiatus}by leanne
Dalliance: (noun) a casual romantic or sexual relationship.
  • 5sos
  • ashton
  • michael
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Invisible by Potterpuffles
Invisibleby The Best Hufflepuffs
My name is Melody, and I was created eleven years ago by Reese, when she was four. Now she's fifteen and I still haven't been forgotten. I don't think I will be for a lo...
  • imaginary
  • invisible
  • invisiblefriend
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The Simple Ode (Will Be Deleted or Rewritten) by KatouMiwa
The Simple Ode (Will Be Deleted or...by Sehasasherala
I sat in the teacher's staff room, spinning on an office chair with my hair flowing closely behind. Bored. If you saw me, you'd think I was in trouble because no one ste...
  • childhoodfriend
  • cassy
  • lila
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Noticing Normal  by karingheart
Noticing Normal by karingheart
"Choosing between love and meeting everyone's expectations, one of life's many battles." he chuckled. "Sucks to be you." -Elliot ___________ A...
  • love
  • life
  • normal
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Ask Karmen and Co by KarmezinoNegero
Ask Karmen and Coby Karmen
This is an ask book where you can ask and dare us, literally anything. -Characters: Karmezino Negero Rubyn Riggs Lucifer Smith Elliot River Christopher Anderson Prentiss...
  • bst
  • elliot
  • askusanything
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TwIsTeD cYnDeReLlA by kookikrisi
TwIsTeD cYnDeReLlAby Kriss-Ann Haughton
Being a rebel is nevr easy. There's always sumthin to destroy. try living as Cyn Charming, a rebel who has to deal with her life as a twsted version of Cinderella. Bring...
  • action
  • sing
  • bass
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seven regrets by jennaskook
seven regretsby jennaskook
Seven regrets, seven black balloons. Sent from a girl with tears in her eyes, they reach one person each. And as their secrets are gradually unraveled, the chosen seven...
  • darkness
  • scary
  • regrets
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Loose Pages by CGAgent
Loose Pagesby CGAgent
  • aaron
  • stephanie
  • emiy
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Law & Order:SVU : Fatal Attraction by Brinez18
Law & Order:SVU : Fatal Attractionby Brinez18
There's no secret that Elliot and Olivia had some sort of connection aside from the connection they protrayed while on the job investigating crime. In this story, Ellio...
  • order
  • love
  • svu
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forget me not [severe hiatus] by decemberance
forget me not [severe hiatus]by mar
Elliot Bridge is new in town: socially awkward, friendless, and an avid reader, he's not sure how to fit in at a "glamorous Californian school." Callida McAbra...
  • callida
  • mayden
  • niall
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His & Theirs by DDMorgan88
His & Theirsby Dallas Drew Morgan
Eleanor Harrison is a 19 year old university graduate, I know she's young, but she did graduate high school at 14. She works at a fashion agency she is a photographer fo...
  • mafia
  • seb
  • photographer
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