Black Butler x Child!reader by storylover687
Black Butler x Child!readerby storylover687
Ciel Phantomhive was doing paperwork when he suddenly got a letter from The Queen herself,she wanted Ciel to take care of 6 year old child who is her granddaughter.Ciel...
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  • cielphantomhive
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The Demon's Little Angel [ Black Butler Fanfic] by Hime_chan10
The Demon's Little Angel [ Black Morinozuka Hime
3/14/2017 - #926 IN FANFICTION, 3/15/2017 - #383 IN FANFICTION, 3/18/2017 - #175 IN FANFICTION Angelique Phantomhive is the only daughter of the late Earl Vincent Phanto...
  • sebastianmichaelis
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Familiar Faces [Alois x Reader x Ciel] by iSugarWarrior
Familiar Faces [Alois x Reader x $ωαgмα$тєя
"No leave me, he's going to come soon!" Tears clouded their eyes as they were forced to leave you, "But (Y/n)! -" Jim started. "Don't worry we'l...
  • aloisxreader
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One Hell of a Maid ~ Kuroshitsuji (Sebastian X Oc) by MasochisticMortician
One Hell of a Maid ~ mαsø¢hïstïc
Ciel Phantomhives father, Vincent Phantomhive, made a contract with a demon. Marrie Desdemona. Vincent wished for internal happiness for his family until the day he is...
  • romance
  • kuroshitsuji
  • blackbutler
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Ciel x Vampire! Reader by Empress_Sammy
Ciel x Vampire! Readerby Minmin♡
❝Can you love someone that is already dead?❞ (Ongoing)
  • cielphantomhive
  • claude
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☆ instagram ☆ - sebaciel by major__gays
☆ instagram ☆ - sebacielby gayeth ♡♤
A a young New York barista comes into contact with a scantily clad (and sexually confusing) male Instagram model. Flirtatious gestures, naughty photos, suggestive messag...
  • modernau
  • boylove
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Black Butler Parent Scenarios by lonelyywritersblog
Black Butler Parent Scenariosby Natalie <3
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the daughter of the queens watchdog, one hell of a butler, or a flamboyant grim reaper? Characters: -Ciel -Sebastian ...
  • williamspears
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The Crow and the Fox (Sebastian X Demon!Reader)  by TeamAlucard21
The Crow and the Fox (Sebastian Ɩıʑ ✨
{C O M P L E T E D} • • • • Lady Elizabeth would do anything to make her fiancée Ciel Phantomhive happy. Even make a contract to sell her soul with a female demon. (You)
  • reader
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  • blackbutler
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The Silver Fox- Black Butler Fanfic (COMPLETED) by Thetogetherwriters
The Silver Fox- Black Butler Thetogetherwriters
The sun beat down on my skin, my tattered clothes showed parts of skin that where exposed to it's harmful rays. My bare feet sunk into the ground, their angry screams ec...
  • grell
  • theundertaker
  • kuroshitsuji
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His Maid (Various Black Butler x Female!Reader) by AnnonymousGirl4842
His Maid (Various Black Butler x Annonymous Girl
[Ciel vs Sebastian vs Claude vs Alois x reader] Smart, strong-willed, kind and positive, (y/n) is loyal to her master, West Johnson. But when she bumps into a certain Ea...
  • love
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[HIATUS] Sapphire Turned Crimson - A SebaCiel Fanfic by Neko-Ereri
[HIATUS] Sapphire Turned Neko-Ereri
Little brothers, parents, plants, people... everyone is out to put an end to Ciel's happiness, it seems. What if, Ciel couldn't have an end? Warning: There is yaoi (boy...
  • blackbutler
  • kuroshitsuji
  • sebaciel
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The AOT Cast Is In My Room!? by Daytime-Dreamer
The AOT Cast Is In My Room!?by •ARMY•
So it was just a normal day for (Y/N), until she made a wish at a old wishing well and later the cast of AOT appear in her room! What happens when the people from a worl...
  • mikasaackerman
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Alois' Little Sister (Ciel x Reader) by Raphewel122
Alois' Little Sister (Ciel x Anime Fangirl
(Y/n) Trancy is Alois Trancy's little sister. Claude is their butler with Hannah and the Triplets for their other servants. But a ball comes around and (Y/n) meets Phant...
  • cielxreader
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Black Butler One-shots by riheichou
Black Butler One-shotsby SuperWhoPotterAvengeLockian A...
Just Black Butler one shots or two shots etc. May contain smutty chapters. Some x reader (malexmale girlxgirl or girlxboy) *Slow updates~sorry*
  • blackbutler
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His Fox, everlasting by Scarlet_Riddle
His Fox, everlastingby Scarlet_Riddle
This is Ashi. The second butler of Lord Phantomhive's manor. The well manored, tradtional, and strict man. Here he is to stay loyal, but even foxes have a michevious tra...
  • malereader
  • cielphantomhive
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A Demons Mate  by Yuyis213
A Demons Mate by Eve Michaelis
He knew his human form was appealing. People were so agreeable to the good-looking. His demon form would send them screaming, even though he thought it had it's own dar...
  • sebastian
  • blackbutler
  • undertaker
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Kuroshitsuji: The Contract from Birth [Ciel Phantomhive] by Fxrnxndxx
Kuroshitsuji: The Contract from ella .fasm
She never knew what it would be like to wonder about Heaven, or how it would be if she were to burn in Hell. Her soul was sold before her first breath, and it would be e...
  • generalfiction
  • mey-rin
  • fiction
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A Contract From Hell by cielishere
A Contract From Hellby Hereisciel
Just imagine what would happen if Black Butler was turned around. Demons got humans as servants. They made contracts with humans and the humans had to serve them in retu...
  • cielphantomhive
  • phantomhive
  • demon
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Yandere Alois X Reader by fanficwriter2333
Yandere Alois X Readerby Fanficton Writer
Alois Trancy, an english noble who refuses to do anything he is told finally meets his match. Y/n L/n, Y/n works as a succesful sales woman in the busy streets of London...
  • trancy
  • anime
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I WILL PROTECT YOU~ Black Butler x Demon Reader by demon_lizzy2004
I WILL PROTECT YOU~ Black Butler demon_lizzy2004
You are a demon. A demon that, unlike other demons, cares for human life. This all started when you made a contract with Vincent Phantomhive. He brought back your long l...
  • vincentphantomhive
  • kuroshitsuji
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