Sweet Seduction~ Black Butler x Reader Lemons (REQUESTS CLOSED) by SleepingDeath
Sweet Seduction~ Black Butler x Re...by §Lauren§
REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED A book full of smut and lemons mainly centred around a female reader and characters of either gender. Please note that I am very inexperien...
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Black Butler: The Reaper's wife by MilenaCranenigma
Black Butler: The Reaper's wifeby Raven
William T. Spears, an emotionless reaper, but when it comes to his Wife, Samantha, he'll do anything to protect her. Follow the series of Black Butler Season 1. Season 2...
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  • williamtspears
Soul Mates | Grim Reapers by beefy-vibe
Soul Mates | Grim Reapersby beef
A Grim Reaper must act professional, calm, never frightened when seeing death lie before them. However seeing a well beautiful women reaper, it can be hard to manage the...
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Kuroshitsuji Oneshot collection  by GrellsScarletTeacup
Kuroshitsuji Oneshot collection by Seeing Eternity Over The Reap...
Here I will be gathering all the Kuroshitsuji oneshots I've published and news I've written. Kuroshitsuji belongs to Toboso Yana-sensei ♥ Thank you for reading!
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love at first scythe?(William t. Spears X reader) by mrs_michaelis
love at first scythe?(William t. S...by mrs_michaelis
so, this is about you, the reader breaking off an engagement, to who i won't say. read to find out and, also falling for one of our favorite reapers, William t. spears ...
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Black Butler x Child!reader by storylover687
Black Butler x Child!readerby storylover687
Ciel Phantomhive was doing paperwork when he suddenly got a letter from The Queen herself,she wanted Ciel to take care of 6 year old child who is her granddaughter.Ciel...
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Kitty's 🐱( Black Butler X  Reader) Modern (AU)  by thirdprincesDilan
Kitty's 🐱( Black Butler X Reader...by thirdprincesDilan
Y/N is an ordinary 14 year old girl that love Anime and a big fan of Black Butler one day she stumbled on a box that is filed with adorable little Kittens that turns out...
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Black Butler boys X modern reader by GlazeyGlare
Black Butler boys X modern readerby Glazey
(DISSCLAIMER!!! i don't own Black butler............obviously........) "ITS FINE!!!!! NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG WHILE MY PARENTS ARE AWAY FOR SIX WEEKS...
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Black Butler Boyfriend Scenarios by DamnCasifer
Black Butler Boyfriend Scenariosby DamnCasifer
****ON HIATUS**** It says it all in the title. Alois, Ciel, Sebastian, Claude etc. REQUESTS CLOSED. Now on Quotev as well
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Another Contractor - Ciel X OC by Almost_otaku7
Another Contractor - Ciel X OCby Fujoshi/Fudanshi
The following story takes place in the Victorian Era. Elizabeth Midford does not exist, as it is a Ciel Phantomhive x OC story. Please note that this follows the plot of...
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The Modern World  || Black Butler by Ayaunicat
The Modern World || Black Butlerby 「Emon❀」
Dreaming of the Kuroshitsuji characters to land on your living room, clueless on their whereabouts? What happens when you, your brother and your best friend get dragged...
  • humor
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Black Butler Undertaker x Reader by SarcasticAlien103
Black Butler Undertaker x Readerby 🌟☄Moonchild 🍃🌙
(y/n) ran away from home, because her parents were abusive and mean. She was living on the streets of London until a young man by the name of Adrian had saved her. Disc...
  • xreader
  • alanhumphreys
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Seven Minutes in Heaven (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Edition) by charity_l_martin
Seven Minutes in Heaven (Black But...by Charity Leigh Martin
Seven minutes in heaven in the form of the anime of Black Butler. Note: Alois is 20 and Ciel is 21 in this fanfiction. Just have fun and use your imagination as you go...
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Black Butler X Reader [Friends On The Other Side] by Kamiria
Black Butler X Reader [Friends On...by ♔Եհҽ Եհíҽƒ զմҽҽղ♔
Please read the description! [Black Butler X Female Reader] (Y/N) = Your Name (L/N) = Last Name (E/C) = Eye Color (H/C) = Hair Color (H/L) = Hair length (Y/N) (L/N) has...
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Black Butler One Shots/Preferences by theuniquewriter13
Black Butler One Shots/Preferencesby Kailyn✨
The title says it all lmao. Well I hope you guys will like it! {In the process, so this is not a discontinued book, I just started lmao.}
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mayordomo acosado by schrodinguer
mayordomo acosadoby schrodinguer
grell sutcliff, mayordomo de angelina durless....se vera en una situacion muy penosa...y es que es acosado constantemente debido asu personalidad sumisa y timida....que...
  • sebastianmichalies
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Dark Wings『Black Butler X Male! Reader Insert』 by HackedVision000
Dark Wings『Black Butler X Male! Re...by Vision000
What the title says...
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The Butlers X Demon!Reader X The Reapers by 1ssa-Otaku-Mayu
The Butlers X Demon!Reader X The R...by Alpha_Bear
(Edits were done by me; the photos used here goes to their rightful owners) --- Lizzy came over to the Phantomhive manor to visit Ciel. An unexpected stranger came to se...
  • claudefaustus
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✣Kuro High✣ (Black Butler x Reader) by chenevrey7
✣Kuro High✣ (Black Butler x Reader)by chenevrey7
(Y/N) is a young student at Kuro High in her last year. She has no friends because of her shy personality and is bullied by some students. On her first day of a new scho...
  • romance
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not the same ( black butler x child reader ) by shadowdemon416
not the same ( black butler x chil...by shadow~chan
ciel is a young boy who lost his family in a mansion fire . he lost his mother and father and it was blasted through out the news . the thing was there was a 6 year old...
  • adventure
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