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Experiment: HS by bellamy_bell_blake
Experiment: HSby Lauren Anne Styles ;)
He was once an experiment. Now, she is his.
Death Doesn't Due Us Part (Haunted) by gymnast17
Death Doesn't Due Us Part (Haunted)by Nickie
Any girl of sixteen always dreams of getting her first "serious" boyfriend. So she can actually experience the hard grip of true love. But Miss Victoria Night...
Time of a life at school by AngelQuinteroYT
Time of a life at schoolby ANGEL QUINTERO BERRELLEZA
Haunted school bus takes a kid to die in the middle of a forest 🌳.
Me&My Mom by constancesanders603
Me&My Momby constancesanders603
This book is kinda like Nicki Minaj and finding her daughter through dreams... mines might be a little different but if u haven read it already hear is the book im basin...
Would You Rather? by canUnot2mp
Would You Rather?by canUnot2mp
This does contain cuss words, violence, behavior and a little bit of sexual behavior.
kidnapped by maddyrenae34
kidnappedby maddyrenae34
a girl gets kidnapped walking home from her friends house all while falling in love
The Hunt by DianersteRoss
The Huntby DianersteRoss
(Number 1 vote) The Hunt is about, A girl name Kim, was very curious about ever little thing. Kim keep thinking she have crazy dream, but they not. They are premonitio...
I Lived by Lia_domhoff14
I Livedby Lia_domhoff14
I'm the lucky one in my family . My mom and dad fight and my older sister died in a car crash cause of some stupid idiot. I thought it was bad luck. I have this little p...
The World Below | Several Short Stories by Mouse444
The World Below | Several Short Mouse
This a story full of horror flics. If you want to read some nice horror then this is the book for you.
Knocking At My window by cloe5000
Knocking At My windowby cloe5000
its about a scary scare crow knocking at my window
The Question of "Y" by SteamBunWaifu
The Question of "Y"by BbNikki
The world is a dark and twisted place filled with filthy people. The innocent are hunted and fed on by the cruel and heartless fiends of society. Cruel people deserve to...
The story of Harrison! by nwal01
The story of Harrison!by nwal01
Harrison is a young child one day he stumbles and falls what happens next read to find out.
Five nights at freddys by Gorgia1taylor2
Five nights at freddysby Gorgia1taylor2
This story well be about freddy and his gang and foxy and emma and foxy and emma become best friends thats all i am going to say now because i dont what to spole the bo...
Queen Of Darkness by purdygirl1698
Queen Of Darknessby purdygirl1698
chilling thought in my head
The 4 sadists by watsongirl465
The 4 sadistsby watsongirl465
Hello everyone This book is a creepypasta DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASILY JUDGEMENTAL reason being is that this is my first creepypasta book when I first saw a creepy past...