Nikita of the Kiriyu[Naruto Fan fiction]

Nikita of the Kiriyu[Naruto Fan fiction]

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Sakura_Sky By Valerie_Satomi Updated Aug 09

She was a girl that seen and felt pain.

Her family, her clan, her friends. All of them...Died.

It was a miracle that she still has a will to live. Others could have just committed suicide but she did not.

She remember her mother's touch and his parents smiling face. The clan member greeting her with a cheerful tone. Her friends fetching her to play at the ocean.

Why can't everything be like the same?

That is when she found Konoha a village she will protect and learn to love together with her new big and weird family.

Konoha is my home, my family I shall protect.

Who is this brave girl?

Nikita Satomi

She was said to be lazy but serious. She seems just like your average girl but in reality she is a special one. She looks like she doesn't know anything but she seems to see everything clearly.

Join her as she become Konoha's Angel of the night...

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO, Credits to the rightful owner's/companies.

Credits to the creator of Naruto Misashi Kishimoto

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