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Hatake Kakashi X OC by SakuraAce13
Hatake Kakashi X OCby SakuraAce13
Story of Sarutobi Michiko (OC) and the love of her life Hatake Kakashi. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the char...
|姉|Naruto Fanfic| by mariru_san
|姉|Naruto Fanfic|by Mari/Iru
A tragedy it was. That by the age of four, Uzumaki Midori lost her parents, leaving her behind with her younger brother, Uzumaki Naruto. But that was only the start of h...
Lonely Butterfly (Naruto) by inegrete
Lonely Butterfly (Naruto)by Teddy
Another Uchiha? Impossible? No. This the story of Obito Uchiha's daughter, Akira Uchiha. I DO NOT OWN NARUTO. IF I DID MY LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER. [NOT GOING TO CON...
Spawn of Kakashi by LadyLaniy275
Spawn of Kakashiby LadyLaniy
Kakashi is fighting for custody of his daughter against his evil ex crazy girlfriend (I have this story on my quotev account too)
Uchiha Saori - Itachi Love Story by laurenlopes67
Uchiha Saori - Itachi Love Storyby laurenlopes67
Come and get to know Uchiha Saori! She's funny, happy person and gets extremely aggressive when people trash talk the people she cares about. She has no family left, her...
Kakashi's Lollita by Chocochibi
Kakashi's Lollitaby choco_late~
According to the anime plot with my own modifications. Kakashi X lollita oc She's wilful and she loves mushrooms Sequel : In the next life... I'll still be your lollita ...
The Ice Bird ~ Hyuga Neji (Short Fanfiction) by TheFemaleGrinch
The Ice Bird ~ Hyuga Neji (Short F...by ♡
Yuki Kotori has secretly been madly in love with Hyuga Neji since the Genin days. Now as respectable Jonin, what will happen when Kotori and Neji are sent on a mission...
My father is... Who? by TsunamiCrash
My father is... Who?by Local Weeb
Daitan is a 13 year old girl that travels the world. It is a hard journey, mostly considering her age, but it's a walk through the park because she has been doing this f...
Business that's all that matters [Kakashi Hatake x Oc] by Ayumi-senpai
Business that's all that matters [...by Ayumi-senpai
Ayumi Kami a rich business woman falls in love with a Bartender? Find out in the little love story between Ayumi Kami and Kakashi Hatake. 17# kakashihatake
Live in the Naruto World? So what? I DON'T GIVE A FREAKING DAMN! (Naruto Fanfic) by amollide8
Live in the Naruto World? So what...by ~AJ~
The typical story when it comes to a Naruto Fanfic is when a certain OC is stuck in the Naruto world, PLUS that OC is a CERTIFIED NARUTO FANATIC. But what about some tw...
More than a student! (KakashiXreader) by somefreakywriter
More than a student! (KakashiXread...by somefreakywriter
all you want is for him to notice you, not as a student, but as something MORE. --"notice me sensei~"
Adventurous Reunion (Naruto Fanfiction) by NightOfHappyLight
Adventurous Reunion (Naruto Fanfic...by SN
A second before they died, the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hokage were being brought to another dimension with time-and-space jutsu. As well as The Fifth until Seve...
Hatake Kaoru - The Copy Cat Ninja Daughter (Sasuke Love Story) by laurenlopes67
Hatake Kaoru - The Copy Cat Ninja...by laurenlopes67
Kaoru grew up in Konoha with her mother and father this being Hatake Kakashi the famous copy cat ninja. She was an happy and gigly child who become friends with Uzumaki...
A Hole in One's Heart [Kakashi Hatake] by HopelessHatake
A Hole in One's Heart [Kakashi Hat...by Anna Blue
The hole in someone's heart can be physical like a kunai wound, but it can also be unseen. [Eventual Kakashi Hatake x OC] This story contains: occasional language, viol...
blind kunoichi (remade) by Chocochibi
blind kunoichi (remade)by choco_late~
I thought that my made story of 'kakashi's love story: the blind kunoichi' wasn't that good. Or rather wasn't the best. This is what I wanted to do. remake. hope you gu...
Chasing Smoke by RulerOfCats
Chasing Smokeby Ul'Yana Volkov
The moment she realized her life was in danger she ran. It was cowardly, but Anomie wasn't one to fight and she wasn't one to die. But cowardice didn't matter when the w...
the ice queen | hatake kakashi by nu-clear
the ice queen | hatake kakashiby crystal
She didn't expect her return to Konoha to change her life at all. Especially the fact that her deepest secret was about to be exposed. [COMPLETE] a kakashi x oc story D...
The Last Sasaki - Sequel of Hatake Kaoru - The Copy Cat Ninja Daughter by laurenlopes67
The Last Sasaki - Sequel of Hatake...by laurenlopes67
Naruto has returned to Konoha and so has Kaoru, the difference is that she's an Anbu now and has been on lots of missions alone. Is she the same? Did she kept her promi...
Shadow of the Night by HannaFeatured
Shadow of the Nightby Hanna
'Her heart beat fast as she ran through the woods, moonlight casting shadows of trees in her path. The only noise was the soft sounds of the women's feet as they sprinte...
Jinchuriki of Water (Shikamaru Love Story) by KatieNara
Jinchuriki of Water (Shikamaru Lov...by Kaida Morino
Kaida Morino Yoso is my name. Yeah, I've got two clan names but my dad, Ibiki Morino, doesn't know that I exist. I'm a guardian (I have the water dragon Suiro sealed ins...