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WAITING FOR SALMA by immie_writes
A million years ... Or more, I could wait forever and ever ... And if she died, I'd wait for afterlife. ⚠️ Warning⚠️: This book contains mature and sensitive content.
Kareena: Remorseful Pain  by yuki_happiness
Kareena: Remorseful Pain by yuki_happiness
Two best friends live in a same house after the transfer of one of the girls parents to abroad. The relation they were cherishing before slowly and gradually turns out t...
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For some reasons☆(completed) by Naimahtullah_sirboh
For some reasons☆(completed)by Naimahtullah_sirboh
Jamal Adam deen,a twenty-two year old,a heir to his father's company but his parents want to see their grandchildren most especially his father who has fatal illness.bu...
Sims4 Imagines, Scenarios, Preference ♥️ by ChiguenNuggetz
Sims4 Imagines, Scenarios, @Fluffystories
imagines and scenarios from Clare's Sims series broken dream,Suburbs,dream house,cats and dogs, In the city ♥️ Request possible 💖
SENDU by MaulaIndahIndah
SENDUby Maula Indah Tiara
Raina Anastasya,seorang gadis SMA yang terkenal kecantikannya. Bukan hanya itu Raina adalah sosok yang sangat supel kepada siapa saja. Juga pintar dal...
List Of Creepypasta and Their Catchphrase by Just_ar1anna
List Of Creepypasta and Their Ar1anna
The arts isn't mine and the cover too. These are what I found from google and have many/some/a lot of their image.
magic kingdom by maan44
magic kingdomby Řāĥma ĤôŘan
ويندى..ويندى جون باركر فتاه الثمانيه عشر كانت حياتى مثاليه جدا حتى ذهبت لهذه المملكة السحريه قطط و صخور متكلمه , ساحرات , مصاصى دماء .... عالم اغرب من ما نتخيل كل واحد...
Truth or dare (dangerous) by Death1Hell2
Truth or dare (dangerous)by Death1Hell2
They thought it was going to be a normal game of truth or dare, with a few new campers... They were wrong!
A brave man's death. by bornxbyxaccident
A brave man's bornxbyxaccident
Real story. Enjoy.
TEN REASONS by stanchogimin
TEN REASONSby stanchogimin
ten reasons to love salma
girl changed.... by crazyxxd
girl Nadin Atia
there was a young beautiful singer and very good song writer she was sweat and kind and calm and she never been funny but we liked her she was "hayley dreft". ...
Love by Ello_itzmari
Loveby Mari🥀
A Love story of Salma and Adrean❤️ (Based on a true story)
Review of Mystery books by Booksalma
Review of Mystery booksby Booksalma
I will put all my reviews about mystery books right here. Please leave some comments about how you find my style, and if you have any suggestions that may help me to adv...
Roleplay with my scenarios by _pastel_cutie_
Roleplay with my scenariosby ᄃム刀'イ W乇 ムレレ フひ丂イ 乃乇 んムアアリ?
If you can understand what i've typed here, you're a god... Or you just make as little sense as i do XD
vampire fun: whith lots of blood by Angle_wolf
vampire fun: whith lots of bloodby Angle_wolf
theres a girl named scarlet and she goes on a adventure as wild as my imagination could go plus iam a kid who is 12 so ive got a pretty big imagination yeah. she well I...
SALMA by KhadijaSamaila
SALMAby Khadija Samaila
Is about a girl called ummisalma
Drink It Off; Vanilla Latte-njm by nisa_yaaaa
Drink It Off; Vanilla Latte-njmby viruet
"Gue bingung deh sama lo, sebenernya lo tuh bisa gak sih bedain mana yang dimaksud suka dan kagum sesaat?" "Sebenarnya kita itu sama-sama suka, aku suka k...