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Our Fate. by Proud-To-Be-Muslim
Our Maddy.!
[ Ranking on No. 2 . 01/05/22] "We are Married" Three words break everything in Khadija life. How easy it was to break wedding before the actual date? What wil...
Just the two of us (EDITING)✔️ by qaheesha
Just the two of us (EDITING)✔️by Keey_keey🥶
"There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be..." "This story is a gripping tale of desire , jealousy , and unforgettable characters as...
Love Chemistry{Unedited}•• by Jatuuuu_
Love Chemistry{Unedited}••by khadijatu💙
It was hatred at first sight.khadija Bashir hates everything about the arrogant rich boy Aslam. The feeling is mutual as Aslam vows to make her life a living hell as lo...
Khadija by sadboyhours4949
Khadijaby b e b e c i t a
Amira Kassab is a lucky woman. By the age of 21, she had a high paying New York City job, citizenship papers underway, and a millionaire fiance all to herself. They tho...
My Hijab Story (COMPLETED) by IcyOrchid
My Hijab Story (COMPLETED)by Wren
(ROUGH BADLY EDITED DRAFT <3) My name is Khadija and I am a Muslim girl. My life was normal. As average as anyone else's, until I donned the hijab. The hijab is a...
One-Shot Stories. by Proud-To-Be-Muslim
One-Shot Maddy.!
This is completely a request book. In this book you will read whatever you request me to write about my completed stories. As for my other stories when they were complet...
~khadija~ by the_hbs
~khadija~by the_hbs
Khadija Barboza prénommée Dija est une jeune fille âgée de 18ans et Orpheline de père à l'âge de 15ans . Avec sa meilleure amie Dominique Diaw , amies depuis les couches...
HUSNA KO HUZNA by MaryamUmar
labarin wasu tagwaye Masu dauke da abun al'ajabi rikita rikita fadakarwa tare da ban dariya hade da wata irin rikitacciyar soyayya ,
Arranged Marriage by Safa117
Arranged Marriageby safa </3
--TWs BELOW-- Abdullah and Khadija have been best friends since they were six. Now, their parents are trying to marry them off to different people. Abdullah to a woman t...
AREEF by ramcy__
AREEFby ramcy__
This is a love Nd romantic story for adult🔞
Idiomatic  by Muhammad_Asad
Idiomatic by MuhammadAsad
Women is the women in Islam. From the Eve('a) and Mary('a) to the Khadija('a) and Fatima('a) the holy ladies are no match to anyone.
Ride or Die by thotslayer
Ride or Dieby thotslayer
A girl name Khadija who live in the hood and will do anything to make the money and keep a roof over her head..... but little does she know she will take chance at love.
My Islamic Primer for You - Some Answers for My Friends by LOSTgnosis
My Islamic Primer for You - Some Steven Thomas Bock
My Islamic primer from my religious studies course on Islam. Had to write a 5 to 7 pages primer on Islam for someone not familiar with Islam in double space 12 point Tim...
Raah e khuda✔ by minahil2006
Raah e khuda✔by MinahilAsif
This is the story of two girls. How they changed their life completely? Wasl say asel bhaid tk ki kahaany. Khuda say khuda tak ki kahaany. Raah e khuda ki kahani Enjoy t...
Khadija Najma fell, she fell hard and deep. She loved the man who doesn't care, she fell in love but she fell in unrequited, unreciprocated, unwanted love with the crown...
My Choice  by Athiyyahm
My Choice by Athiyyahm
siyama :Daddy i want to talk to you 😯 Dad : is it about that guy😕 siyama:yes (slowly nodding my head)😳 Dad : i have already told your mom who I've choosing for u, and...
Words of Swords by -lady-imperfecti-
Words of Swordsby Fatima J.
The rain had felled its final drops Pulling the last of its liquid ropes Up the savannah and eloping away with the season Till it's next visit it crowns this kingdom bar...