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My Saiyan Academia by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
My Saiyan Academiaby Fire Hero: Inferno
What happens if right before the fight against All for One, Izuku dreamt of his real father? An immortal warrior who has been alive since the 2000s. What happens if Ocha...
Dark legacy  by DJMM15
Dark legacy by Vortex’s Multiverse
The story of a god named Zamasu who wahted nothing but "true divine Justice" and he almost achieved it after taking the body of universe seven's Son Goku and w...
saiyan of universe prime by DiarcyWalker
saiyan of universe primeby king the conquerer
After defeating demigra, the timepatroller known as Raekoar got trapped inside the void of time. however, he discovered a way out by separating his self with a duplicate...
Dragon Ball Z: Paradise Found by CaptainClaymore
Dragon Ball Z: Paradise Foundby CaptainClaymore
A sequel to Dragon Ball: Paradise Lost that covers the Z portion of the story. Just like Heaven became lost to those that perished in Paradise Lost, this book will cover...
BEERUS'S STRONGEST RIVAL (dbs fanfic) by OkraTheSinOfWriting
this fanfic replaces monaka with my O.C Simon a saiyan raised by Whis and Beerus and the other angels, kai's and some other destroyers
Dragon Ball GT Super DxD by _Ray_Light_
Dragon Ball GT Super DxDby Ray Mendez
(Takes place during GT and will lead into Super) Omega Shenron has been born, he has defeated Goku and Vegeta, right now many are trying to stall him to come up with a...
Rise Of The Super Warriors [Dragon Ball Infinite] by Kuroki_Tomoko24
Rise Of The Super Warriors [ Tomoko Kuroki
There's so many timelines and many different dimensions put there. Millions upon Billions of Universes, thats all full of mysteries. What if I tell you that in this univ...
Cell's Maximum Copy! by AuthorDeadpool
Cell's Maximum Copy!by Dylan Robbins
A man gets reborn into the Dragon Ball realm as Cell's clone from Super but start out as a Imperfect Model and stable, will he reach Perfection and help the heroes or wi...
The Feelings (GokuxTurles) by Demon_65
The Feelings (GokuxTurles)by Demon
Goku wishes for Planet Vegeta and every Saiyan that was killed by Frieza or his henchmen were back by using the Dragon Balls and its granted but with that wish King Veg...
Fairy Tail : Kakarot by ChildOfBeast13
Fairy Tail : Kakarotby Sage of the 6 sayians
The Fiore Kingdom. A neutral country with a population of 17 million. It is a world of magic. Magic is bought and sold there like anything else, and is deeply ingrained...
The Story of Katarina, the Saiyan Girl [DBZ Awards] by KatarinaTheSaiyan
The Story of Katarina, the Katarina ♡
My name is Akari . Well my Saiyan name is Katarina and thats what I have lately been called... I am the twin sister of Goku, and I am a Saiyan. Many things have happened...
{Hybrid Saiyan of Kouh} DXD X Female Hybrid Saiyan Dragonball X DxD Crossover  by MommyArlecchino
{Hybrid Saiyan of Kouh} DXD X 1-800-CHOKE-THAT-HOE
After the death of her father during the cell games, Son Golin along with her older brother Gohan and their mother Chi-chi move away from west city to Japan. One day whi...
Saiyan Princess's Servant ( Male Reader x female Vegeta )  by Smokey_Saiyan
Saiyan Princess's Servant ( Male The Blazing Sword
Y/n L/n is a Saiyan born of a noble family loyal to the royal family of Vegeta, and the young Saiyan is charged with the role of being Princess Vegeena's bodyguard.
Aspara The Legendary Super Saiyan  by CritzFD
Aspara The Legendary Super Saiyan by Critz
Follow the journey of my Oc Aspara, the 1st child of Bardock, into many trials and adventures which will contain fluff and wholesomeness but also angst and drama! Dragon...
Finding Hope by Oh_JiminV
Finding Hopeby Alexis Scott
A young girl from the same future as future Trunks has to deal with the death of her father. Her older brother trains her but is soon killed by the androids after a shor...
The Third Saiyan by ArcticFox20
The Third Saiyanby Lone Wanderer
What if Vegeta and Goku weren't the only two Saiyan children to escape? What if a third Saiyan born a few years before Goku was dispatched to Earth? Follow the journey o...
Bright Eyes by Vino-Lilly
Bright Eyesby Vino-Lilly
Gine is forced to become a warrior. She ends up on Bardock's team. Can Bardock make a warrior out of the girl with the bright eyes? She drives him to madness, but in wha...
Female Goku x Male Reader: Love of a Saiyan  by UncleGut
Female Goku x Male Reader: Love Smokey
A young saiyan at the age of 18 wanders through the forest thinking he could expect anything. But he wasn't expecting to meet the most important thing in his life
My One True Love, Trunks Briefs by Shinedownlover560
My One True Love, Trunks Briefsby Emu
Rosamoona Hokusai is as normal as a Half-Human, Half-Saiyan child could be. She and her parents (Goku and Chi-Chi), her brothers (Gohan, and Goten), her sister-in-law (V...
A Mother's Touch (DBZ fanfic) by HannahNealey
A Mother's Touch (DBZ fanfic)by Goku! (◕‿◕✿)
The story changes when Gine escapes planet Vegeta with her son Goku. Watch how different the storyline and how much a mother will be able to change the outcomes of her s...