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Dare to Love Her | Michaeng by Deukaesido
Dare to Love Her | Michaengby Deukaesido
Chaeyoung turned around and saw this girl all angry staring attentively at her from head to toe. Judging her look. "How are you a girl?" She demanded. "...
LOVE FOOLISH (m.sn x reader) by YUNHAGAEEE
LOVE FOOLISH (m.sn x reader)by dedicatedtosana
In which, Momo dares Sana to have Y/N fall in love with her. - but it seems like someone else has other plans. - - - - WARNING : very gay 😂
kiss me more | minatozaki sana by ishikeio
kiss me more | minatozaki sanaby keishi
Being a part of the biggest mafias in Tokyo is certainly not good. Especially when you had a one night stand with the princess of the country. sana x fem reader | smut a...
Love is blind  by ChaeIzza
Love is blind by ChaeIzza
Minatozaki Sana is the sweetest person even though there was tragedy happened in her life that change her life forever. She kept strong and brave. But, deep inside she a...
Porn Star | MN.SANA by minachips
Porn Star | MN.SANAby sae
‹ a heart-breaking, lustful story of an actress and her camera-woman.
My Savage Yoda (Twice Fanfic) by mysteriousoncebuddy
My Savage Yoda (Twice Fanfic)by mysteriousoncebuddy
You were attending a Twice concert on behalf of your idol sister, Eunha from GFriend so she could see her friend Sana. You were then taken backstage with her and was abl...
My Bestfriend M.S. || SANA X READER (Female) [COMPLETED] by ratedtzuyu
My Bestfriend M.S. || SANA X READE...by ratedtzuyu
[COMPLETED] Falling inlove with your BESTFRIEND is pretty normal and it's fine, right? - Started: October 2, 2019 Ended: April 17, 2020
Chasing You || SaTzu by perciixx
Chasing You || SaTzuby Percy 🚩
This story talks about two teenagers who deal with love in their own way. One, Minatozaki Sana, she is someone who is not fond of anything that matters about the heart...
I'm Her Manager || Sana X Reader (Female) ✔ by MyBabyNayeon
I'm Her Manager || Sana X Reader (...by .
[COMPLETED] What happened if you be Minatozaki Sana's manager? Read to find out Highest ranking #1 in nayeon #2 in mina ...
Eyes [TWICE, YOU, IU, Taeyeon]  by anon_de_bracket
Eyes [TWICE, YOU, IU, Taeyeon] by Bracket
Kang Y/n is a girl, that got haphephobia due to her abusive family. She is beautiful and a warm hearted person. Even with an abusive parents, she was very optimistic. Bu...
Saida | Smuts  by penguinlover_cubs
Saida | Smuts by twice’slavender
Twice's Sana and Dahyun Smuts / Oneshots Occasional Michaeng 18+ ⚠️ Contains Mostly Dahyun G!P ‼️ S : 3/07/21
Secrets || Nayeon x Reader (Female) by ratedtzuyu
Secrets || Nayeon x Reader (Female)by ratedtzuyu
Just a very short story, with secrets. (sorry for the cover lol too lazy to make an edit SKSKSKSKSKSK)
✎ About us [j.jk & m.sn] by q7eulahia
✎ About us [j.jk & m.sn]by Aelihae
"I turned blind in love because of her." Is this thing called love too good to be true? Was there of our love the right timing? Jeon Jungkook living in his lif...
SHE'S MINE - SATZU #1 by sweetlittleCub
What will happened if LOVE and HATE collides 🙂❤️ #SATZU
My Nerdy Dahyunnie || Saida Fanfic by Kim_ShibsTofu
My Nerdy Dahyunnie || Saida Fanficby Saida
Minatozaki Sana, the girl who literally has everything. She is rich, popular, loved by many people but not that good in studying. She then met Kim Dahyun, the opposite o...
One In A Million | TWICE x Original Male Character by LTK1031
One In A Million | TWICE x Origina...by LTK1031
One in a million: something or someone very special, extraordinarily rare. Something many in the entertainment industry are told and believe. But what about us normal fo...
The Heiress || MSN by PingooPot
The Heiress || MSNby Pin
Minatozaki Sana, daughter to a business giant, and Y/n who has the opposite status met and went to the same high school where hierarchy existed. Does having a different...
Annoyed ||  SaTzu  || by Chris_Debs
Annoyed || SaTzu ||by Nayeonie’s_Maid
"Annoying you is my happiness." "If annoying me is your happiness, then I'll let you annoy me" P.s:Wrong grammars ahead! 'Cuz I'm just a beginner in...
𝐀 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐬... (𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐊𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐅𝐅) by XxYuminxX
𝐀 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐬...by 최 유민
Jeon Jungkook and his cousin Minatozaki Sana are known as the most feared students in Black Rose Academy as they were discribed as the Devils of their school... they're...
bestfriends » samo [√] by AIKAHIRAISSI
bestfriends » samo [√]by ≠
[ english | epistolary | narrative ] ❝in which sana fell in love with the wrong person, her bestfriend.❞ "I love you, Momo. But not as a friend." - Minatozaki...