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𝐰𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐧𝐮𝐧𝐛𝐞𝐫; cameron boyce by sikeuzi
𝐰𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐧𝐮𝐧𝐛𝐞𝐫; cameron sikeuzi
under construction so what I'm hearing is.. no head?
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His Dove  by RabbitUpsidedown
His Dove by Rabbit Upsidedown
Lucius Ace Romano, a 23 year old, hot bachelor of Newyork, CEO of Romano enterprises and a billionare. He is not a playboy. He started his company from scratch and now h...
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Night Changes || Edward Cullen  by kirapaynex
Night Changes || Edward Cullen by Kira Alice ✿
What is Edward never came back to Bella? What if he stayed hidden, only leaving his apartment to hunt at night? It takes years for him to finally venture out. And then h...
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Mal's Little Sister (Harry Hook) by -anonymous_fangirls-
Mal's Little Sister (Harry Hook)by Currently fangirling
Melanie never really fit in with her family, yes her mother is Maleficent but since being stuck on the island it is as if nobody is truly evil anymore. Until Melanie was...
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Unsteady  » Peter Parker by Starksparker
Unsteady » Peter Parkerby Kaylee
Ajax is just a junior in high school, just there to get in and get out. She keeps to herself and stays behind the scenes but that changes when she's assigned to work wit...
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Blink 🌀 Jason Todd 🌀 ( TITANS ) by Bi-Butterfly13
Blink 🌀 Jason Todd 🌀 ( TITANS )by Arixa
A boy teleports into the Wayne Manor by accident and finds himself in the presence of the one and only Jason Todd. ____________________ Jason Todd x (male) oc Season 1...
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mended 🕷️ peter parker [3] by apxrez
mended 🕷️ peter parker [3]by Alba
The world has been saved but everybody lost something in the process. Jessica and Peter face the aftermath of losing someone very important in their lives as they encoun...
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Descendants 4 [COMPLETED] by dontcallmehangel_
Descendants 4 [COMPLETED]by —Yuri™
The barrier of auradon is opened forever and the kids of the isle uma, Harry and Gil get a chance as well as other isle of the lost kids to go to school in auradon and h...
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Son of a Enchantress-Descendants OCxOC by youngprincesskid
Son of a Enchantress-Descendants Charlotte Connor
A LOT OF TYPOS! Son of a woman that destroyed the Princes life.Daughter of a King that got his life back the night the almost lost the love of his life.When he comes wit...
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𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐍 ━ jack dunkleman! by -EUPHORICS-
𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐍 ━ jack dunkleman!by 𝐊.
"it's totally normal...right?" in which the world's deadliest teen assassin goes to school in new orleans and takes an interest in the boy who carries his book...
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The Players (Sirius Black) *COMPLETED* by awakeninq
The Players (Sirius Black) * michelle
{COMPLETED} "So... you'll wait for me?" "Always." Scarlett Dove; Player, Gryffindor, equivalent of Sirius Black Sirius Black; Player, Gryffindor, equ...
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INNOCENCE | Dick Grayson  by KallistaLove
INNOCENCE | Dick Grayson by ᏦᎪᏞ
• the first causality of war is innocence • TITANS SEASON 1 - 2 DICK GRAYSON X FEMALE OC JASON TODD X MALE OC KALLISTABECKER started / November 2019 ended /
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Worlds ✧ T.H  by writtenawayx
Worlds ✧ T.H by writtenawayx
"You showed me what I couldn't find, when two different words collide." [Tom Holland x OC] [Social Media] [TRIGGER WARNING: sexual assault, body insecurities...
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To Our Future ~ watching descendants 3 ~  by dovesmeep
To Our Future ~ watching Carina 💜🐉
The cast of Descendants 1 and 2 watch the new Descendants trailer to see a glimpse of their future!
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Number Eight [Peter Parker] by starry-kingdom
Number Eight [Peter Parker]by starry-kingdom
At the age of five Christiana and her seven siblings were sent to earth after the Gorgonians attacked their home planet.Now ten years later,she's still on the run from t...
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New Style, New Destiny by luvwarriorcats13
New Style, New Destinyby luvwarriorcats13
Book one of the 'New Destiny' series 'Every villain child has great weight on their shoulders, on their 18th birthday they found out their destiny in a dream and only se...
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My Beautiful Snowflake (Sasuke Love Story)  by euphoreinne
My Beautiful Snowflake (Sasuke Euphoric Reinne
Naruto Fanfiction. Sasuke Love Story. She is a beautiful girl with hair as white as snow, but also has an unknown illness which makes her cough up blood every now and t...
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Happily (n)ever after||Harry Hook x oc||book three  by alilbitneedy
Happily (n)ever after||Harry ♡
The villains want revenge. And they want it now. Will Chloe and Harry ever get their happy ever after? •READ GOT ME HOOKED AND HOOKED ON YOU FIRST• A/N; I don't own desc...
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My Dove by TurningTime
My Doveby A
"The Greeks had their own gods and goddesses." Draco smiled. "They did." I wondered where he was going with this. "The goddess of love...
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Mi sexy vecina-DOFIA--Adaptada-[TERMINADA] by dofiaandmevieshipper
Mi sexy vecina-DOFIA--Adaptada-[ dofiaandmevieshipper
Cuando Dove Cameron abrió la puerta no pudo evitar fijarse en los increíbles ojos, la sensual boca, y el maravilloso cuerpo de su visitante. Tampoco pudo evitar ver... ¡...
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