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Trapped In The Underwater Room (2D x Reader) by _KayleeLovesMusic_
Trapped In The Underwater Room (2D...by 🖤Kaylee🖤
You and 2D were kidnapped by Murdoc and were forced to stay in an underwater room and record the 3rd Gorillaz album. This story takes place during phase 3 of the Gorill...
Melancholy to Love (2d x reader) by dannielajuliet
Melancholy to Love (2d x reader)by danniela
"It'll be alright in the end, and if it's not alright it's not the end." - 2-D (!WARNING!) (!This story involves smut!) This is my first ever fan fiction/ watt...
2D x reader: promised by flyingmonsters
2D x reader: promisedby flyingmonsters
Y/n was promised to marry Tom since a kid. But she moves away and leaves her childhood love behind. Tom promises that he will find her and that they still would get mar...
Trapped {2D x reader ;)} by DickSweat
Trapped {2D x reader ;)}by Peaches🥰🥵
Who knew winning 3 tickets to a Gorillaz concert would change your life forever😏😌
Magic City (2D x reader)  by Parkour__2D
Magic City (2D x reader) by Parkour__2D
again just as the title says my dude.
2D x Reader One-shots by MillionThingstoWrite
2D x Reader One-shotsby MillionThingstoWrite
Kinda a sister book to my Murdoc one-shots cause this blue boy needs some love too. From naps to questionable deeds in a Target, 2D is yours no matter the situation.
2D x Reader Cassette Tapes by dannielajuliet
2D x Reader Cassette Tapesby danniela
In this cassette tape book there will be songs that go along with a short story. (Basically it's one-shots but with music added) The cassette tapes are not in order! Th...
Gorillaz X Reader | Oneshots by JazzThePickleMaster
Gorillaz X Reader | Oneshotsby Jassu
Gorillaz oneshots! Read to find out what happens between you and the band members..! ✿PLEASE NOTE✿ - My mother language IS NOT English, so I may have grammatical mist...
The Intern: 2d x Reader x Murdoc by DarriyellWashington
The Intern: 2d x Reader x Murdocby Darriyell Washington
My first story, hope u enjoy. Warning: Language, drugs, violence, and sex scenes.
Chance... Probably. (Gorillaz 2D x Reader) by CasualCactus
Chance... Probably. (Gorillaz 2D x...by CasualCactus
First fanfiction... NUU! WAIT! COME BACK! I promise this will at least be readable. You convinced? Okay. The plot will be pretty simple, but if you're like me and have...
•||Sleeping Powder||• A 2D x Reader Fanfic by sp69kah
•||Sleeping Powder||• A 2D x Reade...by o
Y/N is a 25 year old girl working in London. Her job was in a record shop along with a friend of hers named 'Millie'. One day, she received a message from an unknown se...
Andromeda (2D x reader) by Parkour__2D
Andromeda (2D x reader)by Parkour__2D
just as the title says my dude. (Cover is mine).
Gorillaz imaginez! by bag-o-milk
Gorillaz imaginez!by Milk :)
[DISCONTINUED] just some imagines of the Gorillaz :) Hope you enjoy!
styrofoam stars 🌅| gorillaz + 2d x reader by st4rsh1ne
styrofoam stars 🌅| gorillaz + 2d...by lily ✰
༄ {takes place during phase 3} a midnight escape goes awry, and your boat somehow crashes on an island of trash in the middle of the ocean. it is there you find two estr...
2D x Reader by SageyWageyCooper
2D x Readerby SageyWageyCooper
You meet the famous singer 2D on your way to your local café and you wake up in Kong studios after Murdoc the bass player kidnapped both of you.
Aries (2d x reader) by dannielajuliet
Aries (2d x reader)by danniela
"I can't play a happy tune on my own, so stay by my side...high on the tide." Yes, this fanfic is inspired by the Gorillaz song 'Aries' and some other songs...
Highschool Dayz (2D X Reader) *COMPLETED*  by G0rillaz
Highschool Dayz (2D X Reader) *COM...by Inactive
*DESCRIPTION* You're having to move to London due to your mothers job. You are frightened of the new school you're going to in the U.K. You think you won't make friends...
2D x reader by Murdoc_vore
2D x readerby Murdoc_vore
This is a funny yet romantic slice of life within Kong Studios, except for the part a new person has arrived...you! I'll try my best to update every day The cover is a...
the boy on plasticbeach(2d x reader) by magic1mushrooms
the boy on plasticbeach(2d x reade...by magic1mushrooms
when a tall boy with blue hair and black eyes ran into you you decided to help him. you didn't know that small decision would change you life forever! Your kidnapped and...