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I LOVE YOU! by KingaMorus
I LOVE YOU!by 2d’s mum
2d is in love with Murdoc but the feeling isn't mutual. Yet he somehow managed to become friends with benefits with him. Will 2d manage to make Murdoc fall for him? Or w...
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Oneshots : F1, F2, F3 : REQUESTS CLOSED by F1Babes
Oneshots : F1, F2, F3 : REQUESTS F1Babes❤️
A book containing short stories of f1, f2 and f3 drivers with youuuu Disclaimer: I don't write Nico Rosberg chapters because erm... I strongly disapprove of bad YouTube...
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remember me | gorillaz fanfic by deexloves
remember me | gorillaz fanficby ♡ lovely ♡
"And it doesn't seem to matter And it doesn't seem right 'Cause the will has brought No fortune Still I cry alone at night Don't you judge of my composure 'Cause I'...
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He is mine. -2doc Smut by stuartfaceache
He is mine. -2doc Smutby stuartfaceache
With Stuart's, A.K.A 2D's, horrible past and events, will he soon engage in what and/or who he feels is right? (Smut warning)
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Blue Boy (2D x Reader Fanfic)  by s-houldijackoff
Blue Boy (2D x Reader Fanfic) by ♡ ✁AJ ✃ ♡
❁ #1 in #2D 16/8/18 ❁ Y/N had always considered the pier her second home; She sought comfort in the waves of the sea, company in the gulls that often squawked and clamo...
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2Doc by Kai_moon02
2Docby Kai_moon02
I can't do the accents so I'm sorry I don't do smut. I also have a weird burning hatred for Ace. I don't know what phase this is honestly I'm just kinda making shit up a...
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2D x Reader by ImaDebaser
2D x Readerby Obibambam
You accidentally piss of the wrong green monster and end up becoming a maid, more like slave for a band you've never heard of! How long will it last? Will you fall for t...
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UNCOOL (2DOC AU) by 2doc-forever
UNCOOL (2DOC AU)by 🏳️‍🌈 Brooklynn 🏳️‍🌈
Let's be honest soft Murdoc is great so here y'all go ❤️
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// 2-D X Reader //  by MindlessGorillaz
// 2-D X Reader // by MindlessGorillaz
Just a simple 2-D X Reader for those who love him like I do
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2-Doc Smut Fanfic (old)  by Iristhebonnie
2-Doc Smut Fanfic (old) by Iristhebonnie
(10/4/19) hi, it's the author. this is a shitty fanfiction and i wouldn't recommend reading it. good day to you. please send help- Hello my peppermint teas (yeeimmacally...
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Truth Or Dare by Tannahbananal
Truth Or Dareby Tannahbananal
This one game.... this stupid game, Made 2D and Murdoc realize they had deeper feelings for each other... Fluff warning☡ Cringe warning☡ Annddd for you little perverts o...
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The Boy With No Eyes ( 2D x Reader ) by ChalupaLord
The Boy With No Eyes ( 2D x Shove it
"You were thinking about what you should get for dinner when suddenly, a black STYLO smashed through the glass window, shooting splinters of glass at you and the co...
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°•Yew Love Meh•° {°~2D x Reader~°} by A_Bugg_
°•Yew Love Meh•° {°~2D x Reader~°}by Buggu
You were a Huge Fan of Gorillaz You loved everything about them (except Murdock XD) You dreamed about meeting them one day You went to most of their concerts...
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Please!  [[MURDOC X READER]] by justamidgetattescos
Please! [[MURDOC X READER]]by Faith :)
Murdoc x female reader A strange and unfortunate series of events lead you to, Murdoc Niccals, a strange yet oddly beautiful looking man, who you fall for after an inte...
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Kitten by momazaki
Kittenby momazaki
Murdoc decides his life is a bit too lonely. - I haven't seen many of fics with Murdoc actually being a good guy so? Here's a little Hybrid AU where they can actually be...
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Gorillaz In a Chatroom by ZebraBossMan
Gorillaz In a Chatroomby Harmonie
Look at the title. Did you read it? Good. 'Cuz that's your description right there.
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Alcoholics Anonymous || Murdoc x Reader by Stevies_Characters
Alcoholics Anonymous || Murdoc x ✌️
After years of misery and fear, (Y/N) finally decides to go to rehab. It's the same routine day after day, the same mindless cycle; but when a new member joins in on her...
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Gorillaz Oneshots by grimezz
Gorillaz Oneshotsby ✖️
some incredibly suggestive stories about fictional characters
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🛸Stranger's house🛸    2Dx reader  by keedaaa
🛸Stranger's house🛸 2Dx reader by Hi I hate my life
Sleeping beauty who? No lOVe TrianGles nO abUse liTtlE drAma ANd A lOT tOn Of LoVe, love Time and storylines are messed up. You and 2D got all house all for yourselv...
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It's Cold (A 2Doc Story) by HamiltonIsKook
It's Cold (A 2Doc Story)by Where Mai Eel At?
2d was a masochist. Not much to it. He found it hot when Murdoc hit him but he would never tell him that. Would he? Also... This story happens when Noodle is like 15 an...
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