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Certain Things | Chaelisa & Jensoo by somefunnyusername
Certain Things | Chaelisa & Jensooby Katie🐣🦖
Rosé knows how she feels about Lisa, she knows her feelings far exceed those of just a friendship. But does Lisa feel the same or does she see her just as a friend? Is s...
Midnight - Jennie X Female Reader by Yoouuusername
Midnight - Jennie X Female Readerby YoDaMoon
This is a Jennie x Female reader story with some Rosé x Female reader part. Note: I put screenshots of tweets, posts and conversations instead of just typing it to make...
SPARKS | JENLISA, CHAESOO by eye_of_the_cyclone
SPARKS | JENLISA, CHAESOOby Jenlisa is life! 💚
One college dorm apartment. Four girls. And... just three beds. Sparks are going to fly and not just because of sexual tension... Jenlisa and Chaesoo love story (college...
Older Girls by JENLISAblinks100
Older Girlsby Tiffany and Lisa
Lisa always "dated" Older girls. Lisa G!p Jennie x Lisa x Tiffany IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE CONCEPT OF TIFFANY x LISA THEN PLEASE DON'T READ!!!!
Your Biggest Fan by niniandchanel
Your Biggest Fanby Angel
It's a story about Lisa Manoban finally meeting her celebrity crush, the one and only, Jennie Kim. *converted
My Heart's Desire by RuthLopez289
My Heart's Desireby jk
A story of finding owns happiness, friendship and love. (Credits to the owner of this picture)
97 Line Chatroom Adventures by lemon30145
97 Line Chatroom Adventuresby lemon30145
Things get crazy in the 97 line group chat... Here is a compilation of fake 97 line chats for pure comedy. It's filled with inside jokes and shenanigans. Hope you enjoy!
insta insta | bts + bp by LUSHELY
insta insta | bts + bpby ⠀
in which boys and girls in high school attract each other. a bts and blackpink fanfic. partially based off of their insta accs. © 𝒋𝒊 𝒂𝒉 highest rank in ff; #350, 12...
A collection of short stories and reactions dedicated to BLACKPINK's Jisoo, Jennie, Rosè, and Lisa {REQUESTS CLOSED} [SLOW UPDATE]
Don't Love Her by Bp_hiu
Don't Love Herby Baeleeeunbo
Lisa had been wanting to live a simple life ever since she turned into a teenager and had no butlers, maids, or bodyguards around her. Her parents never allowed her to b...
The Cellar by natashapreston
The Cellarby Natasha Preston
For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers...
His Beautiful Amore by SarcasticallyWitty
His Beautiful Amoreby Leata
[THIRD BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] [2017] "Why don't you go for a hike in those ridiculous death traps you call heels." I suggest. "Maybe you can fall off a...
BLACKPINK: Inspired By Actual Events by Rbb2154
BLACKPINK: Inspired By Actual RandB
Jisoo. Jennie. Rosé. Lisa. Four women who would come together to form one of the biggest acts in K-Pop history: Blackpink. Follow along a chronological collection of fic...
Heart in Seoul - Jenlisa G!P by GirlLovesick
Heart in Seoul - Jenlisa G!Pby Jenlisa
(Completed) My heart is in Seoul always and forever because you are there 💗 ~ Lalisa Manoban
wmmap ( the prince ) by MeowMeow920255
wmmap ( the prince )by Meow Meow
A person with a maybe miserable history died and got reincarnated into his faviorate manhwa with the worst condition possible
☆Miraculously☆ (Heavy Editing) by Emi-of-Nivera
☆Miraculously☆ (Heavy Editing)by Emi Von Aestria
A Miraculous Ladybug Reader Insert Be (Name) and live her life as a student and a heroine when needed. How will she with Ladybug and Chat Noir save the city from villain...
Little Rose by va_18x
Little Roseby va_18x
Book #1 of the Rose series: Everly is a 4 almost 5 year old being raised by her older brothers. Not everything is all sunshine and rainbows but there are special moment...
You (Cold Heart) [Jenlisa Story]  by EunoiaKyra
You (Cold Heart) [Jenlisa Story] by Eunoia Kyra
Lalisa Manoban is looking for a new opportunity in one of the biggest companies not only in Korea but around the world, unfortunately for her the interview won't go as p...
Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard by jtrk_me
Trial Marriage Husband: Need To arc
JenLisa Adaptation. Author: Passion Honey Note: I use the word "He" to portray Lisa and Jisoo because it's an adaptation.
Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard (Book 2) by jtrk_me
Trial Marriage Husband: Need To arc
JenLisa Adaptation. Author: Passion Honey Note: I use the word "He" to portray Lisa and Jisoo because it's an adaptation.